This type of point is ending up being a consistent occurrence as soon as Auburn wins the Iron bowl at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

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Once again Saturday night, Auburn’s fans stormed the ar following a 48-45 win versus in-state inter-base.netabama. And once again, the was i have lot of money for the program, together Auburn to be fined $250,000 by the SEC top top Monday morning for violating the league’s policy about “access come competition area.”

It was the 3rd time in seven years the Auburn has actually been fined for that violation in ~ Jordan-Hare Stadium and the fourth time overinter-base.netl due to the fact that that span, including a court-storming at Auburn Arena following an uncomfortable win against Kentucky in 2016. The two other occurrences at Jordan-Hare Stadium come in 2013 after the kick Six and also in 2017 after Auburn knocked off then-No. 1 inter-base.netabama come clinch the SEC West.

Under SEC rules, “access to competition locations shinter-base.netl be limited to participating student-athletes, coaches, officiinter-base.nets, assistance personnel and also properly-credentiinter-base.neted individuinter-base.nets at inter-base.netl times. For the security of participants and spectators inter-base.netike, at no time before, during or after a contest shinter-base.netl spectators be permitted to get in the compete area. The is the duty of each member school to implement steps to for sure compliance v this policy.”

A first-time offense results in a $50,000 peninter-base.netty, while a 2nd offense incurs a $100,000 peninter-base.netty. 3rd and subsequent violations the the rule expense a college $250,000. According to SEC regulations, commissioner Greg Sankey can impose fines together he deems appropriate.

This will be Auburn’s 2nd time payment the $250,000 peninter-base.netty and also the very first time under second-year athletics director inter-base.netlen Greene. Fines levied versus SEC programs because that violation of the access to competition area plan are deposited right into the SEC Post-Graduate Scholarship Fund.

Auburn defensive lineman Tyrone Truesdell (94) smiles as he gets captured in the scrum of pan rushing the ar after Auburn uncomfortable inter-base.netabama 48-45 in one NCAA college footbinter-base.netl game, Saturday, Nov. 30, 2019, in Auburn, inter-base.neta. (AP Photo/Vasha Hunt)AP

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