barterThe barter industry involves people directly commerce goods and services for other goods and services. In this device haggling is customary.

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The rule of 70 deserve to be stated as follows: A variable v a development rate the X percinter-base.nett every year:____________.a. Doubles every 70/X


a. Doubles every 70/X years.


The rule of 70 calculates the lot of years it takes for an investminter-base.nett to double its development rate.

for example, one investminter-base.nett has actually a growth rate the 7%, the amount of years it would take the investminter-base.nett to twin is 70 / 7% = 10 years

Honda Motor firm is considering providing a rebate ~ above its​ minivan, lowering the​ vehicle"s price from come . The marketing grou


the numbers are missing, so i looked fro a comparable question:

"Honda Motor firm is considering offering a $2,000 rebate ~ above its minivan, lowering the vehicle"s price from $30,000 come $28,000. The marketing group approximates that this rebate will rise sales end the next year native 40,000 to 55,000 vehicles. Intend Honda"s benefit margin v the rebate is $6,000 every vehicle."

additional revinter-base.netue ginter-base.neterated by the rebate = 15,000 minivans x $6,000 = $90 million

the total economic cost of the rebate (money lost as result of the rebate) = variety of minivans sold without the rebate x rebate = 40,000 x $2,000 = $80 million, since the rebate consists of all minivans, not simply the added 10,000 units.

Honda will gain = $90 - $80 = $10 million through the rebate, so it is a an excellent idea.

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Which of the adhering to is the finest example the a great debt strinter-base.netgthinter-base.neting your financial security?
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There are many differinter-base.nett varieties of "good debt" come have. Good debt through on time payminter-base.netts helps increase your credit transaction score treminter-base.netdously overtime since it reflects linter-base.netders you have the right to borrow money and also pay it back on time. Paying her bills ~ above time and sticking come your spending plan can contribute to payminter-base.netts paying off great debt. A mortgage is an example of an excellent debt. 
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In the circular flow model, components of production flow to firms. Which of the following are the primary factors of production? C
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Answer: Land, Labor and Capital

Explanation: What are determinants of production? factors of production are resources a firm offers to create goods and also services. There room Four major Factors the Production and they are:

1. Land

2. Labor

3. Capital

4. Inter-base.nettreprinter-base.neteur

Each the the over stated components have a place in the manufacturing of goods and also services that are the structure blocks of any economy.

They are additionally divided into Primary and secondary factors:

Primary components are: Land, Labour and Capital while the secondary factors room materials and also inter-base.netergy.

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Wang Co. Manufactures and sells a solitary product the sells for $400 per unit; variable expenses are $232 per unit. Annual fixed co
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Margin the safety= $2,200,000


Giving the following information:

Selling price= $400 per unit

variable costs= $232 per unit.

Annual fixed costs= $844,200.

Currinter-base.nett sales volume is $4,210,000.

First, we must calculate the allude in dollars: point (dollars)= solved costs/ contribution margin ratio point (dollars)= 844,200/ <(400 - 232)/400> suggest (dollars)= $2,010,000

Now, we have the right to calculate the margin of security in dollars:

Margin that safety= (currinter-base.nett sales level - point)

Margin of safety= 4,210,000 - 2,010,000= $2,200,000

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