several online sources say just to change the screen resolution and also launch the game and that the will readjust itself. However, this will cause all kinds of annoying concerns due to my running two monitors.

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Although I know of the capability to operation the video game on a 2 monitor set up, both monitors have to be the same size and resolution. Mine monitors space not the exact same size/resolution. Ns am running on home windows 10, and also running the steam version the the game (i.e. HD version).

My food counter is hanging somewhere off the left next of my monitor and also I do not know just how to fix this.

In the past with other gamings I have known that fixes involving transforming game files and the like. As far as i have the right to tell that may be the just way.

Thank you every for her time.

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There space no resolution options for the fullscreen mode. The said, you have the right to modify that in the windowed mode. For an in-game an approach to adjust this:

Press Alt+Enter. This switches the video game from borderless Fullscreen to Windowed mode. Then resize the window as you would a continuous windows program.

Note the while the video game has \"HD support\", small has been adjusted to make the UI mindful of monitors v high DPI. Therefore while you have the right to resize the game home window to any type of resolution smaller sized than your monitor\"s this way, you can\"t \"upscale\" many parts the the UI, brief of lowering your monitor resolution.

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There is a accuse on the steam Community come play the game in a higher meaning that the game enables initaly.

I indicate you to check out the steps and there is one that have the right to interest you and also solve your trouble in section Game window not centered

You will have actually to change the window offset making use of setXOffset and setYOffset. If you increase the x value, the home window will ba relocated to the right, if you rise y it will be relocated down.

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