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How about another illustration of room You afraid of the Dark? great idea, right?

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We begin with Tucker once again annoying everyone. This time he’s gained a magic flute indigenous his father’s store, and also is play it terribly. For this reason Gary and Tucker’s father very own a magic shop? ns think it’s fair to speculate the their dad is who Sardo is based off of. Anyways, Kiki has actually a story around magic, but apparently she no important sufficient to star in the introduction. Kiki tosses part powdered milk top top the fire and also begins. Submitted for the approval the The Midnight Society, she call this story…

We begin with will certainly Smith’s cousin Ashley, practicing what appears to be a voodoo ritual. Perhaps it’s a spell to gain Carlton to stop obsessing over Tom Jones. Everything the case, ns doubt Uncle Phil would approve. She shows up to success in she ritual, and also manages come summon some kind of demon to her room.

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It ignores her regulates however, and also Ashley panics, knocking over some candles and setting her curtains ~ above fire. She do the efforts to leaving the room, but her door slams shut, trapping she inside, as the fire spreads and also the creature closes in.

We cut to present day, and a new family moving right into the home. If among the children looks choose The Midnight Society’s candid (Friend that the website Jason Alisharan) it’s since it’s his younger brother, Kyle. Kyle plays Aaron, the older brothers of Doug, who shows up to be playing the role of annoying child in this episode. On their first night resting in their brand-new room, the boys room awoken by your beds violent shaking. Points calm down once they revolve off the lights, however they discover all their things have actually been piled increase in the corner. Neither can figure out who, or what led to it, but there is a proviso left top top the wall.

The following day at school, Aaron bumps into Ashley, who seems to have survived the fire. Aaron has the typical rough first day as the new kid in school. He makes an awkward an initial impression by resulting in everyone’s papers to fly off your desks, then later on his desk levitates on its own, before crashing come the floor.

It’s no all bad, however, as he runs into Ashley again and also she compliments him on his silver necklace. This communication is sufficient for Doug to assume he’s got a girlfriend, a truth that Aaron vehemently denies, since girls space icky, ns guess. Later on that evening, Aaron has a dream in which the sees Ashley performing the same ritual from the start of the episode. This time though, she bring away a moment to educate Aaron the she go the ritual wrong, prompting Aaron to wake up up screaming.

He defines his nightmare to Doug, who’s end up being increasingly sick as the episode progresses, but prior to he can acquire too in depth, castle both watch as Aaron’s necklace is pulled throughout the room by one invisible force. Following the necklace, they uncover a concealed compartment in your wall, containing a burned yearbook. The guys look on in awe as the publication opens by itself, ultimate ending on a web page featuring 2 girls that looks as with Ashley.

They don’t have actually time to analysis things, as they’re interrupted through the creature Ashley had summoned. They reaction by screaming for your parents, who quickly arrive appropriate after the creature has vanished. Your parents of food think Aaron was simply scaring Doug v ghost stories and Doug’s fever has actually caused his come hallucinate. Really though, it’s simply making the look much more and more like Ralph Macchio in The Outsiders.

The next day at school, Aaron asks Ashley around a girl named Laura Turner. Together it turns out, it’s her dead twin sister. It likewise turns the end that asking around a girl’s dead twin sister is a yes, really bad way to acquire into her pants, as Ashley begins to storm off. Aaron stop her and also explains the yearbook, and that he now lives in their old house. Ashley reveals that Laura thought the home was haunted through an angry spirit, however no one thought her, together she was running a high heat at the time. Laura take it it upon it s her to escape the house of the ghost v a book of magic, yet I assumption: v you can say that setup went under in flames! gain it? due to the fact that she died in a fire.

If you thought that was insensitive, you will do it love the guilt pilgrimage Aaron lays on Ashley to gain her to aid him. He mentions that she passed away when Ashley didn’t believe her the an initial time. Aaron definitely has a method with the ladies. Sadly enough, that ploy works and Ashley agrees to help. Together they head ago to the house, wherein Doug has found that Laura’s spirit is now a quicksilver, a beneficial spirit do the efforts to protect him against the angry one. Together, they do the same ritual Laura did, and also summon the angry spirit right into the room. However, as soon as again, the heart seems completely unfazed and also makes his means towards Doug v a watch on his challenge that I have the right to only explain as “Sandusky-ish”

The spirit grabs Doug and disappears, if Aaron and Ashley franticly shot to figure out what go wrong. Practically immediately though, the heart returns, reportedly not fulfilled through just having actually just one child. See? Sandusky-ish. If the heart closes in, Aaron realized that the spoon ~ above the finish of the wand they have isn’t silver, as the spell calls for, and also replaces it v his necklace. With the forced materials in place, they’re able to protect against the heart in that tracks and trap it in ~ an amulet.

With the spirit trapped, Doug returns, excited through his journey and also no much longer deathly ill. Ashley meanwhile, meet Laura’s spirit and also apologizes for no believing her. Laura seems choose she forgives her, and also she should, as she’s the one who was too stupid to realize she wasn’t using actual silver. She can have conveniently gotten Ashley eliminated as well.

And that’s just how she became the cousin that the fresh Prince that Bel-Air.

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The End

Let’s see: an excellent use the the celebrity guest appearance as well. The ghost looked creepy, the effects weren’t bad and also Doug regulated to not be very annoying. I’d contact this a heavy all around episode the AYOTD. Then again, the ghost episodes always seem to be best. This was one more from Season 3, which absolutely makes a solid case because that being the ideal season that the series. If you appreciated this, be certain to check out every the various other reviews I’ve excellent in the are You afraid of the Dark evaluation Index.

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