Bring the beauty of old civilization European and American antique living room furniture right into your home today v Laurel Crown"s 18th and 19th century period reproductions. Pick from the ever-popular victor style, the regal French Empire, luigi XV, and also XVI styles, American Regency, and also the English Chippendale style just to name a few. Each period has been faithfully recreated in every its respective detail to enhance the scale, proportion, and also aesthetics that the originals. We think in keeping these historic traditions lively which is why we have even replicated the materials and the building methods wherever possible.

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We desire to assist you to create the perfect atmosphere and also décor to entertain her guests i m sorry is why Laurel Crown"s collection of replica antique life room furniture is replete with two and three-seater sofas, upholstered armchairs, chaise lounges, coffee tables, finish tables, glass screen curios, mirrors and also even wood fireplace mantels. Every antique style living room furniture piece we sell is both because that restful relaxation and also stunning style in same measure. From the vivid patterns that the upholstered seat of ours armchairs (complete v supportive, hand-tied coil springs for hours of comfortable sitting) to the period-specific hand sculpted embellishments, our collection of antique style living room furniture is guild-quality and also carefully crafted by expert cabinetmakers. Moreover, we just use actual hardwoods authentic come the period, like our handpicked plantation grown mahogany.

We"re sure you"ll uncover something you"ll love, however if over there is a particular piece of furniture girlfriend can"t discover in our catalog or anywhere else, we would be happy to blee it for you at a reasonable expense through our customization department. Room you searching for a little sofa come meet space restrictions or a specific stain color to complement your currently antiques? We have the right to do that too. Let our knowledgeable team the consult through you on exactly how we deserve to design and also custom construct the perfect furniture for your dream life room. We have devoted the critical 25 year to creating antique-inspired furniture the meets the high standards of quality and also beauty discovered in their antique counterparts. If friend have any type of questions or need assistance, a member of ours team would be happy to aid you more while shopping through us. Speak to or order her reproduction antique life room furniture with us today.


Yes, we Customize.

Don"t watch what you want? We"ll occupational with you to design and build the perfect tradition furniture for your individual home. Simply want to change the upholstery or lumber color? We do that too, just provide us a call. Us love act custom projects for our customers!


100% Money-Back Guarantee.

We know buying furniture online can be challenging so we market a 100% money-back guarantee and no tide fees on all orders other than when customized or shipped internationally. We market a satisfaction guarantee due to the fact that we was standing by the top quality of ours workmanship. And not only do we believe in our products, we use them too!


I simply received my tradition order curio cabinet this morning and it is exquisite! terrific quality, beautiful detail, and simply beautiful. It takes a little time to have a custom piece made, yet it to be well precious the wait come get precisely what you want and excellent quality for no much more than you"d salary at many mass sector furniture chains.

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I contracted Laurel Crown to do 2 custom arm chairs to complement my wife"s collection of antique balloon back dining room chairs. I sent out cell phone call pictures and also then measurements that they requested with a in-depth drawing. From this details they made my chairs. Friend would need to look an extremely closely to realize that these chairs to be not part of the set! ns was fairly frankly surprised the they suitable so well and also am really pleased v the result. Companies favor this are tough to find these days.

Service that i was offered was Superb . I wanted solid hardwood tables however I required them a little larger than the conventional length. I was informed when transforms happened about my order. This agency has the best customer business that i have ever before been connected with when it pertains to purchasing furniture. To trust me you will certainly be blown far by your impeccable, top notch quality and also service. Three words amazing Awesome Awesome!
I typically don"t create reviews due to the fact that I acquisition so many items/furniture because that my task online. However, this firm gave such good customer company I believed it was vital to share. I necessary two Chippendale Chairs in a really short lot of time. When I dubbed I walk not intend they could meet this demand. Laurence was so wonderful on the phone, he said he would contact me ago after double checking to see if it to be possible. He called me in ~ 15 mins and also said they can meet mine deadline. Every concern I had actually he answered quickly and alleviated any type of worries i had; He also remembered mine name as soon as I called back. You rarely find customer business that goes over and beyond! The chairs arrived on time and also were packed an extremely well and constructed nicely. I plan on utilizing this agency in the future and also would introduce them to mine friends. What a wonderful experience! give thanks to you Laurel Crown :)
We obtained our Mahogany pedestal Dining Table at our vacation house this previous week and it is for sure beautiful! The high quality of the lumber is outstanding, the construction is world class and also the finish is lovely. And, the price that the table coupled v the high quality is a true value. Thank you once an ext for your terrific communications, great service and timely delivery. We plan on buying more pieces in the future!