1. The job ____ handlesadministrative obligations for the advancement team and negotiates withusers you can have conflict requirements.

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A:expediter B:supporter C:coordinator D:leader
2.PERT/CPM is considered to be a ____ technique.A:side-to-side B:paralleltask C:bottom-up D:top-down
3.Analyzing dangers is a two-step process that includes both ____ analysis.A:qualitative andquantitative B:profitand loss C:timingand vital path D:identificationand response
4.Project ____ consists of identifying task tasks and estimating perfect timeand costs.A:planning B:scheduling C:monitoringand controlling D:reporting
5.With PERT/CPM, the ____ is the amount of time it will take to finish a task.A:timeassignment B:time duration C:timelength D:timepattern
6.A ____ walk-through is a testimonial of a project team member"s job-related by othermembers that the team.A:status B:structured C:open D:private
7.Project ____ entails the production of a details timetable, usually in the formof charts that show tasks, task dependencies, and an important tasks that might delaya project.A:planning B:scheduling C:monitoringand controlling D:reporting
8.With PERT/CPM, jobs that must be completed one ~ the other, choose a relayrace, are dubbed ____ tasks.A:dependent B:independent C:fast D:tiered
9.Walk-throughs that take ar throughout the SDLC are likewise called all of thefollowing except ____.A:codereviews B:designreviews C:testingreviews D:timing review
10.Project ____ calls for guiding, supervising, and coordinating the task team"sworkload.A:planning B:scheduling C:monitoring andcontrolling D:reporting
11.Task patterns deserve to involve ____ tasks.A:dependent B:multiplesuccessor C:multiplepredecessor D:all the the above
12.Project managers deserve to use ____ software to help plan, estimate, schedule,monitor, and also report ~ above a project.A:changecontrol B:projectmanagement C:projectresource D:pathmanagement
13.Project ____ work include constant progress reports to management, users, andthe task team itself.A:planning B:scheduling C:monitoringand controlling D:reporting
14.When numerous tasks can start at the exact same time, each is dubbed a ____ task.A:concurrent B:successor C:predecessor D:dependent
15.When software is ____ it is free, and supported through a huge group of users anddevelopers.A:free-source B:open-source C:private-source D:share-source
16.A(n) ____, or activity, is any type of work that has a beginning and also an finish andrequires the use of firm resources such as people, time, or money.A:event B:task C:habit D:plan
17.Often, 2 or much more concurrent tasks, depend on a solitary prior task, i m sorry iscalled a ____.A:concurrent B:successor C:predecessor D:dependent
18.The most well-known project administration software is ____.A:ACT B:Microsoft OfficeProject 2007 C:OpenWorkbench D:ProjectSolution
19.A(n) ____, or milestone, is a recognizable reference point that have the right to be used tomonitor progress and also manage the project.A:plan B:habit C:event D:task
20.In the case where concurrent tasks depend ~ above a predecessor task, eachconcurrent job is called a ____ task.

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A:dependent B:successor C:predecessor D:dependent
B:includes monitoring the progression of the project, examining results, and also takingcorrective action when vital to continue to be on target
C: involvesstaffing, which includes choosing the task team and assigning specifictasks come team members
25.A job is any work that needs the usage of company resources consisting of all ofthe following other than ____.
B:probability, which indicates the level of adverse effect should the riskoccur, ~ above a range of 1 come 10
B:includes security the progression of the project, examining results, and takingcorrective action when crucial to stay on target
C:consists of staffing, which includes picking the project team and also assigningspecific jobs to team members
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