No, this is not an post you can find in the supermarket. The reality is that there are 4 kinds of people in the world, but since I desire to introduce you come a woman you might not know, that title appeared appropriate.

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But before I present you to Natalie, and give girlfriend one much more reason you need to pertained to WordCamp Orange county (where a fantastic line of masculine and woman speakers will be showcased), let me call you about these four kinds that people.

Four kinds of People

Thinkers: These are the visionary folks that come up v the huge ideas. Think of president Kennedy once he talked around putting a guy on the moon. Thinkers challenge people come act by defining goals that may even seem impossible to reach.

Builders: These are the folks that turn principles into reality. They start with a note of what they"re trying to do, however without the “how” clearly articulated and also they figure it out. If you"ve never watched this miniseries on just how we placed a man on the moon, it"s worth it. It"s a display for and about builders.

Improvers: These space the folks the continually tweak and also make processes better. They"re the optimizers, that take a procedure and make it 10, 20 and 30% quicker or 10, 20, and also 30% cheaper. The NASA folks who started adjusting the an are program ~ the Challenger explode to make it much safer were all improvers.

Producers: These are the folks that systematize a process and make points routine. They"re the ones the take the optimized procedure and replicate it till you have whole production line set up. By the at an early stage 1990"s, NASA had actually a series of producer in place. Until the Columbia tragedy, NASA to be a well-oiled maker that flew lots of missions managed by producers.

I"m not the writer of this framework, Lou Adler is. Yet it"s a solid way to think that people. More importantly, we"re not simply one. We"re mixes of every – most likely with strong leanings towards one or 2 of this types.

One mrs You have to Know

If you"re in the WordPress community, or also if you"re not, there"s someone ns think you need to say hello to. But prior to I call you just how to reach this “Builder,” permit me highlight several of the reasons you might like to affix with Natalie MacLees.

Last month ns watched her literally punch up the minds of her entire audience once she finished her presentation by explaining that her whole presentation to be done using WordPress, no PowerPoint. Now, I"ve watched probably 5 other world do something choose that before, and each time I"ve entirely known they were doing it. It was obvious.

But this time ns was shocked. Because her transitions didn"t indicate WordPress in ~ all. Don"t think me? check it out.

I"m sure sooner or later someone stated the idea. As a builder, she made decision to take it it on and make the a reality. Those room the kinds of people you want to know. To trust me.

So inspect out her site, join hermeetup, and also follow her on Twitter.

There"s likewise one more means you can attach with her…

WordCamp Orange County

I know, it"s sold out – it totally sold out of every its tickets in a few hours. Crazy! Insane! but that walk to show you just how awesome the men at Pixel Jarand Nien Studios are.

But assumption: v what? i have access to another complimentary ticket. And also I may recognize of an additional one too!

Natalie and I will be presenting top top Saturday (she"ll it is in talking around typography & I"ll be talking around membership sites).

I"ll likewise be moderating a organization panel ~ above Sunday from 10-1 through several organization founders who are going to it is in there simply to answer your business questions.

So it"s walking to be awesome!

So How deserve to You gain a Ticket?

Easy. Yes, really easy. Tweet any line girlfriend like, including
nataliemac and #wcoc in it. Anytime between now and Sunday night. I"ll circle earlier with Natalie and we"ll choose our favorite and also get girlfriend your totally free ticket.

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I bet if you carry your previously purchased copy of her JQuery book with you come WordCamp Orange County, i can also convince her to authorize it for you. It"s going come be tough work, but I"ll execute it for you.