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My funky valentine,Sweet comic valentine,You do me smile v my heart.Your looks space laughable, un-photographable,Yet, you're mine favorite occupational of art.Is your number less 보다 Greek?Is her mouth a little weak?When you open up it to speak, room you smart?Don't you readjust a hair because that me.Not if you care for me.Stay little valentine, stay!Each day is Valentine's Day
Citizens the the Universe:- Mood regulate has calculation funkable. That algorithms have actually funkulated that prior to Starchild reclaims the pyramids, we will be visited by a conglomerate that sentient funkateers come remind us of the eternal truth: funk is its very own reward. Just those with genuine eyes realize, these extraterrestrial conglomonauts currently funk among us. Our funky brothers and sisters are right here to say: the after ~ party is on the Mothership baby, ya dig. 40,000 year of funky tradition, native Clyde to the Pharcyde, however the future is currently baby - funk is love, funk is life.
released may 1, 2015 SMOOTH JAMMY FUNKY VALENTINE (Richard Rodgers/Lorenz Hart)COLD SWEAT (Alfred "Pee Wee" Ellis)RED CLAY (Freddie Hubbard)FUN through A KMCIAN AMOS - tromboneEDWARD MATTHEWS - tenor saxophone (tracks 1, 2, 3, 5)MADELINE EDWARDS - vocals (track 2)RYAN PATRICK - guitarELLEN OWENS - etc (tracks 1, 3, 5)NICK BAUER - keys, synthesizerCLIFF bond - tricks (track 2)SEAN RODRIGUEZ - bassWILL SABOL - drums, percussionMixed and Mastered by will SabolThis music was invented on November 22, 2014You're welcome.STAND for NOTHING. BRAKE for NO ONE.

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“The Conglomerate,” an explosive 6- item Funk band from university Station has been dishing out invigorating, high-energy sets. Blending jazz principles with funk and rock influences, the members has actually a fresh, exciting new sound. Finish with fat horn lines and also vocals, captivating solos, and rock heavy beats, The Conglomerate has a trademark sound the everyone can acquire into. ...more

Damu The Fudgemunk shares his current collab through Def Pressé, add to jams from Common and more