The outbreak the the 7 Years’ War gave Pitt his supreme possibility for statesmanship. The war started with hefty losses and also considerable confusion of policy. The popular demand for Pitt became irresistible, and also he declared, “I am sure I deserve to save this country, and nobody else can.” In November 1756 he developed a ministry the excluded Newcastle, v the fight it out of Devonshire as its nominal head. In June 1757 Newcastle returned to office top top the understanding that he should control all the patronage and also leave Pitt to conduct the war.

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Pitt established that it need to be in every feeling a national war and also a battle at sea. He revived the militia, reequipped and also reorganized the navy, and also sought to unite all parties and public opinion behind a coherent and also intelligible battle policy. That seized ~ above America and India together the main objects of brother strategy: he sent out his main explorations to America, come ensure the occupation of Canada, and also supported the eastern India company and the “heaven-born general,” Robert Clive, in their struggle versus the French eastern India Company.

He subsidized and reinforced the militaries of Frederick the good of Prussia to connect the French ~ above the Continent, when the British marine harassed the French top top their very own coasts, in the West Indies, and in Africa. Choosing an excellent generals and also admirals, he influenced them v a brand-new spirit of dash and enterprise. His hand, eye, and also voice to be everywhere. By 1759, the “year that victories,” Horace Walpole, man of letters and son of teacher Robert Walpole, wrote v reluctant admiration, “Our bells space worn out threadbare through ringing for Victories.” Pitt, the “Great Commoner,” was known and also feared transparent the world. This resolute and also concerted policy was too much for Bourbon France, and, through the regards to the contract of Paris in 1763, an excellent Britain remained supreme in north America and also India, held Minorca together a Mediterranean base, and won are in Africa and also the West Indies.

Pitt had offered Britain a brand-new empire besides preserving and consolidating the old. But, prior to the war ended, he had been required to resign. In 1760 George III pertained to the throne resolved, together was his chief adviser, the Earl that Bute, to finish the war. Once Pitt failed to persuade his colleagues to declare war on Spain to forestall its entry into hostilities, that resigned in October 1761. That alone was not exhausted of war. He never taken into consideration its carnage or the ruin facing a bankrupt country. He had actually tended to concentrate the entirety conduct of government into his very own hands and worked through furious energy. His haughty manner, i m sorry alienated many, and his high-handed therapy of affairs had actually earned that respect and also admiration but small friendship.


John Stuart, 3rd earl the Bute, detail of one oil paint by sir Joshua Reynolds; in the nationwide Portrait Gallery, London.

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When his resignation to be accompanied through a peerage for Hester and an annuity to she of £3,000, there to be again an eight of abuse and scurrility. Simply as as soon as he had welcomed the salary office, this acceptance of a peerage and also a pension for his wife appeared to be the result of a political bargain. As rewards for his tremendous services they to be meagre enough, however it was some measure the his distinctive reputation for highminded disinterestedness the his agree them have to provoke so lot bitter disillusionment. His effigy was burned, and Hester to be reviled as Lady Cheat’em. Pitt struck the terms of the treaty of Paris as an insufficient recognition of an excellent Britain’s an international success. But, though his famous appeal was shortly restored, his career as war minister to be over.