"We had actually the respect of having Paige carry out our engagement photos and our wedding photos and also it was one of the ideal decisions ever!"
We space so pleasure with every one of our photos and also can"t say enough an excellent things about her. Not just do we have beautiful photos for life, we acquired a true friend in the process. Us love Paige"s personality and also she renders everyone feeling comfortable in front of the camera.

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Five stars will never ever be sufficient for Paige! She deserves endless amounts of stars and also the moon and sun! She is a grade-A, 10/10, amazing human being, photographer, and friend and also I to be so thankful our courses crossed a year ago!
Paige and Alex (the other PVP boss babe) killed IT!! native the information pics, to navigating our household photos, come our first look shots... Whatever was for sure 100% perfect. This duo is simply insanely talented and also we feel so happy to have had them catch our day! Not only are they significant photographers, however they bring such a positive energy with their jovial individualities to any type of situation! They"re the kind of world you want approximately let me call you! accurate THE BEST.
"From work one, Paige to be kind, knowledgeable, patient, and so gosh bland loving! After ours initial consultation call, I automatically called my then fiancé, and also said, "we have actually our photographer!!! and I have actually a new friend!!!"
"Paige was so amazing. She wonderfully recorded all the love in ~ our wedding and also I couldn"t be more thrilled with our photos! she dedication is above and beyond, and also her impressive photos reflect that."

"I spent a most time top top Instagram putting over pages and profiles till I discovered Paige‘s page. I was at as soon as struck by her style. I loved every the light and love she is able to catch in an image. Paige to be as valuable to united state as an additional close girlfriend or bridesmaid."
She has actually so numerous resources and connections in the industry and is ready to aid you fix your toughest wedding planning problems. On ours wedding job she was truly invaluable. She maintained the wedding party, even my rowdy groomsmen, top top a chop timeline (that she created us) and also helped for sure the work was together perfect and special as my wife and I had actually hoped. Paige did an ext than simply take our pictures. She captured the love and light and also joy that was existing that job in every one of our photos. Ns think that is because with Paige, it to be like having a friend there to picture us on our wedding day.

Paige was by far our favorite vendor that we decided for our wedding. Indigenous the minute we met, we instantly hit it off. She personality, willingness come help, and her positivity are several of the reasons that we chose her together our photographer. Paige is so straightforward to be around and will do you and also your s/o feel exceptionally comfortable during your engagements and also is such a calming presence on your wedding day.
Her assistant photographer, Alex, to be equally impressive as well! Paige and Alex made sure that not just the bride and also groom, yet everyone to be well taken treatment of at the wedding (i.e. Parents and also family members). Us cannot say sufficient amazing things around them and also would recommend this remarkable duo come anyone spring to hire a photographer for their distinct day!
"On ours wedding day, Paige to be punctual, complete of life and happiness (as she constantly is!), and also brought together a great energy."
"YES, you must hire Paige together your wedding photographer. No question. Picking Paige come shoot ours wedding was one of the finest (if no the best) selection we made. Not just are she photos amazing, she is likewise the sweetest person. She is so good at do you feeling comfortable and happy in former of the camera."

"Paige was absolutely the easiest, many organized, many fun, and most pleasant human to job-related with because that our wedding. If we found that our other vendors would forget things, Paige never dropped the ball once!"
In addition, we did an engagement picture session through her and had a blast. She not only becomes her friend, yet genuinely bring away such good photos!! She made ours wedding day less stressful just since of she calmness, organization, and also experience. Mine wife and I highly highly introduce Paige for any type of event, wedding, party, etc!
Paige Vaughn photo is a team of Austin wedding photographers committed to providing you the best day ever before while making certain you look damn good while law it. We capture weddings ~ above medium style film + digital, likewise serving the san Francisco bay Area.

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Paige Vaughn picture is an inclusive photography studio, excitedly serving every couples of every races, sexualities, genders and also physical/mental abilities.