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Host Texas A&M shocked Alabama top top Saturday night, beating the top-ranked Crimson birds 41-38 many thanks to a walk-off field goal by Seth Small.

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The Aggies" win broke Alabama"s streak that 100 continuous wins versus unranked opponents, the longest streak in the AP vote era. The Crimson tide came into Saturday having won 19 straight games.

Alabama coach Nick Saban stated that while the loss itself to be disappointing, it doesn"t median that the team"s purposes are no longer achievable.

"Hopefully we"ll discover a lot indigenous this," that said. "We tho can accomplish everything we want to accomplish, however we have to do things much better than us did tonight. We need to play better, we need to be more consistent, we have actually to complete drives, we need to get more turnovers ~ above defense, we have to get an ext stops top top defense. There room a the majority of things we should fix."

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Throughout the course of his postgame news conference, Saban went back to the template of a absence of execution in all three phases that the game.

While the offense relocated the round well, that struggled to end up drives within the red zone, consisting of a Bryce Young interception on the 2-yard line. Saban said there were simply too plenty of penalties and also too many drops.

While the defense permitted fewer than 100 rushing yards, the struggled in coverage and also gave up four third-down conversions. Saban stated they necessary to create an ext turnovers 보다 the one interception they had in the an initial half.

Most consecutive Wins vs. Unranked Teams

Alabama had not lost a game vs. One unranked foe in 14 years, the longest streak in the poll era (since 1936).


While Alabama clogged a punting on distinct teams, it also permitted a 96-yard touchdown top top a kickoff return through Devon Achane. Saban referred to as the return a momentum swing.

"I"m responsible for all of it," Saban said. "We need to do a much better job through our coaches. We have to do a better job with our players."

Young and also defensive back Jordan fight both stated a absence of focus contributed to the loss.

"We didn"t practice like we normally would, and also that little us tonight," fight said.

At the same time, Alabama attributed Texas A&M because that its game plan and execution. Saban stated the Aggies to be a great team the shouldn"t have been overlooked heading right into the weekend in spite of having 2 losses.

Alabama gotten in the video game as a 19-point favorite. It was the second-largest uncomfortable of Saban"s head-coaching career, according to inter-base.net Stats & Information.

"I believed we would have actually a really challenging game here," Saban said. "So as soon as you say this to be unpredictable, that"s since a lot of world assume that things are going to happen. However really it"s about what girlfriend do when you play the game."

Saban said he will ask players and also coaches to consider what that feels prefer to lose and also what they did to add to the outcome, warning, "If us don"t play yes, really well, we"ll struggle versus anyone we play against."

Battle said it"s approximately him come bring much more intensity to the defense "so things favor this don"t occur again."

The loss come Texas A&M marked the first time Saban didn"t win a former assistant coach head-to-head. Top top the 25th try, Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher, who served as Saban"s attack coordinator in ~ LSU, lastly got the project done.

"It doesn"t typical anything to me," Fisher said about ending the former assistants streak. "Our football team is learning to play versus other an excellent football teams and have success. That"s what matters to me."

Fisher accomplished the feat v his second-string quarterback, Zach Calzada, that was compelled into starting duties once Haynes King was injured versus Colorado top top Sept. 11.

Calzada had struggled in each of the Aggies" previous two games -- back-to-back losses to Arkansas and Mississippi State. Yet he to be sharp against Alabama, perfect 21 the 31 passes for 285 yards, 3 touchdowns and one interception.

"We knew he was a talented guy and also he to be going to play better and better," Saban said.

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Alabama now have to regroup prior to it goes on the road again following Saturday to play Mississippi State. Texas A&M is reserved to play in ~ Missouri.