How walk the finish of the hundreds Years" battle in 1453 aid spread the Renaissance across northern Europe?
It boosted printing speed while reducing cost, permitting printed principles to spread much more widely and quickly.

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By 1500, Renaissance concepts were greatly being spread throughout Europe throughspeeches.books.recordings.politicians.
How did the finish of the hundred Years" war in 1453 help spread the Renaissance throughout northern Europe?It permitted France to focus on the Renaissance.It enabled Spain to emphasis on the Renaissance.It enabled Germany to emphasis on the Renaissance.It allowed Russia to emphasis on the Renaissance.
The Italian wars that started in 1494 aided spread Renaissance principles toPortugal.Spain.England.France.
Differing interpretations that the scriptures by believer in Europe eventually led tothe Reformation.the hundred Years" War.the black color Plague.the Italian wars.
A north Renaissance writer that criticized the Catholic Church wasWilliam Shakespeare.Jan van Eyck.Albrecht Dürer.Desiderius Erasmus.
A northern Renaissance writer who applied humanistic values to the theatre wasDesiderius Erasmus.William Shakespeare.Thomas More.Hans Holbein.
A northern Renaissance artist who also published publications wasThomas More.Hans Holbein.Jan valve Eyck.Albrecht Dürer.
Where did Italian artists and writers flee because that safety throughout the Italian wars?northern Europesouthern EuropeNorth AmericaSouth America
After plenty of people began reading and interpreting the Bible, theybegan to support the Church"s teachings.began to an obstacle the Church"s teachings.ignored the Church.abandoned the Church.
The Italian Renaissance spread throughout Europe in the so late 1400s throughreligion.urbanization.newspapers.farming.
William Shakespeare"s plays contributed to Renaissance society bysatirizing the Catholic Church.describing an ideal society.creating complex characters.creating both books and also art.

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The graph mirrors the variety of books published in Europe between 1400-1800.A conclusion that deserve to be drawn from the graph is that the need for publications increasedslightly in between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.slightly in between the seventeenth and also eighteenth centuries.sharply between the sixteenth and also seventeenth centuries.sharply in between the eighteenth and also nineteenth centuries.
Which publication could many world read because that the first time due to the fact that of the Gutenberg press?UtopiaRepublicHamletthe Bible
Which finest describes printing before the innovation of the Gutenberg to press press?a long, expensive processa short, high value processa long, cheap processa short, cheap process
The image shows a paint by Han Holbein the Younger dubbed The Ambassadors.Based on the painting, which finest states just how Holbein contributed to the northern Renaissance?
How walk the end of the hundreds Years" battle in 1453 assist spread the Renaissance throughout northern Europe?
The popularity of the Gutenberg push in Europe made books an ext accessible and also motivated people to want to learn how to
The graph mirrors the variety of books published in Europe in between 1400-1800.A conclusion that can be attracted from the graph is the the demand for publications increased

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