There are couple of spaces in this civilization that invoke feel which can not be explained in words. Deep down in the radical of lower Manhattan, the nationwide 9/11 museum is one such space, extensive in symbolism and emotions—it saddens you, the enrages you, the deeply moves you. It symbolizes the determination of individuals and also families. It symbolizes the resiliency of a city and a nation. The museum opened to the public on Wednesday, and entry is free for the families of 9/11 victims and relief workers.

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Inside the museum, the mangled remnants that the twin towers, memory of those lost, and excruciating visuals and also sounds resonating from around the world bring earlier the shock and also trauma the September 11, 2001. Yet, the museum likewise exemplifies the courage and also strong foundation that America was constructed on. The complying with photos offer glimpses the the experience and also plethora that emotions that the 9/11 Museum evokes. We believe the pictures speak for themselves.

The museum entry pavilion consists of two stole “Tridents” indigenous the pair Towers. 

Overlooking the foundation hall; slurry wall in the background

The slurry wall was once component of the structure of the pair towers, developed to hold earlier water from the Hudson River.

Remnants of the box columns, the formed component of the structure and framework of the north Tower.

Foundation hall includes the ‘last column’ a 36 foot tall piece of stole signed by first responders, restore workers and also volunteers.

‘Point the impact’- Remnant the the north Towers’ structural stole facade. Along the tribute walk.

Foundations of twin towers. Photos in the background display the building of twin towers- from radical to tallest towers in the world.

‘Recovery in ~ ground zero’ – Visuals projected on remnant ‘trident’ highlights the experience of restore workers.

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bhushan mondkarMay 23, 2014


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