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← PreviousNext →Randumb reality #6: because that Halloween in 1988, then-Presidential candidate (and VP) George H.W. Bush dressed as himself! the wore a shrub mask and everything.

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T-minus 12 days till HALLOWEEN! I constantly loved Halloween and also the principle of the vacation itself. The idea that, for the one day, it was socially acceptable to it is in wearing a costume and also asking people for candy. It’s to be a while due to the fact that I’ve REALLY commemorated Halloween, and also by yes, really celebrating it, I median going all out and also going trick-or-treating with my friends, but nevertheless, the spirit of Halloween is tho in me and also I expect it’s the very same with every one of you males out over there too!

When I an initial read this fact, it automatically brought back the storage of my past Halloweens. In mine elementary and middle schools, we were permitted to wear our costumes to school and at the end of the day, there would certainly be a huge Halloween Parade wherein our parental would pertained to take photos as we all walked around in a huge circle in ours costumes. Every one of my friends had nice costumes, come princesses, to Star battles characters, come ghosts, however one of mine friends never failed to make us laugh through his costume: George Bush. All you can see to be a small guy walking in through a George bush mask and suit speak “Vote for Me!” in ~ the time, the didn’t seem choose such a big deal, it was just another Halloween costume. But now that i look at it now, ns see just how much of influence political numbers can have, not just in the political sector, however in the consumer civilization as well.

When friend think of political candidates, you have tendency to think around their beliefs and their objectives to readjust this nation for what they check out as “better,” but nowadays, politics has branched the end entirely. Besides going to miscellaneous towns and also meeting v “the people,” political figures are trying to do themselves noticed in society through the one industry that every American is a part of: the customer market. They placed their faces on t-shirts and also coffee mugs, and have life size cut outs of themselves. Ns mean, ns love Obama together a person, yet I would certainly not like to wake up up every morning to a carboard cut out the his staring back at me, yet hey, that’s just me. The reality that political numbers have make their way in the children’s market through Halloween costumes mirrors me exactly how politics this days, aren’t restricted to news channels and also Washington D.C., yet rather, they are found nearly everywhere.

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