As if they no embarrassed sufficient after a 3-0 collection loss come India, Cricket southern Africa’s Facebook web page was hacked top top Wednesday morning v at least ten explicit posts published ~ above it over a two-hour period.

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The hackers posted links with sexual and also racist content, lot to the shock the the three million-plus people who choose the page.

Among the various articles was a connect to an short article entitled ‘9 pictures that present how Michael Jackson’s face changed’ and also another referred to as ‘A Russian laboratory has invented a method to eliminate the black color skin layer of black color people.’

The more sexual posts included ‘Meet the world sexiest mexican Instagram model,’ ‘Why men decide come cheat,’ ‘The 9 points women love most about sex’ and also ‘How to carry out friends v benefits.”

The account stayed hacked because that over 11 hours and Cricket south Africa was compelled to tweet one explanation.

“Our apologies for the inappropriate articles that are currently up, us will have the problem sorted out as quickly as possible,” the tweet said.

https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sportal_com_au/80/a2/cricket-south-africa_1ll3pyco497az1b4q7kzxr0zm4.png?t=-2063590351&w=500&quality=80 lot of of users took exemption to the posts, with much more than 3000 human being unliking the page.

While part Facebook customers were enraged, many of others found humour in the situation.

“No wonder south Africa lost. They defend their facebook page as well as they defend their wicket,” commented Adithya Nagaraja.

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“Did the admin acquire bored throughout Amla’s current innings?” asked bill Crossland, referring to the south African captain’s knock of 25 turn off 289 balls as the Proteas attempted to rescue a draw in the third Test with India.

The pick of the bunch, however, goes to Johnathan Garisch who comment on the Michael Jackson post saying: “Does Jackson key leg spin? We could need that to replace Imran Tahir because that the England series.”