Something strange wake up to ladies after we leave ours 20s – as far as share photos room concerned, we seem to all-but disappear.

So we chose to start a mini-campaign to find these ‘lost’ women. To capture real picture of genuine women over the period of 40, living real lives.

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Here’s why us were motivated to perform this – and also what those invisible women over 40 years old yes, really look like.

The mystery of the disappearing ‘older’ women

We i have announced at least one short article a job on our site. And as our write-ups are all around or aimed at women, we need to resource a many images.

Thankfully this day there are plenty of totally free stock photo sources, choose Unsplash and also Pexels. Lock share high top quality images added by photographers and creators for free use. However, as we progressively use up every the kind shots the older ladies on even the ideal photography sites, we’re finding it increasingly challenging to uncover images.

Quite often, an excellent photos room on closed regional sites. And if you do not know just how to unblock any type of website, there may be troubles with accessing the site. Fortunately, over there are countless programs the can readjust your geolocation. One of the most famous is VPN. VPN makes it a little easier to discover older women’s photos.

And by ‘older’ we typical 21 and also over.

For example, a recent post was around the menopause. We couldn’t find one photograph under that find term. ‘Middle age’ gave us either men, old women, or castles. When we make the efforts ‘middle period women’ as a search term we gained one or two much older spring women, and also many an ext girls, like this image:


Very beautiful, yes. Yet middle aged? certainly not.

Sadly, on cost-free stock picture sites females over the period of 40 room barely represented. If you desire a laugh, shot searching ‘woman 40s’. Many of the girls that appear in the find results might be the daughters of women in their 40s.

It gets also worse if you want a picture of a manager, ceo or business owner who just happens to it is in female. And if you’re spring for images of BAME women or disabled females then you’ll have an even tougher search.

Where are the image of genuine women over 40?

Where are all the picture of ladies over 40? actual women, living real lives? It appears that we’re just photo worthy if we’re bikini-perfect 20 year-olds and younger, or haggard old women.

It’s not as if us don’t exist. I watch plenty of united state on the streets, in supermarkets, in bars, pubs, restaurants, galleries and also shops. Yet when it comes to being represented in media images, we’re basically invisible.

Why is this therefore important?

Increasingly we invest a significant amount of our time online. And the images and messages us consume online are a an effective influence on the means we view the world.

For part people, this online civilization is more ‘real’ 보다 their offline reality.

And the online people we inhabit is hungry for images – pictures used by news sites, websites, ads, society media and blogs, like ours.

Many of this photographs space sourced from free stock image sites. Indeed, Unsplash alone apparently has actually “over 110,000 contributing photographers and also generates more than 9 billion photograph impressions every month on their farming library of end 810,000 photos.”

While it’s wonderful that resources favor Unsplash exist, the absence of representation of older women and also minorities is worrying. Because it’s the tantamount of airbrushing us from the digital world.

It pressures sites prefer ours to use images of younger (and regularly white) women as soon as we’d far rather display valid, vibrant, empowered women of every races over the age of 30. Or even 40 or 50.

So what can be done?

So what have the right to we execute to redress the balance? The trouble isn’t the ‘fault’ of any individual party. Sites like Unsplash deserve to only make accessible images that have actually been uploaded. And also photographers are complimentary to choose and also shoot your own wanted subjects.

For us, a begin is acknowledging the absence of representation. Possibly with an ext awareness, photographers can pick to shoot more images that older women (and an ext BAME and disabled civilization too).

And share image source sites could actively request more of these images, come ensure a large representation is extensively available. Maybe an ext careful tagging and labelling of images would aid too, so you didn’t need to wade through hundreds of barely post-pubescent girls to find one or two pictures of ladies over 40.

And finally, we want to execute one small bit ourselves right now. So we decided to ring up few of these lost women – to show just how ‘real’ we are – by placing a contact out on social media because that photos. And here castle are. This is what genuine women over 40 look at like.

Hannah Martin, 48

To start, this is me. I’m the founder of Talented ladies Club, one award-winning copywriter and also a mother of two.


Catherine Gladwyn, 42

I’m the author of the award-winning, Amazon bestselling publication How to it is in a digital Assistant.


Anne Wilkinson, 64

I’m a coach, and this is me in ~ 64. What price deserve to you placed on the wisdom that (hopefully!) comes v the ageing process? women of my age used come be called crones and also in neighborhoods we were revered because that our wisdom.

Christina Saccoh, 46

I’m a disabled solitary mother that two, Further education and learning lecturer and also business owner (PT and fitness).My Instagram is

Louise Tondeur, 47

I’m a writer and a tutor. Right here I to be doing among my favourite points (reading Agatha Christie on mine own!) just prior to a hectic 47th birthday weekend in September. I have three covert disabilities. Picture by my wife Sarah. Not a professional picture but it certainly sums me up!

Catherine Lane, 52

I’m 52 now and also run Inspired wellness Supplements. I’m probably in better shape that I was in my 30s. It just takes a bit longer for my confront to wake up up in the mornings than the remainder of me!

Michelle Chandler, 44

I’m 44 and a freelance marketing consultant in ~ Rocket Marketing Solutions.

Emilie Thysse, 40

I very own Yellow Door Talent development and i specialise in leadership and also sales training across the organization sector. We’ve to be going for 4 years and have to be lucky sufficient to acquire some amazing and loyal clients during that time.

I rental my best friend, Ruth, that is bloody amazing and also my right-hand woman, and I also have a supervisor team that associates consisting of a friend, Roxanne, who I to be at college with from period eight!

Next year Roxanne and I are beginning to perform some pro-bono work in second schools law a programme by Brene Brown i m sorry helps build the courage and also resilience the young people. Feels like a really nice systematic thing come do once the rest of my occupational is very commercial.

Josie Cornhill, 40

Josie Cornhill, I’m40and ns a investment portfolio careerist. Mine portfolio has blogging at business for Mums.

Rebecca Levene, 42

My name is Rebecca Levene, ns am 42 and also I am a career readjust confidence coach for mums.

Mimi Bogelund, 62

I’m a Certified KonMari Consultant and Professional Organiser. That’s what i do. I began it age 60 after ~ a complete change of career.

I’m likewise mum to two daughters, mormor to two grandkids and also to five bonus grandkids (from my other half), Danish, married but not top top paper.

Ruth Watt, 53

I’m a 53year old music-obsessed papercut artist living in Edinburgh. Mine businessis Ellie and also the Rubester Papercuts and I am lucky to it is in constantly surrounded by wonderful females over40.

Carolyn Strand, 51

I to be a digital marketing and e-commerce specialist based in West Sussex. I help little and niche businesses enhance their profitability and also visibility online by utilising suitable social media, email funnels, sales channels, website platforms, optimisations and also management systems.

(Carolyn’s picture was taken by Brighton-based photographer Susan grace Hinman.)

Claire Winter, 43

I’m the owner of Making indigenous Come Alive, and I help businesses v writing training and content creation.

We need much more diverse pictures of women in the media, in stock photo libraries, in truth everywhere. I am the mum of 3 daughters and also I desire them to aspire to be themselves and not feeling the must airbrush or filter themselves.

Marie Brown, 48

I’m 48 and also I run past the Kitchen Table, helping small business owner of any kind of age build high converting websites.

Sophie Morris, 45

I to be a personal coach in ~ Quietosophy and also I assist quiet professionals become complimentary from stress and overwhelm and learn to usage their voice on their very own terms with expert, one-to-one coaching and courses.

Nicki Williams, 52

I’m a qualified nutritionist, author, speaker and founder ofHappy Hormones for Life, helping females over 40 to feel betterthan they go in your 30s.

This is on a an excellent day v abit of make up and also nice lighting! yet I’m happier currently than I’veever been, and proud the every wrinkle.

Nicolle Anderson, 43

I’m the owner of organization Clan v Delia Porter. I am 43 and Delia is 50. Service Clanis a one avoid shop for organization consultancy and professional services. We aid businesses flourish by providing knowledge, expertise and implementation solutions all under one roof.

Our organization success is developed on investing in, developing and also retaining our flexible-working team that “women-returners”. With each other we provide all the necessary services larger organisations take for granted and little businesses battle to find.

We were recognised as the2018 UK employer of the Yearby the Federation of little Businesses (which is whereby the picture of Delia and I was taken) because that our “strong ethos of play to everyone’s strengths and collective expertise.

I additionally want come share our selfie from this year’s international Women’s Day together the bulk of ours team room over 40 and also we space looking an extremely “real” in it!

Kelly Kemp, 42

I’m 42, and also a an imaginative virtual assistant, releasing up time for female coaches and entrepreneurs to be able to focus on cultivation their business.

Stephanie Boswell, 45

I to be 45 and also am a an elderly Manager in one Orthopaedic maker company, i m sorry is a really male conquered environment. Thankfully I have actually never feeling ‘invisible’ or in any method inferior to a man, but perhaps that is since I was an extremely independent from an early age.

When ns say ns don’t ‘feel’ 45, I’m no really certain what 45 is meant to feeling like, all that I understand if that ns feel much better than ns felt in mine 30’s!

I have contended in the fitness industry, have modelled ~ above fitness shoots, and also am additionally a qualified life coach, so i do believe in learning new skills and knowledge to develop yourself as you mature.

I have two boys aged 9 and also 11, and also have to be married because that 15 years. Life in ~ 45 is good! girlfriend can discover me on Instagram.

Jodie Humphries, 41

I’m Jodie, ns 41 and I’m an award-winning business woman. Once you to speak those native you more than likely imagine a lady in a suit or a lady wearing a tightly fitted body con dress and also heels (like in the boardroom the the Apprentice!), but women in service come in all shapes and also styles.

This is me ‘in mine office’ so to speak – photographing at a vintage heavy steam fair who space my main customer that i lead the marketing strategy and also creation for. We simply won one award for ‘the finest marketing campaign’ at the Maidenhead and Windsor company awards.

I desire my daughter to prosper up learning that success doesn’t monitor one collection path, or style, and also life doesn’t have to be satellite at a workdesk in an office – us make our very own rules and successes.

Dee Stringer, 50

I just turned 50, and also found mine 40s to it is in the best time of my life and also where I lastly felt good in my very own skin and an ext confident than I ever before did in my 20’s. So much so that ns was inspired to collection up my own service making cosy equipment for dogs five years back with my firm Slumbering Hound.

I don’t think I would have had the courage to go out there alone when I to be younger, also though i freelanced in the film industry, as so lot confidence has pertained to me v age.

Lottie Clements, 49

I spent countless years working as a draughtsperson in a really male-dominated industry right here I did feeling a little invisible. Climate at 45 ns took a career adjust and set up my very own handmade business, the Cosy Canine Company.

I design and also make gorgeous and also practical equipment for dog owners. Having the trust to do that and put myself the end there is certainly not other I might have excellent in mine 20’s or even my 30’s. For the 2nd year running i am a finalist in the pet Star Awards for finest Per associated Business.I turn 50 next year and I can’t wait to see what excitement the brings.

This is me in ~ the thrive Fusion. A conference for handmade sellers organized in new York previously this year.

Isabel Lydall, 40

At 40, I’ve simply left that company life come launch Curiosity & Clarity – a sector research and training agency aimed in ~ SMEs and also entrepreneurs.

I work with business owners to get them the answers lock need about their target client – and how to grow as a result. I gain to be curious because that a living, i beg your pardon is lots of fun!

Carol Robinson, 40

I to be 40 year old and I’m Founder and also Jewellery Designer of among a sort Club.

One of a kind Club is a modern-day jewellery brand aimed to inspire confidence and celebrate individuality through fun statement piece that do an impact.

Each items is designed and also handcrafted by me. After ~ a long career in advertising I have finally turned mine love of jewellery into a living. For years i fitted in jewellery making courses roughly my full-time career, using my skills to transform my work-related outfits, making them funky and also distinctive.

My bold and also bright collection are inspired by every the impressive women ns encounter.

Hannah Ayre, 44

I’m an artist, educator and producer, age 44. I occupational freelance for a huge range of clients consisting of museums, galleries and also festivals.

I chose this photograph as it to represent me and my work. Likewise because i’m giggling (rather than the pouty nonsense frequently seen online).

Janine Coombes, 43

I help small businesses get clear on their high-level brand message and also niche so the the remainder of their marketing works better.

Susie Valerio, 48

I’m Susie and also I to be 48 years-old. Ns am a bilingual voice actor and language producer based in the UK, and constantly have actually fingers in many an extremely interesting pies!

My day to day work has voicing at sight cool adverts, cartoons and games in English and also Portuguese, and being the Brazilian voice in areas like The homes of Parliament and Strawberry Field, because that example.

To peak it up, I likewise work a lot through Football, and have been the interpreter for Brazilian nationwide Team in the UK in many occasions.

Michelle Richards, 47

As a photographer this has actually inspired me come think around shooting stock images of enlarge women! Here’s my photograph – I’m 47 and also a freelance photographer.

Becky Kilsby, 62

I’m one Exeter-based Career adjust Coach helping dissatisfied professionals about the civilization to create truly fulfilling working lives.

By acquiring clarity on values, purpose, strengths, passions, and the sort of life they want to create, job changers are able to identify their an individual measures the success and also use these to confidently pick and attain their brand-new direction.

Rachael McGillion-Fee, 43

I turned 43 at the beginning of October and am going into my third year the self-employment. Ns am a society media manager the works v SMEs, charities and also social enterprises.

ISEL social is a social enterprise that has actually an influence on little charities, helping with their social media strategy, monitoring andtraining too asworkshops for them and/or their company users.

Lucy Brandram, 43

I’m 43 and also run my own social media management company – I work with all kinds that businesses help them find their voice online. On Twitter and Instagram I’m

Silvia Del Corso, 40

I’m Silvia Del Corso, SEO Specialist and also I runPinkSEO.Marketingfrom West London. I’m 40 year old and I’m the mommy of 2 youngsters aged 8 and 12.

Rohan Revell, 40

I feel an extremely young together a nurse the 43, and also mum that a five-year old (although part days feel less young!). I’m in the center in this photo, in between my two under 40’s friends.

Nicola Semple, 41

I’m Nicola Semple, one author, speaker, perspective coach and also host ofThe great Life fine Livedpodcast, helping ladies in their 40s who space juggling work and also family, to slow down, recognize their priorities and also have an ext fun.

Esther Wane, 46

I to be Esther Wane. I am 46, practically 47, and also I’m a storyteller and an imaginative coach. Ns left my investment banking career simply over ripe years ago to follow my childhood dreams of gift an actor and a writer.

I am currently an compensation winning audiobook narrator of over 100 titles, whereby I get to play every the characters and also have a many fun. I have published my very first novel “The method Home” and have a brand-new book in the pipeline: “Be Your own Hero: A Mindful guide to prospering in a an innovative Life”.

This likewise forms the basis because that my an imaginative coaching and my upcoming TEDx talk at Royal central School that Speech and Drama in November. For me life yes, really did start at 40!

Emma Foster, 50

I’m a freelance PR consultant and copywriter. I assist businesses and brands discover their voice and also get their stories out in the media and also beyond for this reason they have the right to make actual connections.

I likewise run Salt & Chilli PR with one more fabulous over 50-something woman. We teach world how to execute their very own PR with workshops and also one-to-one training and also mentoring sessions.

My genuine passion additionally is helping females over 40 get an ext seen and also heard in the media – informing their stories and also sharing their wisdom so that we’re no much longer invisible. I’d love come help an ext women accomplish this so follow me ~ above Twitter whereby I shareopportunities as soon as I point out them!

Bonamy Waddell, 44

I’m Bonamy, I’m 44 – and I help organisations use research and data to make smarter decisions. I’m a mum of 2 girls – and also an all-round advocate of the power of females working together and supporting each various other to do good things!

Sarah Duguid, 44

I’m sarah Duguid, i’m 44 and I run Duguid Communications.I sell PR, Marketing and Social strategy and support to little and medium sized businesses.

Rachel Vogeleisen, 55

I’m Rachel Vogeleisen a photographer specialising in females Portraiture, helping Women gain their mojo earlier in prior of the camera.

I also workedon a personal project about Women end 50 who transformed Themselves. You can read around it here.

Suzanne Taylor, 50

I’m a freelance graphic designer based in east London. Ns specialise in brand identity and also marketingdesign for little and medium sized businesses.

I’ve turn 50 only recently and I check out it asa gift gradually to care (even) less around the silly stuff and also to concentration (even more) top top the true stuff.

Elisabeth Hancock, 50

I’m just turning 50 and also I’m a company consultant and also coach helping entrepreneurs to thrive a much more successful business through mindset, energy and also strategy. I m sorry I speak to Popping Bubbles!I have a brand-new book coming out in 2020 and a podcast entitled ‘Energetic Business’ which intends to lug strategy, mind, energy and soul together.

For me, life really did begin at 40! ns met mine husband and we to be married ripe months later (a few months prior to my 40th birthday), I had actually my first child just prior to my 41st birthday, and my 2nd just prior to my 43rd birthday.

Having youngsters inspired me to ultimately realise my long held dreams of having a successful, meaningful and also sustainable business and likewise to compose a book. Points that ns would never have had actually the trust to execute in mine 30’s.

Myra, 40

My name is Myra. I’m 40. I’m a lumber burner, writer, musician, artist, wifeand mom.

Aoife Power

I will certainly be 47-years-old following month. As the Founder of Aoifelution Health, I aid others end 40 discover health in all elements of your lives. Farming old does not have to mean mental and also physical decline. V the 3M’s, Mindset, Meals, and Movement, us can age backward!

Arlen Jiacoletti, 41

My surname is Arlen Jiacoletti. I’m 41 yearsold. I am a mom, an internal Designer and also CEO that a little company I simply started call principle Interiors. Ns am likewise an ambassador of health and fitness. I try to stay active and i am helping my family and also friends perform the same.

I think that in order come look and also feel an excellent we must start from within. Having fun is also an extremely important, obtaining out that the routine and also being spontaneous help me once I to be stressed.

Kelechi Obetta, 39

My surname is Kelechi Obetta. I’m Nigerian, life in Nigeria, a legal Practitioner, a wife and also a mother of four children aged 15, 13,10 and 7. I’ll it is in 40 in July, 202.

Sharon Gabriele, 42

I’m Sharon Gabriele and I’m 42. I’m a mom of 3 youngsters age 9, 11, 13. Ns an RN and also work greatly as a substitute college nurse in mine kid’s institution district. My enthusiasm in life is hot yoga though. Critical year in March, right before the pandemic take it over, I graduated from yoga teacher training and was so prepared to live mine dream together a warm yoga instructor. My dream will need to be placed on hold right now. Simply going through life day by day. To it is in continued…

Kelli Bluth

I to be an aunt who loves spoiling my nieces and also nephews.I am a an elderly Manager the Procurement for a medical device manufacturing agency in the twin Cities and also live in Minnetonka, MN.I really enjoy leading teams and also helping my teammates develop and grow into every little thing they want to be.

I love being energetic and have recently took on the #52 Hike Challenge, i beg your pardon is one hike per week because that 52 weeks.I am 4 weeks and also four hikes in.My snapshot was taken in ~ a cabin by Lake premium which is in northern Minnesota and also is among my favorite areas to hike.

Michelle Wickline, 42

My surname is Michelle Wickline. I am a mom of seven. I have actually my very own business, Tiger Lily designs (clean beauty and skincare), and also have regulated all education for my children over the last te as a homeschool mom.

Kelly Rushing, 40

My name is Kelly Rushing native southwest Missouri. I work from home permanent running my very own business and am a full time mom to 3 boys. Ages three, eight, and also 21. Ns love weekends away through family, security time in ~ the lake, walking trails, functioning out, antiques and also trying every kinds of various foods from all over the world. Ns 40!! Time certain does fly!! trying to make the many out of all our stunner moments.

Serena Coonrod, 40

I have five kids (two space grown and three are still pretty young: four, six and eight).I’m a detailist andrealism artist and a stay-at-home mom and wife.

Elsa Morgan

My surname is Elsa Morgan. I’m 47 years years the age and also run an digital health and also wellness business and coach women over 40 exactly how to take on their past and turn it into their superpower. I provide them tactics to construct an online service whilst navigating family, friendships and an individual pursuits.

Deanne De Sousa, 39

I to be a mom of 2 beautiful children, and also a service owner. I run a digital agency based In Johannesburg, south Africa. 

I to be all about self awareness and learning to love yourself especially in a human being where Instagram and also face and body changing apps are all the rage. We require real women, actual beauty or what are we teaching the youth. Perfection does no exist. Effort to it is in happy in your very own skin.

We’d love to add your face to our collection

If you’d like to include your confront to this collection just email us with your photo, age and also a brief description that what you do.

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And finally, that won’t surprise you to discover that it’s not just in stock photos that women space overlooked and also underrepresented. As Caroline Criado Perez discover in her publication Invisible Women, us live in a civilization designed because that men.