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This human being was never ever worthyBut how can I contact it unfaithfulEvery promise to be fulfilledAs decay crawled native it"s throatLike the dead increasing from an open up grave (2x)Lips the splendor and tongue the deceitAll dying now as our fragile wrists hold only wasteLike those gasping for their last breathWe can not hide there"s nothing leftLike those panting for your last breathWe cannot hide there"s naught left(Nothing left) 2x(There"s naught left)(Nothing left)If all my sorrow has actually led me hereThen I would cry every one of my tearsTo have actually this opportunity again (2x)I understand there"s an ext than thisI understand there"s more than youLike those panting for their last breathWe can not hide there"s nothing leftLike those panting for your last breathWe can not hide there"s nothing left
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