I'm looking for another 3 players marked by absent to do as countless journeys as feasible (up to 50).

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If a civilization succeeds in 50 journeys, the will receive a 10% exp rise to undead creatures. Girlfriend can check how plenty of times your people completed a trip by saying: "journeys" to Smaralda.

For each success: 20 Platinum Coins and a Pirates surprise in a Pirate Bag.

For 1st success: Ghost seafarer achievement.

For 5 successes: Spectral Traveller achievement.

For 10 successes: Nether Pirate achievement.

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For 50 successes: Scourge of fatality achievement.

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I wouldn't mental this in calmera either. I've never ever done it and would like to. I think I'm also rock.. I newly returned.. Fine October.. And first time I experienced it i was excited, however that quickly disappeared since no one else appears to care around it anymore.. Also for the exp an increase for server civilization don't care