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"Tired of being Alone" is a soul song written by Al environment-friendly that ended up being popular in the at an early stage 1970s and also remains renowned to this day, being a score in popular shows such as Nip/Tuck. It reached #11 top top the Billboard warm 100 and also # 7 top top the warm Soul Singles Chart. Billboard ranked it as the No. 12 tune for 1971. Despite released on the 1971 album, Al environment-friendly Gets alongside You, the song was composed in late 1968 and also intended come be exit on the 1969 album, green Is Blues. Problems emerged with the an initial recording, so it was postponed for production. It to be altered and perfected the 2nd time around. "Tired of being Alone" to be produced and also recorded through Willie Mitchell at hello Records and also mixed by Mitchell and Terry Manning. In 1973, green performed the song with Chicago on the TV distinct Chicago in the Rockies. In 2002, this recording showed up as a bonus monitor on the remastered variation of Chicago VI. In 2004, Green"s version was ranked #293 on roll Stone"s list of The 500 best Songs of every Time.more »

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I"m so exhausted of being alone,I"m so tired of on my own,Won"t you help me, girl,Just as quickly as you can.People say that I"ve discovered a way,To make you say,That friend love me.But baby,You didn"t walk for that,Ha, it"s a natural fact,That I desire to come back,Show me where it"s at, baby.I"m so exhausted of gift alone,I"m so exhausted of on my own,Won"t you help me, girl,Soon as you can.I guess you recognize that I, uh,I love friend so,Even though,You don"t want me no more,Hey, hey, hey, hey I"m cryin" tears,Through the years,I phone call you prefer it is,Honey, love me if you can.Ya baby,Tired of gift alone here by myself, nowI tell ya, I"m exhausted baby,I"m exhausted of being all wrapped up so late at night,In mine dreams, nobody however you, baby.Sometimes ns wonder,If girlfriend love me like you say you do,You check out baby, I, I, I, I"ve been thinking around you,I"ve been wanting to gain next to you, baby,Sometimes I hold my arms and I say,Oh baby, yeah, needing you has proven come me,To it is in my biggest dream, yeahAwh!I"m so worn down of gift alone,I"m so exhausted of on my own,Sometimes so late at night I acquire to wonderin" around you baby,Baby, baby, ya ya, infant you"re my heart"s desire

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Al eco-friendly Albert Greene (born April 13, 1946), better known together Al green or Reverend Al Green, is one American gospel and soul music singer. He got to the height of his popular in the 1970s, with hit singles such together "You Oughta Be with Me", "I"m quiet In Love with You", "Love and also Happiness", and also "Let"s remain Together". In 2005, Rolling stone named him No. 66 in their list of the "100 best Artists of every Time".

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The nomination declared that "people space born come do specific things, and also Al to be born to make united state smile." The Rock and also Roll hall of call inducted green in 1995, referring to him together "one of the many gifted purveyors of soul music." green has sold much more than 20 million records. Much more »