This page offers details ~ above The Majestic Ventura Theater, situated at 26 S Chestnut St, Ventura, CA 93001, USA.

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Place Name The Majestic Ventura theater
Average Rating 4.4
Place Address 26 S Chestnut StVenturaCA 93001-2800USA
Vicinity 26 south Chestnut Street, Ventura
Phone Number (805) 653-0721
International Phone +1 805-653-0721
Place Type movie_theater, point_of_interest, facility

Location Information

Full Address 26 S Chestnut St, Ventura, CA 93001, USA
Street Number 26
Route southern Chestnut Street (S Chestnut St)
Neighborhood Downtown Ventura
Locality Ventura
Administrative Area Level 2 Ventura ar
Administrative Area Level 1 California (CA)
Country United states (US)
Postal Code 93001
Postal code Suffix 2800
Type movie_theater, point_of_interest, facility
Latitude 34.2803925
Longitude 34.2803925
Geo Location (34.2803925, -119.29129)


★★★★★ Rossi S

ns love this theater. It is beautiful and also it provides an intimate atmosphere to see your favourite artists. We concerned see Parachute and the endure was wonderful from start to finish. A big part of the was the tremendous staff. Everyone was friendly, experienced and an extremely accommodating. I was especilally impressed v the head that security, I think her name united state Veronica. She cure everybody through respect. This was my 10 year old girl"s first concert experience and also she has actually not quit talking about it. Us were enabled to stay in the theatre after the show, while us were waiting for our ride home. It is this level of customer company that will store us comes back. Thank you to anyone at Ventura theater, we will definitely be making the train trip from Orange county again.


★★★★★ Jorge Trujillo

The Majestic Ventura theater is a good place to see few of the biggest names in music in ~ a very intimate venue, since it more than likely only accommodates approximately one thousands people. The majority of their shows are stand room only, through a couple of tables and chairs, therefore make certain you arrive early on if you want to it is in in the an extremely front or come secure a table/chair. The acoustics in ~ this to meet are great and since there is no such point as a poor seat here, girlfriend will be able to enjoy your concert from anywhere. The venue has a an extremely mission style style look come it, which provides the Majestic Ventura theatre look great!


★★★☆☆ LaDawn Davis

I do not choose this location for concerts, and will avoid it later unless castle upgrade their sound system. The sound is so distorted friend can"t even understand what they"re saying once it"s just one guy talking. The music sounds better (clearer) if you put in ear plugs. I"ve seen bad Religion and also Gogol Bordello. The bands to be amazing, high power shows. The sound high quality was terrible. Disappointing.


★★★★☆ lori spellman

Pretty kind venues and also not a bad seat/standing in place. Been few years not sure of seating currently or standing, dancing?


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