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The full-size pickup segment has just been upped one notch. V the 2004 Dodge lamb 1500"s brand-new 5.7-liter hem engine, the manufacturer wishes to wrestle control of the market. Currently boasting the most an effective mass manufacturing light-duty pickup van in the ram 1500, evade is well on their way.

There room plenty of various other upgrades because that 2004. The 2004 Dodge lamb 1500 now functions an optional full time four-wheel journey system, and a new Tow/Haul transmission is also included for 2004. In addition, a navigation device is likewise available.

Available Models The 2004 Dodge ram 1500 is readily available in 2 body styles: a two-door constant cab and a Quad Cab four-door crew cab. Both come in ST and uplevel SLT trims with cargo beds of 6.3 ft or 8 ft.

Interior Features continuous cabs sit three, while Quad Cabs handle six. Both are as rugged together they come.

The 2004 Dodge ram Quad Cab is additionally now bigger 보다 ever. Dodge manufacturers took three inches the end of the brief bed length and included it to the rear of the cab, developing a bigger rear seating area with enhanced leg and also hip room while preserving payload capacity.

If girlfriend want interior decadence, a Laramie package is easily accessible with uplevel SLT models. It has dual-zone hands-on climate controls, power-adjustable pedals, leather upholstery, an Infinity AM/FM radio v in-dash 6-disc CD changer and also a satin-silver tool panel, amongst other things.

Exterior Features ~ above the outside, the Laramie package adds a new, all-chrome grille surround and chrome billet grille center, and also chrome bodyside moldings.

Performance There space three engines available for 2004. The base design is a 3.7-liter V6. The delivers 215 horsepower at 5200 rpm and also 235 lb-ft the torque at 4000 rpm. The second engine is a challenging 4.7-liter V8, creating 235 speech at 4800 rpm and 300 lb-ft that torque at 3200 rpm.

Finally, there"s the recently optional 5.7-liter hem V8 engine. That cranks the end a chuck 345 horsepower at 5400 rpm and 300 lb-ft the torque at 3200 rpm. A unique 5-speed automatically is standard with the HEMI-the only transmission in its course with the reverse gear ratio same to the low equipment ratio.

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All 2004 Dodge lamb 1500s are available with rear-wheel journey or 4WD that have to be disengaged on dry pavement. SLT models now offer all-wheel drive together well.

Safety and also Security double front airbags and 4-wheel bowl brakes v antilock rear brakes room standard. The Laramie package consists of front and rear antilock brakes, when curtain next airbags space optional.

2004 Dodge ram 1500 - vehicle Highlights

Powertrain full time AWD electric shift optional ~ above Laramie and also SLT Tow/haul mode readily available on light duty models v automatic transmission functional fuel variation of 4.7-liter engine obtainable to fleet client Optional bigger 34-gallon fuel tank on 1500 Quad Cab with standard bed The 5.7-liter hem Magnum receive exhaust gas recirculation because that improved efficiency Exterior brand-new exterior color: Deep Molten Red replaces Garnet Red solved side actions optional (available January 2004) brand-new adjustable rear seat outboard head restraints standard on Quad Cab Chrome bodyside moldings traditional for Laramie Chrome surround grille with chrome billet inserts for Laramie conventional Body-color side moldings now standard v Sport appearance group Chrome-clad wheels currently standard on Laramie Interior new available navigation Radio v 4.9-inch full-color display, AM/FM Stereo, CD player, 11 speakers, 240-watt amplifier and also DVD-based navigation system U-Connect hands-free cellular capability (Bluetooth™) Satin silver door and also instrument dashboard bezels for Laramie Laramie model features brand-new seat appearance, with unique leather seat design with high-contrast color seat inserts Laramie light Package (includes ash receiver, cup holder, vanity mirror lamps because that driver and also passenger, glove box lighting, switchable dome lamp and also electrochromic rearview mirror)