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Both were original calibers, I know 45/70 to be first, 45 COLT was the same year, and 44-40 the next year.44-40 will go faster, further and also are a bitoch come reload. 45 COLT has actually the tear down over the 44-40.I not buy cartridges, i make them. For me Im collection up because that 45/70 & 45ACP, so 45 Colt would certainly be an extremely easy for me come reload.The just reason Id acquire a 44-40 remained in an 1892 Winchester similar to Lucas McCain
the 1860 henry was chambered for 44 henry level a rimfire ring 200 to 218 gr bullet 26 to 28 gr black color powder the 73 winchester to be chambered for 44.40 in 73 200 gr cartridge 40 gr black color powder facility fire, the 45 colt was chambered in the 1873 colt peacemaker, 255 gr bullet 40 gr black color powder facility fire. 44 rimfire to be devolped by benjamin tyler henry, winchester rimfire ammo is still marked with one H in his honor.
I second the comment around the brass. The directly walled 45 brass is: stronger, much more avalible, cheaper, stronger, less complicated to load (carbide dies, no headspace issues), and likely much more durable.
45 Colt is one of the good cartridges of all times and one of mine favorites easy to get reloading ingredient for, accurate,hits hard and most of all super fun to shoot a need to have. Widow
1894 45 long colt cowboy minimal 24" oct bbl 336 38-55 cowboy restricted 24" oct bbl1894 32-20 cowboy minimal 20" oct bbl1894 TALO 45 long Colt 16.25" bbl1894 44mag1894c 357 mag356SC, 375 SC336 ADL 30-30336LTD 35rem336 spike horn youth version 30-30444SS, 444P Outfitter336 Wild West custom in 30-30 16" ported bbl.

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both come out in 1873, that said execute you reload? if you do I would go through the 45 44.40 brass is fragile, I recognize some will problem me , I have both it takes a little more care, if no well whats your pleasure!
ok, most manufacturing facility rounds the 44.40 will not be as an effective as the 45, both are fun to shoot, i think the 45s will be an ext avaible, store your brass , that knows one day you might take increase loading, and you will regret the brass girlfriend tossed, both are very historic cals additionally you have the right to buy 45 factory rounds the are quite potent in situation you desire to usage it for more than document punching. Hope this helps,
If you do not arrangement on reloading (handload) 보다 go for the 45Colt. 44-40 factory ammo is harder to find than 45Colt. 44-40 factory ammunition is really mild for usage in a rifle, OK for revolvers, yet not a round I"d usage for hunting white tail. Talk strictly manufacturing facility ammunition here. I favor the 44-40 but I reload. I have actually taken whitetail deer with the 44-40 at 75 yards and also was fairly impressed v its performance. 44-40 is a rifle round the was later adopted to the revolver together 94win30wcf has actually stated. If you buy manufacturing facility ammunition, you will certainly find an ext options in 45 colt for your intended use. Handloading really renders both of this cartridges perform far better when hunting use is considered. Great luck on friend find, recognize a quite Marlin version in 44-40 is harder 보다 finding one in 45Colt. Simply my 2 cents worth.