Direct Democracy
A type of democracy in which the human being govern themselves by poll on issues.

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Indirect DemocracyA political process in i beg your pardon the world control the federal government through chosen political officials. This is likewise called a republic.
RepublicA kind of federal government in i beg your pardon voters host sovereign (absolute) power.
Public PolicyThe course of activity a federal government takes in response to some problem or problem.
GovernmentThe college through i beg your pardon the state maintains society order. Provides public services, and enforces binding decision on citizens.
StateA political community that occupies a identify territory and also has an organized federal government with the power to make and also enforce regulations without approval from any higher authority.
PopulationThe variety of people living in a geography area.
TerritoryA defined area (including land and also waters), thought about to it is in a possession of a state or a country subdivison
SovereigntyThe supreme and absolute authority within territorial boundaries
Force TheoryThe theory that the state was born of force when all the world of an area were lugged under the authority of one human or group
Evolutionary TheoryThe theory that state evolved from the family
Divine appropriate TheoryBelief that certain people are either lower from god or preferred by gods rule.
Social Contract TheoryTheory the by contract people, surrender to the state the power necessary to maintain order and the state, subsequently , agrees to defend its citizens.
Unitary SystemA federal government that provides all crucial powers come the national or central government
Federal SystemA federal government that divides the strength of government between the national government and also state
ConfederacyA federal government that divides the strength of government between the nationwide government and state
Presidential GovernmentForm of autonomous government in i m sorry the president top the executive, management branch
Parliamentary GovernmentA kind government in i m sorry executive and legislative attributes both reside in an elected assembly , or parliament
Representative DemocracyA type of democracy in i beg your pardon the civilization elect representatives and also give castle the responsibility and power to do laws and also conduct government.

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Totalitarian DictatorshipA form of autocratic federal government where the ideas of leaders are glorified and the government seeks to regulate all facets of social and economic life.
AnarchyPolitical Disorder
OligarchyA mechanism of government in which a tiny group of civilization holds power
AutocracyRule by one