I'm trying to produce a people state wbelow all my characters and also their friends finish up in powerful positions. Does Hawke become the princess of Starkhaven if she marries Sebastian or just the Prince has power? I recognize that Varric ends up running Kirkwall and also given that he and Hawke are pretty a lot best friends I think it would certainly be a powerful alliance.

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A Prince needs a Princess, is a dialogue option in the rivalmance, so that's what I go by. That indeed he will provide her no less than a Prince and after they married, my Hawke ended up being Princess of Starkhaven. I've not uncovered any type of official word on it, however, so I just usage my own story based off game dialogue.

Because even in the friendmance he retakes Starkhaven, I'd use the exact same logic as the rivalmance if it were my Hawke, however ymmv.

Well it doesn't need to be. His writer confirmed that in the rivalmance tbelow will indeed be sex bereason Sebastian will certainly require heirs. Also, his romance was intended to proceed in a DLC titled The Exalted March, but that gained scrapped.

Also, for those who choose the friendmance route, I don't think 2 human being that loss in love and obtain married, but are also celibate, is tragic. It's as beautiful and also valid as civilization in a marriage who have actually sex. I apologize if I am being offensive however this is kind of cshed to my heart subject.

I entirely agree. People acquire way also captured up in whether sex is connected that they sort of invaliday it as a romance which isn’t fair at all imo. Different preferences and all that. I’ve always went by the eactivities of love in between 2 human being feel rather than the physical expression. I execute choose the Rivalry through Seb yet in basic I think both are fine.

I didn’t mean anypoint by it, was supposed to be a joke. Obviously if civilization don’t desire to have actually sex and both parties are happy with that, that’s great.

I’ve simply checked out dozens of short articles where civilization acquire to the ‘chaste marriage’ dialogue and loss to their knees in abject despair.

I don't discover it offensive. There are civilization that are celibate and also in romantic relationships--romantic asexual world come to mind many quickly--so, really, you can view it as Bioware again pushing past heteronormativity.

Do you guys have actually favorite Sebastian dialogue?

He can be cheeky once he really desires to.

I don't mind Anders but the start of this banter always gives me a chuckle.

Anders: How deserve to you have so a lot faith? Does nothing bother you?

Sebastian: You're bothering me.

And this one,

Aveline: Are you loyal, Prince?

Sebastian: Guard-Captain?

Aveline: To Kirkwall. Are you loyal?

Aveline: You're collection on a title in Starkhaven, yet we're having a crisis right here.

Sebastian: This isn't simply Kirkwall's issue. If this chaos spreads, Starkhaven will certainly require a solid leader to beat back the tide.

Aveline: I've viewed better males than you use that excusage.

Sebastian: Noted and ignored, Captain.

Varric: After you leave the chantry you... gain drunk at the Hanged Man and walk approximately in women's clothes?

Isabela: Not that I've watched. Unfortunately.

Sebastian: I've been hocolony via you and also Hawke.

Varric: Liar.

Sebastian: Lying is a sin.

Is the voice acting on that last line that sells it. It's extremely arch, so you obtain the feeling he's playing the pious Brvarious other simply to needle Varric a little.

The voice acting does a lot to offer the character depth wbelow the composing can not be as strong...external of that one line after the chantry gets blvery own up.

I assume that Hawke is indeed Princess of Starkhaven after they get married. Seb is taking the throne regardmuch less, and also in the DLC Varric and Sebastian talk about having heirs. Sebastian doesn’t have actually as a lot content as other choices in DA2 however it’s still my favourite one. The power of headcanon.

Sebastian doesn’t have as much content as other options in DA2 however it’s still my favourite one. The power of headcanon.

It's favor we share a mind appropriate now.

I have actually so many kind of stories for Seb and my Hawke, it's downideal shameful

The Keep doesn't keep track of whether your romanced or rivalmanced a character so which romantic ending you select with Sebastian won't be directly referenced in DAI and is a issue for your personal headcanon only.

If you romance Sebastian, he's described as the Prince of Starkhaven in a pair of battle table objectives, however once Hawke involves Skyorganize if you ask her around him she states that Sebastian is actually serving as an official representative to the Chanattempt in order to try and gain assistance for his claim to rulership. So it's sort of a occupational in progression.

I constantly assume she does if you go rivalmance because it does come up. Though Sebastian mentions her ending up being the viscountess of Kirkwall and her through the Prince of Starkhaven would be an effective pairing. But I always headcanon she'd start off as viscountess, leave as soon as human being attempt to drive her out (I think that's what she claims in Inquisition even if she sides through Templars), head to Sebastian then leave for the Inquisition when she gets Varric's letter.

I haven't done the friendship side and also I arrangement to soon, but I would certainly headcanon they would enter the chaste marital relationship, but after the events in Kirkwall they go back to Starkhaven to take earlier the throne. For all surrounding countries, the mage rebellion is going to begin up and these places need solid alliances between the crowns and Chantry to resolve the Circles. So either method she'd finish up as the princess. The nice thing about either side though is in Inquisition Hawke says Sebastian is an advisor to the Chantry while the throne's in contention. So you can check out it as he's working through them while trying to obtain earlier the throne to obtain the princess finishing.

So really whatever method you want to go through the romance, you can headcanon a bit and make it occupational.

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As a side note you have no principle exactly how happy I am to view positive comments about Sebastian and also fellow Sebmancers in general. He gets so a lot hate approximately below it's tough to find world to spitball concepts for headcanon through.