“I’ve to be watching girlfriend / in ~ night, i think of friend / I desire to be your lady, baby.” How plenty of times have actually you heard those text on Vine or playing on repeat in your head? probably dozens. Probably hundreds. The text are anywhere the society networking and video service, but it’s difficult to accurately decide why or how. If you’ve been looking for the original song and how this viral masterpiece concerned life, watch no further.

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This ’90s jam suddenly took the Internet people by storm | Photo: GongTo / ShutterstockThose catchy lyrics come native the tune “My Boo” by Ghost town DJs. It initially debuted top top a compilation album of various artists earlier in 1996 under Jermaine Dupri’srecord label, so So Def Recordings. The album’s name is So so Def bass All-Stars.

“My Boo”actually the only song to ever before be released by Ghost town DJs. The chorus is what you hearing in so plenty of Vine videos.

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That’s every well and nice, yet how specifically did a tune from 1996 suddenly achieve mainstream relevance two decades later? In fairness, the song did height at number 31 on the Billboard warm 100 for the week of Oct. 12, 1996, for this reason it accomplished moderate success in the day. Still, “My Boo”out-peaked itself years later as soon as it at some point reached number 27 top top the exact same chart this year.

This really rare success story originates from an equally rare chance to go viral. Two high college students,Kevin Vincent and Jeremiah Hall, innocently post a video clip to Vine of themselves dancing come the well-known song after class one day. They consisted of a dance the resembled to run to the win of the music.The simple, innocent video clip spread and also attracted others to gain on board. The quickly came to be the viral sensation now known as the Running male Challenge.

‘My Boo’ actually the only song to ever be released by Ghost town DJs.

If you find Vine for “running man challenge” you’ll find thousands of outcomes with people doing their own interpretations of the dance and also even including their very own comedic spins to it. Countless of the videos individually have millions the loops. And yes, all of them space playing Ghost town DJ’s “My Boo” in the background — it i will not ~ be a to run Man an obstacle otherwise.

The beginning of ‘My Boo’

It started out as a cooperation idea through rapper Lil Jon.

Billboard interviewed manager the Ghost town DJs Rodney Terry as well as two of the members of the team todiscuss the background of the song.

According to Terry, it started out together a collaborative idea through rapper Lil Jon. They want to mix with each other a rapid dance beat through slower vocals therefore the 2 were in ~ odds through each other.

“My principle was soft top top the top and also hard ~ above the bottom. Me being initially from the West Coast, the pop children had been making those type of documents forever,” terry told Billboard. “The Latin kids had to be making those type of documents that to be pop documents — however nobody had actually approached it on an R&B side, favor we did.”

In honor of the 1996 track and also the to run Man challenge sensation it is sweeping the nation, examine out a great compilation on YouTube that some creative and hilarious interpretations.

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