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"Am i That straightforward to Forget" is the location of a well-known song created by country music singer Carl Belew and W. S. Stevenson and published in 1958. Belew taped his song in Nashville on December 17, 1958, and released the single in march 1959, where it reached number nine on the U. S. Nation music chart. Other country music artist who have actually recorded cover versions the the tune include: Skeeter Davis (#11 country, 1960); Ernest Tubb (1960); Gene Vincent (1966); George Jones (1967); Patti page (1968); Jim Reeves (#12 country, 1973); and Prairie Oyster (1991). In 1960, singer and actress Debbie Reynolds recorded a variation of "Am i That easy to Forget" that reached number 25 top top the U. S. Popular music chart. The greatest charting variation of the tune on the U. S. Pop chart was taped by singer Engelbert Humperdinck on respectable 11, 1967. Released as a single in late 1967 indigenous his album The last Waltz, it got to number 18 on the warm 100 and number one ~ above the straightforward Listening chart in early on 1968. Humperdinck"s variation was likewise a big hit in England, whereby it spent two weeks in ~ number 3 on the UK Singles Chart, and also in Ireland, wherein it invested three weeks in ~ number one top top the irish Singles Chart. Humperdinck himself videotaped a special version for Italy, in the local language, entitled "Dimenticarti no potrei" ("I couldn"t forget you"). Petula Clark tape-recorded the track in French together "Tu Reviendras Vers Ta Maison", and also Leon Russell recorded the track as "Hank Wilson" in 1973.more »

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They say you"ve discovered somebody new,But the won"t avoid my loving you.I just can"t let you walk away,Forget the love I had for you.Guess I can find somebody, too,But ns don"t desire no one but you.How can you leave without regret?Am i that easy to forget?Before you leaving be sure you findYou want his love much more than mine."Cause I"ll just say we"ve never ever met,If I"m that easy to forget.Before you leave be sure you findYou want his love much an ext than mine."Cause I"ll simply say we"ve never ever met,If I"m that straightforward to forget.If I"m that simple to forget.

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Engelbert Humperdinck Engelbert Humperdinck (German pronunciation: <ˈɛŋl̩bɛʁt ˈhʊmpɐdɪŋk>; 1 September 1854 – 27 September 1921) to be a German composer, finest known for his opera Hansel and also Gretel.

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Humperdinck to be born in ~ Siegburg in the Rhine district and died at the age of 67 in Neustrelitz, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. More »