The 300 Remington Ultra Magnum (300 RUM) undoubtedly delivers level shooting and also hard hitting performance, but is it yes, really a great choice for most hunters?

Most hunters would probably agree that, on document anyway, the .300 Remington Ultra Magnum looks like a wonderful hunting cartridge. Qualified of launching a heavy bullet at a an extremely fast velocity, the .300 Ultra Mag delivers very flat trajectories and hard hitting performance at lengthy range. The .300 RUM indeed deserves the “Ultra Magnum” moniker, but that remarkable performance go come in ~ a price.

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The magnum era in north America kicked off with the advent of the 7mm Remington Magnum and .300 Winchester Magnum in the at an early stage 1960s. Other magnum cartridges favor the 30-378 Weatherby Magnum and also 300 WSM have come along due to the fact that then, giving hunters in search of serious magnum performance no shortage of options to choose from.

So, what was Remington trying to accomplish when they exit the .300 Remington Ultra Magnum in the late 1990s?

In this article, i’m going to talk about the background as well together the strengths and also weaknesses that the 300 Remington Ultra Magnum in detail. I’ll also administer some information on exactly how the 300 RUM stacks up next to the .300 Winchester Magnum for this reason you can decide which one best fits your needs as a hunter.

Before we acquire started, I have an administrative note:

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300 Remington Ultra Magnum History

Around the exact same time ballisticians in ~ Winchester were doing your initial advancement of what would become the Winchester quick Magnum heat of cartridges, the folks in ~ Remington were likewise working on a significant cartridge breakthrough project. Interestingly enough, both companies chose to use a larger diameter, beltless situation as the communication for your projects.

However, Remington decided to walk the the contrary direction indigenous Winchester: rather of structure a collection of short activity cartridges that carefully approximated the power of popular standard size cartridges, Remington chosen to design a brand-new cartridge that was both physically bigger and much more powerful than the competition.

Released in 1999, the .300 Remington Ultra Magnum (also known as the 300 Ultra Mag or the 300 RUM) was the result of the development.

Remington developed the .300 Ultra Mag using a modification .404 Jefferycase necked down to usage .308″ bullets, contempt shortened to 2.85″, and also blown out to maximize instance capacity. They additionally gave the cartridge a .534″ rebated pickled in salt that’s compatible v a typical magnum size bolt face. Finally, due to the fact that the 300 RUM offers a beltless case, it has actually a 30 level shoulder for headspacing.

With an overall length that 3.6″, it’s a little bit longer than cartridges choose the .30-06, 7mm Rem Mag and also .300 victory Mag. The extra length method the .300 Ultra Mag have to be provided in magnum (instead the long/standard) length action rifles.


Felt recoil will differ from shooter to shooter and rifle to rifle, but totally free recoil energy is still a useful method to compare cartridges.

As you have the right to see, the 300 RUM it is provided those ballistic advantages over the .300 success Mag in ~ the cost of virtually 50% more totally free recoil energy.

Yes, you read that right: the .300 Remington Ultra Magnum has virtually 50% more complimentary recoil energy than the .300 success Mag. That’s really saying something too since the .300 success Mag is recognized for having a relatively stout recoil itself.

Not just does it have substantially more cost-free recoil energy, however the faster recoil velocity that the .300 Remington Ultra Mag renders for a trickster “kick.” included together, the result can be tooth rattling recoil.

Having a correctly fitted and well designed stock through a great recoil pad can mitigate felt recoil to a certain degree. The very same goes for a muzzle brake.

However, combining a muzzle brake v a fire breath magnum choose the .300 RUM can result in some really uncomfortable muzzle blast. Make certain you undertake ear security if girlfriend go that route!

So where execute we stand all at once with the 300 RUM vs 300 win Mag?

Basically, the 300 RUM is capable of shoot the exact same weight, or slightly more heavier bullet at a much faster velocity 보다 the .300 victory Mag. The translates into a flatter trajectory, a little an ext resistance come wind drift, and more kinetic power at typical hunting ranges.

If you want to usage the 300 RUM for elk hunting, the additional pair hundred ft-lbs of kinetic power the cartridge provides could come in handy, especially at extended range. However, the .300 victory Mag is plenty an effective for that work and I doubt any elk will have the ability to tell the difference.

The flatter trajectory and much more resistance to wind drift the the 300 Remington Ultra Magnum deserve to also aid with shot placement. This does make the cartridge a small bit more forgiving of selection or wind estimation errors 보다 the 300 victory Mag. However, that extra recoil the the .300 RUM can negatively affect shot placement with some shooters.

It’s absolutely true that many shooters, specifically when shooting a rifle with a well designed stock that fits castle well, have the right to handle the recoil of the .300 Ultra Mag without any trouble. Those shooters are far better suited to take advantage of the boosted ballistics that the 300 RUM vs the 300 victory Mag.

On the other hand, that’s no the instance with everybody.

Don’t underestimate the impact that recoil has actually on the ability of a human being to shoot that s right either. Nevertheless of exactly how well a offered person handle recoil, all other things being equal, they will certainly absolutely shoot much better with a milder recoil.

This is a standard example whereby the saying “a fight in the right ar from a less an effective cartridge is much much more effective than a fight in the wrong spot from a an ext powerful cartridge” rings true. It’s a plain and simple fact that the 300 Ultra Mag has much more recoil than numerous hunters can handle.

Now let’s talk about barrel life.

Since the two cartridges use the very same diameter barrel, neck erosion occurs fairly a bit quicker with the 300 RUM because it has actually a lot much more case capacity.Simply put, burning an ext powder in an same sized an are will an outcome in shorter barrel life.

Not surprisingly, the 300 Ultra Mag has a reputation together a barrel burner. Specifically in cases where the barrel is no given enough time come cool in between shots, 300 RUM barrel life deserve to be quite short: less than 1,000 rounds in some cases.

This can not it is in an issue for some hunters, yet typical 300 RUM barrel life is usually significantly shorter than usual .300 victory Mag barrel life.

This way that, in general, the 300 RUM will certainly wear out barrels much faster than the .300 win Mag will certainly (which can be a little bit of a barrel burner itself).Exactly how quick that occurs relies on a variety of factors like the high quality of the barrel, the specific ammunition used, etc.

So, along with recoil, the difference in .300 success Mag vs 300 RUM barrel life, is definitely something to keep in mind.

All things taken into consideration though, both cartridges are really accurate, flat shooting, and also hit hard enough for use on a wide range of game at practical hunting ranges. Regardless of even if it is you’re using a .300 Winchester Magnum or a 300 Remington Ultra Magnum, no pronghorn, mule deer, or elk will go much if you placed a well constructed bullet into the vitals.

Of the 2 cartridges though, the .300 success Mag is by far the most famous with hunters. This is reflect in the prices, availability, and selection of factory ammunition and also hunting rifles at this time in manufacturing for each cartridge.

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So, also though the 300 RUM does have some far-ranging advantages ~ above paper, those advantages must be weighed versus the really real flaw of the cartridge.

The .300 victory Mag is a terrific hunting round and also it’s a whole lot easier to uncover .300 victory Mag rifles and loaded ammunition. Recoil is much more manageable and also the cartridge is typically much easier on barrels.

For this reasons, the .300 Winchester Magnum is most likely the far better all around an option for most hunters.

That said, the 300 RUM offers hunters the ability to wring much more performance the end of a .30 caliber magnum cartridge for long selection shooting and also hunting. If friend can deal with the recoil and want a flatter shooting and also harder hitting cartridge, then the .300 Ultra Mag can make sense for you.