Listen, review lyrics, mp3 download, stream, to buy throwback tune by Travis Scott titled “A-Team”. The tune was created by Allen Ritter.

Travis Scott A Team

Taking the solo route, La Flame breaks out the auto-tune and also hops on this Allen Ritter-produced beat to stunt & swerve ~ above the competition. It’s a nice reminder that there’s level to this shit, and also La Flame certainly be working for the “A-Team” in the process. This shit right fire (just prefer “Wonderful”).

Travis Scott – A-Team (prod. Allen Ritter)

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A-Team (yeah, yeah!), A-TeamPlease don’t shot to play us (yah)A-Team, aw, A-TeamA-Team, please don’t try to play united state (ooo-ooo)A-Team (ooo), aw, A-Team (yeah!)

Call my B up (yeah!) contact Sherita (yeah!)Aw, let’s connect up, aw, ain’t no days off (straight up!)‘Less I’m paid off (woo) these niggas beat softWe simply play ballAw, A-Team, won’t you authorize up?Join my roster, (yah) you a scholar (yah)Aw, A-Team, (ahh) recognize you prepared (ready)My appropriate hand steady, coach girlfriend if girlfriend let meAw, A-Team, (yah) got that A1 (yah)A1 steak sauce, (yah) aw, can’t take loss (yah)Aw, A-Team, (yah) join my FIFA (yah)Roll mine weed up, (yah) save my D up (yah)Aw, A-Team

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

When I ago off the curbIn earlier of the back, the Batmobile heardI’m earlier on alertI’m back, what’s the word?I’m back, what’s the word?I’m back in the thirdThey earlier on mine mind, they earlier on my nervesCan’t take earlier the time therefore I’m back, back, ago spendingI’m earlier on the splurge, I’m ago on the splurgeThey jump once I jump the end then run in and also swerve, swerve, yeah, yeahIt’s halftime, gon’ display that, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahI’m a dog you know thatCan’t it is in from new Jersey exactly how you litter back

Aw, A-Team, (yeah, yeah!) A-TeamPlease don’t shot to play us (ahh, yeah, yeah)A-Team, (yah) aw, A-TeamA-Team, (yah) you re welcome don’t shot to play united state (whoo)A-Team, (whoo, whoo) aw