An strike that accesses unauthorized information from a wireless an equipment through a Bluetooth link - often in between cell phones and laptop computers.

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A wireless an innovation that offers short-range radio frequency (RF) transmissions and also provides because that rapid advertisement hoc an equipment pairings.

An AP collection up by an attacker come mimic one authorized AP and also capture transmissions - so a user"s machine will unknowingly attach to this evil twin instead.

A method of identify the keystream by evaluating two packets the were produced from the exact same initialization vector (IV).

A proprietary EAP an approach developed by Cisco equipment requiring shared authentication offered for WLAN encryption making use of Cisco customer software.

A key value that must be created and also entered right into both the accessibility point and also all wireless devices ("shared") prior to ("pre") the devices interacting with the AP.

An EAP technique designed to leveling the deployment of 802.11x by making use of Microsoft home windows logins and also passwords.

An innocuous AP that allows an attacker come bypass countless of the network protection configurations and opens the network and its user come attacks.

The process of documenting and then heralding the place of wireless LANs because that others to use. Wireless networks were determined by drawing on sidewalks or walls around the area that the network.

The original set of protections indigenous the Wi-Fi Alliance in 2003 designed to protect both present and also future wireless devices.

The 2nd generation the WPA protection from the Wi-Fi Alliance in 2004 to attend to authentication and also encryption top top WLANs.

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An IEEE 802.11 defense protocol designed to ensure that just authorized parties have the right to view sent wireless information. WEP has far-reaching vulnerabilities and also is not thought about secure.

Bluetooth drops under the group of __________. A. Local area network (LAN) B. Short area network (SAN) C. Paired-device network (PDN) D. Personal area network (PAN)

A Bluetooth network that consists of one master and also at least one slave using the very same RF channel creates a __________. A. Cluster B. Group C. Scatteringnet D. Piconet

____________ is the unauthorized access of information from a wireless machine through a Bluetooth connection. A. Bluejacking B. Bluetooth snatching C. Bluetooth spoofing D. Bluesnarfing

The IEEE ___________ standard mentions a preferably rated speed of 54 Mbps using the 5 GHz spectrum. A. 802.11 B. 802.11a C. 802.11b D. 802.11g

Each that the following is an benefit of IEEE 802.11n other than __________. A. Smaller coverage area B. Much faster speed C. Much less interference D. More powerful security

Which the the complying with is not found in a residential WLAN gateway? A. Intrusion detection device (IDS) B. Firewall C. Router D. Dynamic hold configuration protocol (DHCP)

Which the the following is not a necessity for war driving? A. Wireless NIC adapter B. Antennas C. Gps receiver D. Mobile computer device

The primary style of a(n) __________ is to record the transmission from legit users. A. Evil pair B. Bluetooth grabber C. WEP D. Rogue accessibility point

Which of the adhering to is a vulnerability of MAC attend to filtering? A. The user must get in the MAC B. APs use IP addresses instead of MACs C. Not all operation systems assistance MACs D. MAC addresses are originally exchanged in between wireless devices and also the AP in one unencrypted format

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