The shounen anime and manga series, Akame ga Kill! synonymously recognized as Akame ga Kiru!.

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Ittranslates come “Akame Slashes” together one anime title to tempt a tonne of attention in the 2010s.

The series was loved and also hated by all those that consumed the blood and gore the story had actually to offer.

But ever due to the fact that the conclusion the the collection back in 2015, not also a odor of a possible Season 2 has actually been revealed by the creators.

For the intrigued, we room going to discuss all the feasible ways to obtain (or not, too) a new season because that Akame ga Kill!

Everything we know about Akame Ga kill so far

We are presented to a young Tatsumi, who travels to the Capital together with two the his friends, to knife money for a kind living for himself and his family.

Upon reaching there, he pertains to face the corruption and also injustice in this big city.

Tatsumi is separated from his girlfriend in a bandit attack and likewise loses out on obtaining recruited into the army.

But when he gets taken in by a noble family, their residential or commercial property gets struck by the every assassins group, Night Raid.

Tatsumi gets apprehended by them and eventually to learn of the horrors the family had inflicted on his friends and also had the very same plans for him together well.

Tatsumi i do not care a member that the Night Raid.

He helps them struggle the corruption and injustice required by the merciless Minister honest ruling the funding from the shadows.

The members the the Night Raid are equipped v rare and ancient weaponry recognized as Teigus or royal Arms.

The the opposite i.e. The judgment party and its angry minions too have these powers however only use them to inflict pains on the innocent.

Some Teiguappears as tools while some take form as living creatures. These living creatures are recognized as risk Beasts.

The just drawback of gift a Teigu user is that if the intake of the powers is exceeded, the Teigu will certainly disintegrate in ~ the an extremely core.

That means so will certainly the user. But, if the powers are offered in overfill they finish up transforming the users right into Danger Beasts.

The series is conceptualized and also written by Takahiro and illustrated by Tetsuya Tashiro.

Official Announcements and also Release DateofAkame Ga kill Season 2

Studio White Fox has not provided any updates and also their website is likewise silent about any possibility of season 2.

As of date, no main announcement regarding the same has actually been made from any kind of source. It"s to be sevenyears once season 1 to be released.

With no official confirmation, we need to resort come other approaches to lastly satisfy ourselves whether we should hope because that season 2 or not.

So, come speculate why there has been no official announcement we have analyzed every variable that could have any kind of sort of affect on a feasible season 2.

Go ahead and also let"s recognize whether or no we will certainly be obtaining a season 2.

Source Material information for Akame Ga KillSeason 2


In the Anime series, illustration 24 i m sorry is the concluding episode, the city of resources is in complete shambles.

The Emperor gets decapitated by the guillotine for not being may be to satisfy his duties together a protector of his kingdom through Najenda.

He is also responsible for the fatality of Tatsumi. Akametakes top top the reference for every the wrongdoings the the Revolutionary Army.

She bids Najenda farewell that dedicates the remainder of she receded life come rebuild the empire.

All records of the Night Raid room redacted and they space now complete legends.

The post-credits disclose a lonely Akame walking v the desert who gets ambushed by a bunch of Teigu users.

Carrying the load of her deceased compatriots, Akame battles the bandits.

BUT! This was not just how the manga ended. Tatsumi actually resides in the manga series.

For all those that shipped Tatsumi and Mine, they also get married and have a baby with each other (despite gift stuck in his Teigu Dragon form).

Talk around a perfect and also happy ending after the chaos they went through! Phew!

Here’s a standard example that the anime creators drifting far from the source material.

Just choose Classroom of the Elite, which got severe backlash native its fans.

They actually controlled to boycott Season 1 and nothing was ever before heard because that the series later, will certainly Akame ga Kill! face a similar fate?


When Takahiro to be asked to produce a manga for Square Enix"sGangan Joker.

His idea of one all-female assassins group and a boy who gets apprehended by them”.

The idea was approved by the editor that the zine.

After a few hiccups in ~ the company, Takahiro regulated to develop the world and create the personalities to his satisfaction.

He discovered Tetsuya Tashiro to lug his characters to life.

Its serialization started in April the 2010 and also continued until 2017 in Gagan Joker.

VolumesEnglish release Date
Volumes 1January 20, 2015
Volumes 2April 21, 2015
Volumes 3July 21, 2015
Volumes 4October 27, 2015
Volumes 5January 26, 2016
Volumes 6April 26, 2016
Volumes 7July 26, 2016
Volumes 8October 25, 2016
Volumes 9January 24, 2017
Volumes 10April 18, 2017
Volumes 11July 18, 2017
Volumes 12October 31, 2017
Volumes 13January 30, 2018
Volumes 14April 24, 2018
Volumes 15

July 24, 2018

It became a huge hit amongst the shounen-loving fans in Japan and the west.

The an initial tankobon was published in respectable of 2010 and fifteen volumes have actually been released until February 22, 2017, in Japan with each containing 5-6 chapters.

“Special Volumes” the the manga every containing 4 EXTRA chapters too were released between the duration of 27th October 2014.

Seeing the first release and December 25, 2017, seeing the second release. The collection was license is granted by Yen Press.

Getting to the vital aspect, the storyline of the manga seemed to attention readers much more than the adapted storyline of the anime.

The manga dwells in the horrors, corruption, and also evils being laid onto the Capital.

The backstories of each of the assassins that the Night Raid room explored, us even involved know just how Leone obtained Lionel indigenous the black Market.

A allude to note below is, those who have actually read the manga case it to it is in a gruesome read.

The Wild hunt arc (which reportedly is 20 pages omitted because that the anime series) is a particularly brutal read.

And Akame didn’t get in into a fight v Esdeath.

She had actually to sift through a sea that Teigu wielding Revolutionary army members to get into a 1v1 fight through her.

Leone’s death of Minister moral is no the one because that the faint-hearted.

It is gut-wrenching and blood spillage come the max. And an added bonus of the members that the army lining too, rather literally, gain a piece of Honest.

Akame ga Kill! Zero, a prequel to Akame ga Kill! was released through Takahiro which features the illustration the Kei Toru.

Zero explores Akame’s days prior to joining the Night Raid and covers a good part that her past life of being an assassin because that the Empire.

Zero’s serialization started on October 25 2013 through the 11th worry of the Monthly big Gangan.

The collection has a total of ten volumes covering 6-9 chapters in each volume. The latest concern was exit in Japan ~ above 25th April 2019.

As a continuation to Akame ga Kill! Takahiro developed the manga series, Hinowa ga Yuku! Or Hinowa ga CRUSH! and the art was excellent by Strelka.

The story is collection in one eastern nation known together Wakoku. Hinowa is the protagonist of this collection absorbed in one upheaval.

For fans of the initial storyline, Akame is watched in this collection as well.

Hinowa ga CRUSH!’s serialization began in June 2017 and also the recent volume to be released in respectable of 2020.

It has five volumes through 6-7 chapters in each. 6 chapters indigenous the Crush series have yet to be released in tankobon format.



The anime adaptation for the collection was later on announced in 2014 and also began airing throughout television screens in Japan from July through December.

Akame ga Kill! to be aired in the US an entire year later from respectable 2015 to February 2016.

On June 19, MAL (My Anime List) reported the Akame ga Kill!’s anime adaptation has actually been greenlit.

The anime is produced by the same, Square Enix along with TOHO animation and also is license is granted by Sentai Filmworks because that its relax in phibìc America.

The animation production was provided to WHITE FOX. They made decision the director, Tomoki Kobayashi the Steins Gate and Tears to Tiara fame.

Makoto Uezu to be the collection Composer and also the Chief animation Director, Character style was helmed through Kazuhisa Nakamura.

Takahiro was in charge as the scenario Supervisor.

Breaking down the storyline because that you, the anime to be conceptualized in the middle of Takahiro composing the resource material.

The anime series comes throughout as one in-your-face, gory and edgy series.

The anime is a modern-style computer animation with vivid colors. Superb amount of visual effects to include to the fact that that is a fast-paced action series.

WHITE FOX added details elevating the civilization even further.

The anime series follows through only eight quantities of the manga.

The storyline compiles details story arcs indigenous the further volumes and also it has actually an anime exclude, ending.

For the uninitiated, it diverges its storyline from illustration 19. It has actually a runtime the 24 minute each.

That’s cut it also close to develop the characters and also the world.

Most notably, Tatsumi’s fatality in the ending, which together discussed, does not exist in the manga storyline whatsoever.

Some refute the he sacrificed self for the higher good.

When request the same inquiry in an interview Takahiro claimed that ‘ By the time anime ended, the manga series exceeded.

To make the story exciting, I made decision to readjust the ending since those who have actually read the manga currently know the ending’.

He also added, ‘the anime ending was terrific but the manga ending will be much more fantastic!’.

But the pan of the manga and anime did not seem also happy v the ending.

A small set of omake segments to be packaged in addition to the anime series, Akame ga Kill! Theatre.

The ONA (Original network Animation) was created by C-Station along with the co-operation that WHITE FOX.

The collection was command by Masafumi Tamura and also featured personality designs by Asami Watanabe.

Ever because then, there has been no news whatsoever the the anime series returning.

So has readjusted the storyline make an influence on the return on the series?

Popularity info for Akame Ga death Season 2

Popularity chin is a major factor to decision for following season.

Popularity provides positive ideas to producers to invest an ext money to store the anime walk forward.

Website & Merchandise

The website to be last update in august 2015.

The “Goods” ar boasts a range of merch, surprisingly no something you acquire to see for an anime series.

A selection of Backpacks, Towels, bring Zipper bags, phone call cases, Pillows, and other non-traditional merchandise.

There room two figurines the Akame and also Esdeath accessible as well however they space not featured on the main website.

Sentai Filmwork"s critical update around Akame ga Kill’s merch remained in 2016 featuring new t-shirt and also hoodie designs.

Google Trends


Google trends present whether the interest of world fora certain search is increasing or not.

Google trends for akame ga kill season 2show a clear increase in the search hits and also interest in the anime series in 2014.

But after ~ 2016, the graphs emboldened to together a low the is fairly discerning.

Google has been flooded with hits for a possible Season 2. But, no official word is out.

Google Search

You will be great to recognize that approximately the globe a lining 38,000 civilization search for Akame ga killseason 2.

The highest possible being in the USA adhered to by the UK.

So it"s a optimistic signal that there are civilization who still desire season 2 in spite of the fact that it"s to be a long time due to the fact that season 1 got released.



The Twitter page is active and the only location one can receive new updates, but they have all been pertained to Hinowa ga Yuku!.

The captions hint in ~ bits that the Akame ga Kill! storyline yet not it in the true sense.

Despite the manga having been repetitively released by Takahiro and also Gangan Joker, one can surmise the sales haven’t been all that good since the anime series was released.

And in spite of the spin-off manga released throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, it may have influenced the sales together well.

Online Reactions for Akame Ga KillSeason 2

If friend Google Akame ga Kill! among the first couple of things girlfriend read around the series is, ‘why is Akame ga death bad?’ , ‘ is Tatsumi alive?’

Akame ga kill is a class on just how to not kill every the personalities in the an initial season. And that’s no a welcoming sight for anyone who was recommended the anime.

Many that have appreciated anime collection like Clover, find Akame ga Kill! their perfect resolve of gore and also action.



This quora write-up provides some an important insight together you have the right to for yourself. Again they discussed that anime had some significant differences indigenous manga.

From the over two posts, we deserve to say that people have now assumed that there can not be a season two.

There is no enthusiasm in fans for the next season.

We recognize that countless of girlfriend still be excited to acquire a new season however the probability is decreasing work by day.

Let see, if wegeta season 2, what can be theexpected plot?

Expected Plot of Akame Ga KillSeason 2

We have currently established that there is enough source material for the story to progress.

But, Akame ga Kill! Zero and also Hinowa ga CRUSH! might be useful for producing a brand-new season.

So instead, the fans might expect a prequel in the kind of Zero"s story being explored.

The story the Akame and her younger sister, Kurome, who represents the Jaegers.

Both the girls think in the health of the Empire and also are job-related towards keeping the tranquility of the nation.

They continue to perform so even when they are separated. The girls join a team that assassins and also begin your training in martial arts.

The story is Akame"s past character exploration along with a bunch of various other assassins as well.

Given that there in ~ 10 volumes through a full of 60 chapters, there"s enough material come execute a prequel series.

We deserve to only speculate that they can create a season because that the anime universe.

The last episode that the collection ended v the main personalities being eliminated off. Leaving no room to take the story further.

And Hinowa ga Crush! is quiet in serialization in Gangan Joker.

So it"ll it is in a waiting video game for the manga series to end. Plenty of who have read the manga case that the story isn"t close come the original one whatsoever.

Fans the Akame ga Kill! can only expect for part news that a new season and also keep speculating until then.

Reviews and also Rating Scorefor Akame Ga kill Season 2

What does it hint at? should there be following season based upon IMDb rating?

Sales and also Profit details for Akame Ga kill Season 2

Profit matters most. I think that is the most essential factor because that producers come invest in next season.

In the case, of anime, it"s hard to uncover the specific figure so we have the right to only calculation whether the collection was profitable at all or not?

So, to guessour estimate we will certainly look in ~ manga sales,DVD/Blu-ray sales, and also merchandise obtainable for Akame ga kill.

Let"s watch what is continue here.

Manga Sales

The manga’s serialization began in April 2010 in Square Enix’s worry of Gagan Joker and also was offered on 20th march 2010.

Volume 7 the the collection sold a whopping 24,181 duplicates in its initial week and also so walk Volume 8 perform well by selling out 37,833 duplicates in that debut week together well.

Akame ga Kill!’s English-translated manga featured ~ above the NY times Manga ideal Seller list of 2015 v Volume 1 dwindling in between #8 - #10.

Volume 2 featured in ~ an impressive standing of #2 top top the exact same list in May.

Volume 8 also made it to the peak 3 ranking at #3 the the list. The early manga collection ended in January 2017.

Akame ga Kill! Zero also made an figure on the NY times list, ranking in ~ #6 for one week.

Some reports suggest that the prequel and the manga collection have jointly sold 3.3 million copies alone.

DVD/ Blu ray Discs Sales

The website currently has 8 volumes of the collection in DVD & Blu-Ray formats. The preliminary Summer 2014 sales because that the series were 3,154.

Later that year Volume 1 sold a full of 2,378 duplicates ranking in ~ #10 that the Blu ray Discs sales in Japan and also 776 duplicates of the DVD sold ranking in ~ #5.

All DVD and also Blu-Ray discs to be released by Toho Co. Ltd.

The collection premiered top top Tokyo MX top top 7th July 2014 and went ~ above till December. Sentai Filmworks license is granted the anime in 2015.

Adult Swim’s Toonami began airing the series from respectable 8 come February 20, 2016.

The collection was such a fight that, the blocking came to be one that the most-watched programs with 1.8 million viewers spend the series!

The collection currently is being aired on Crunchyroll, Hulu, Netflix, and also Amazon element Video.


If girlfriend scroll with e-commerce websites, friend can find stickers, t-shirts, and other accessories v the layout of Akame ga kill. No too plenty of figures are available.

It reflects that goods didn"t contribute to benefit in an adequate amount.

All being said let"s move to manufacturing cost.

The Production cost of Akame Ga Kill

Akame ga Kill! is one Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy genre anime series.

Anime series being developed of the same genre are usually considered as high-value production projects.

We can assume the it would’ve taken at least 350 million yen to create Season 1. If the collection were to progress, it would mean an ext deaths.

More special effects and an intriguing storyline the the pan will give of. The could dual the amount to get one more season that gore and bloodshed.

Given the current pandemic situation and additionally the truth that 7 years have actually passed because Season 1 ended, that looks slightly bleak to develop a brand-new season.

And to include to that, the backlash native the pan isn’t making it any kind of easier for the creators and also production dwellings either.

Famous characters forAkame Ga kill Season 2

Let’s begin off by stating the Akame ga Kill! boasts a total of 35 deaths in Season 1 itself. As per the anime, only two personalities remain, Akame and also Najenda.

If they room to create an additional season, these 2 will absolutely make the cut (no pun intended!), couple of new encounters may be introduced since many space dead. But no main comment or news is obtainable to speculate what we will certainly have?


The hunk the the rebellion, Najenda is the leader that the Night Raid. She is confident, level-headed, and leads the group with determination and clear thinking.

She is mistaken together a man sometimes because of her appearance and also gets the nickname that the hunk. Najenda is recognized for happen cold comments and also bad puns.

Her Teigu,Susanoo is a living humanoid that functions as a user’s bodyguard and an included bonus of doing household chores.

Other Decisive determinants for Akame Ga KillSeason 2

The ending of the vault season and controversies tells a lot. Is there any hint for following season?

Ending that Akame Ga KillSeason 1

We have currently established the grimy world of Akame ga Kill! A team of assassins dubbed the Night Raid.

Their function was to handle reconnaissance and battle versus the brutal rulers that the Capital.

The Night Raid properly manages to dethrone the Emperor and Esdeath, who stand for the Jaegers.

She statesthat Tatsumi died because he was weakling.

But some could confer that she did have actually some feelings for him but could not express the same.

In a thrilling fight with Akame, she manages to cut Esdeath. She climate walks over to Tatsumi’s corpse and freezes herself together with him and disintegrates.

With a good chunk of its members dead indigenous the battle, the surviving members, Akame and Najenda assist rebuild the Capital.

They burned the critical blood autumn of the Emperor who willingly agrees to it is in publicly executed because that his misjudgments.

The series is provided as the obtained (Game the Thrones) version of the anime world.

This method that most of the key characters have already been erased indigenous the timeline.

If one notices the names of the title of the episodes, it’s not too challenging to recognize the crux of the show.

The creators that the show took one easy way out to conclude the season!

But is it sufficient to create another season with just three the the main characters surviving?


The internet is filled through debates, forums, and chat rooms discussing how the creators the the anime messed up the ending and also ruined the whole experience because that them.

Many manga elitists or purists loathed the anime series as the deviated from the source material.

As questioned earlier, collection which go not finish up for various other seasonshave the sameunnecessary deviation indigenous the resource material.

In case,anime differ from manga or light novel, they shed fans that wish every aspect of resource material to be covered.

Many case this is just one of the reasons why they might not reboot the series.

This might have also been among the factors the sales dipped and also so did the popular of the show.

It is really important to consider the fan"s reactions and also emotions towards the resource material creators placed out.

It can be one of the deciding components of making or breaking a series and its successes.


No, a Season 2 because that Akame ga Kill! is yet to it is in confirmed similar to blood lad season 2. Or ngnl 2

Given the the many important civilization are understandably upset through the anime series.

It looks cold that the series will get another season.

Despite the reality that Takahiro has been placing out truckloads the the source material, with the latest being in 2020.

There is no dearth the a storyline for the creators to adhere to and even experiment cautiously with.

The 7-year gap and also silence native the manufacturing house and creators could be taken together a authorize to progressively pull over a white cloth over the series.

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We can only conclude, speak that opportunities look really slim forAkame ga Kill! Season 2.