Here space the latest update details for black Desert virtual on might 4, 2021 (Tue). Today’s patch contains 76 updates and is about 555.56 MB.

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Thundercloud Kutum

● Recently, archaeologists have uncovered a an enig room in the Scarlet Sand chamber that has the immaculately kept traces the the Ancients. Kutum, however, was conquer by the unknown energies that seeped the end from this an enig room, quickly turning the as soon as guardian that the chamber into its destroyer. Having actually witnessed that never-before-seen devastating power, the excavator Desalam christened this new type as "Thundercloud Kutum," and also has argued restricting entry come the Scarlet Sand Chamber. - Thundercloud Kutum will electrocute and also slowly kill any type of Adventurer who enters the stone chambers. In this form, Kutum radiates powerful energies in a much wider range 보다 its original form. - Thundercloud Kutum can likewise awaken ancient Weapons the lay in slumber about the rock chambers to involved its aid, and also will additionally unleash unblockable power storms to inflict an important damage. ● The Scarlet Sand room excavation party has actually widened the enntrance gate to the interior chambers for the benefits of researching the relics within. ● The Adventurer who deals the last blow come Thundercloud Kutum will earn a special Title.




● as soon as Thundercloud Kutum appears, an ancient maker will activate in the stone chamber. Each room in the stone chamber has actually a various function, which are as follows:

Rooms the Cleanse Kutum"s Clouds

- Thundercloud Kutum will periodically blast 2 different species of powerful clouds top top Adventurers. - Adventurers must head to the appropriate location in the stone chamber to eliminate these clouds. - Also, if there space three or much more Adventurers in the rock chamber who have each successfully diffused the clouds, a relic will activate and also imbue them v a mighty power. - However, if an probe heads right into the wrong stone chamber for their cloud, the relic will certainly react through covering claimed Adventurer through a death-inducing cloud.



▲ To clean oneself the Kutum"s clouds, girlfriend must go into the room through the same color as her cloud.


Room that Weakens Kutum

- once Kutum get a particular amount of health, it will certainly summon old Weapons to safeguard itself, and also begin to draw energy from beneath the grounds the the rock chamber. - loss the summoned ancient Weapons to have actually a possibility to attain the "Clouded Shard," i beg your pardon you can place within the "Eye the the Ancients" come activate a relic in the largest room that the stone chamber. - successfully activating the relic will threaten Kutum, do it unable to relocate for a certain duration of time. - However, if the old Weapons aren"t quickly dealt with and also the relic is not set off within a certain period of time, Kutum will certainly become more powerful and also begin to unleash stronger attacks.


▲ an ancient Weapon summoned by Kutum to protect itself after losing a particular amount of HP.



▲The relic set off by obtaining the "Clouded Shard" indigenous defeated ancient Weapons and placing the shard within the "Eye the the Ancients."


● added "Kutum"s power Stone," a new item from beating Thundercloud Kutum.- You deserve to equip Kutum"s Power rock in the Alchemy rock slot.- utilizing Kutum"s Power stone will unleash the focused energy that Kutum as area of result damage.- when its durability will 0, you can no much longer use Kutum"s strength Stone.



▲ utilizing Kutum"s strength Stone


▲ Thundercloud Kutum appears
▲ Kutum raining down multiple thunderbolts in that vicinity
▲ Kutum attack with electric storms▲ Kutum attack by climbing from the ground
▲ Kutum summoning ancient Weapons▲ Kutum summoning an electric orb that moves randomly
▲ Kutum suck in all points in that is vicinity▲ Kutum handle a frontal swipe attack, and also then attacking the the contrary direction.

Thundercloud Kutum is the most difficult World boss of the 3 bosses we"ve revamped therefore far. Contrasted to Bloodstorm Nouver, which has kept many Adventurers on their toes, Thundercloud Kutum"s strike patterns and movements space a bit easier to learn. That is the need for team coordination and effort that makes it a more complicated fight. However, taking under this behemoth will approve some special loot, so we look forward to seeing many Adventurers take it on this new challenge together.

● hear to Lara’s Request! has actually started.

- may 5, 2021 (Wed) 00:00 (UTC) - may 18, 2021 (Tue) before maintenance

Lara: Oh, I desire to give a lot of of gifts to Heidel’s children, however I can’t do it alone... Maybe if I composed a letter and also asked one Adventurer because that help?



● Guild missions Are No complement For Us! has actually started.

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- may 4, 2021 (Tue) after maintenance – may 18, 2021 (Tue) before maintenance

Adventurers, it"s time to call your guildmates. If you complete Guild Missions throughout this event, you’ll acquire extra Guild Funds!



● might Attendance Rewards has started.

- may 6, 2021 (Thu) 00:00 (UTC) - June 9, 2021 (Wed) 23:59 (UTC)

All you need to do is log in in every day to obtain tons of items including the good Magic decision Box, Stonetail Wind"s Meal, and also more!