Sep 4, 2021; Auburn, Alabama, USA; Auburn tigers head coach Bryan Harinter-base.netn speaks through quarterback Bo Nix (10) throughout the second quarter against the Akron Zips at Jordan-Hare Stadium. Causing obligation Credit: john Reed-USA this day Sports

The Auburn many tigers (1-0) organize the FCS Alabama State Hornets ~ above Saturday, September 11, 2021 in ~ Jordan-Hare Stadium. The tigers are heavily favored by 49 clues in the outing. A 60-point over/under is collection for the contest.

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Odds because that Auburn vs. Alabama State

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Auburn vs Alabama State Betting Information

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Over/Under Ininter-base.netghts

The combined points per video game average of the two teams, 74, is 14.0 points better than Saturday's over/under.The 23 an unified points per game that these 2 squads have permitted this season room 37.0 fewer than the 60 over/under in this contest.Tigers gamings have one average complete of 55.0 clues this season, 5.0 fewer 보다 Saturday's over/under.

Auburn Stats and also Trends

Last time out, the Tigers defeated the Akron Zips, 60-10. The Tigers extended the spread as 36.5-point favorites.The two teams linked to score 70 points, going end the 55-point over/under.This year, the many tigers score 47.0 more points per video game (60.0) than the Hornets enable (13.0).The many tigers rack up 613.0 more yards per game (613.0) than the Hornets permit per matchup (0.0).This year, the Tigers have turned the ball over zero times, while the Hornets have compelled zero.

Alabama State Stats and Trends

The Hornets score 14.0 points per game, 4.0 more than the tigers surrender (10.0).The Hornets collect 320.0 yards per game, 132.0 much more yards than the 188.0 the many tigers allow.The Hornets have zero giveaways this season, when the Tigers have actually zero takeaways .

Auburn top Players

Bo Nix has passed for 275 yards while completing 90.9% of his litter (20-of-22), with 3 touchdowns and also zero interceptions (275.0 yards every game). He's additionally rushed three times for 32 yards, averaging 32.0 yards per game.Tank Bigsby has 13 carries for a team-high 119 rushing yards (119.0 per game) and also two touchdowns. He also has one capture for 19 receiving yards (19.0 every game).So far this year Jarquez Hunter has actually run because that 110 yards on ripe carries (110.0 ypg), with one rushing touchdown.This season Shedrick Jackson has five receptions for a team-high 79 receiving yards (79.0 per game).Ja'Varrius Johnson has also chipped in v three captures for 51 yards and one touchdown this year. The puts up 51.0 receiving yards every game.This season Kobe Hudson is averaging 41.0 yards per game, through two catches for 41 yards and also one touchdown.

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Alabama State height Players

Ryan Nettles has actually thrown for 186 yards while completing 65.5% the his overcome (19-of-29). He's likewise carried the ball nine times for 42 yards and also one touchdown, averaging 42.0 yards every game.Ezra Gray has actually 10 attempts for a team-high 67 rushing yards (67.0 every game) and zero touchdowns.This season Jeremiah Hixon has eight catches and also leads the team through 92 yards (92.0 every game).Keron Jones' stat line this year mirrors four catches for 40 yards. He averages 40.0 receiving yards per game.Wallace Corker has captured two passes because that 21 yards, averaging 21.0 yards per video game this year.

Auburn many tigers vs. Alabama State Hornets video game Info

Game Day: Saturday, September 11, 2021Game Time: 12:00 pm ETTV Channel: SEC NetworkLocation: Auburn, AlabamaStadium: Jordan-Hare Stadium

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