Tours room special sidequests that are related to your friends and also usually cause whenever you invest the night in ~ a specific camping spot. If you create it, your friend will certainly come up to you and asks you to help them out with something early in the morning. There space three tourism from every party member and also each one will reward you with a chuck 20 AP, do them really nice to help fill the end the Ascension Grid.

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Stirred, not Shaken¶

Cotisse Haven can be uncovered just phibìc of Hammerhead. Ignis will certainly ask friend to help him do breakfast, v your job being come stir everything is in the pot. Carry out this through rotating the left analog stick and also although girlfriend should preserve a certain rhythm, it doesn’t matter in the lengthy run, together you will still gain the 20 AP no issue the results.

The Chopping Block¶

Fallaughins Haven is located just east of where Saxham station is marked on your map in Duscae. Another task is asked of girlfriend from Ignis, this time being to reduced some vegetables. When the switch prompt comes up ~ above the screen, repeatedly press it till it go away, then perform it once more when the switch appears.

Case the the steal Specs¶

Pectriche Haven is located inside the The Myrlwood dungeon. As soon as more, Ignis asks friend to assist out v breakfast, but something walk awry as soon as morning comes. It seems that a black color chocobo came near the camp and stolen Ignis’ glasses. Head to the mite on the map to track under the spectacle-stealing bird, wherein Ignis will distract it through some greens. Basically, you have to sneak in the direction of the tree if holding the Square/X switch when the Chocobo is busy, then stop relocating whenever he is spring around. Once you acquire close enough, press Circle/B to grab the glasses, climate flee come the designated spot come finish.


Slowly do your way towards the tree (left), pushing Square/X anytime the Chocobo looks approximately to remain silent (right).

Rise and also Shine and also Run¶

Lachyrte Haven is located right through Galdin Quay. Gladio asks you to train v him top top the coast at the cracked of dawn. Follow Gladio until you learn that it will certainly be a footrace between the two of you. In spite of the truth that Gladio bring away off and is fast, he slows down a lot of and fully expects you to bypass him. That is really hard to lose this race and also you can use the stamina trick once sprinting to store a full sprint throughout the race.

A Flower for Iris¶

Lambath Haven is located simply northeast the The Ravatoghan follow parking spot. Gladio asks because that a favor, as he desires to carry out something because that his sister, Iris. He desires you to acquire a details flower that only blooms in ~ dawn that’s indigenous to the area. Head in the direction of the marker and also look because that the treasure clues that’s right next to the marker, which must prompt Gladio to point out the flower in question. He states he’ll give you a boost, so strategy him to gain launched to the flower’s location. That ends the tour, however if you talk with Iris in ~ Cape Caem after ~ the fact, there will certainly be an extra scene and also you’ll gain a Moogle Charm accessory out of it.

Liege the the Lake¶

Capitis Haven is located just next to The Vesperpool parking spot. Gladio mentions the there is a well known fish that is located at a nearby fishing hole, with no one ever having reeled the in. Prior to you perform this, it’s a really smart idea to at least end up the Navyth heat of sidequests to acquire the quiet rod, and get the Llymlaen reel native the Totomostro mini-game in Altissia. While friend can gain your fishing skill to level 10, that isn’t necessary, yet getting it to level 8 will aid in reeling in this “veritable monster.”

Other things you will want is a fresh Dragon’s moustache line and a gigantic Needle 10,000: gold Gigantuar lure. The fish girlfriend are trying to find is the Noble Arapaima and also it sometimes shows up on the minimap, although periodically it doesn’t. You will recognize you have actually it as soon as you watch the fish’s stamina walking down really slow. If you’ve reeled in the adversary of the Cygilian, then you desire to use similar tactics with this fish. Reel in once the fish isn’t struggling, then as soon as the controller is shower a lot, prevent reeling and constantly keep her rod walk in the same direction the fish is swimming.


The Hallowed Hill of Hammerhead¶

Palmaugh Haven is situated southeast that Hammerhead. It appears Noctis wants to take a photo of the Hammerhead, or quite a certain someone at Hammerhead. Head on over to the marker and also when you acquire there, Prompto will get ready to take it a picture, just to have actually Cindy herself present up. Pick the dialog alternatives of Hike, five y’know, and also the Grandpa option to have Prompto in a picture with Cindy.

Up Close and also Personal¶

Pullmoor Haven is located southwest the Coernix terminal - Alstor. Prompto needs you aid with some photos he desires to take in the morning. The snapshot he desires is the of the Catoblepas, however you’ll must gather part mushrooms very first to entice it closer to land. Go into the search area and Prompto will certainly pretty much uncover the 3 mushrooms for you. V them in hand, head on end to the slough and you’ll act together bait, holding the mushrooms till the Catoblepas it s okay close enough. Girlfriend only have actually one opportunity for the photo and when girlfriend feel favor you’re ready, to win a pose. After you’re finished, escape or death the Catoblepas (it is favor level 38, so you might not be solid enough, especially with only two party members).

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Strike a operation Pose!¶

Spelcray Haven is located to the west that Cape Caem. Prompto has made decision to come to be a expert photographer and asks you to pose because that him for part pictures. Head on under to the dock and also when Prompto is ready to take a picture, to win a posture by hitting one of the designated buttons. The doesn’t really issue which pose friend do, as any will do.