Portmanteau, pronounced “port-man-tow,” describes a new word made from 2 words and also their interpretations. For instance, the portmanteau brunch describes a merged meal of breakfast and also lunch, and spork is a mix in between a spoon and a fork. Keep analysis for 100 even more inter-base.net of imaginative linked words, perfect for the 21st century.

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Classic Portmanteau inter-base.net

Many portmanteaus are hiding in the dictionary as consistent words! Take a look at the list listed below to learn which words you might not have actually well-known are actually portmanteaus.

ampersand (and also + per se + and) - & symbol that means “and”dumbfounded (dumb + confounded) - surprised right into silenceelectrocute (electricity + execute) - to kill via electricityflare (flair + glare) - a burst of lightfortnight (fourteen + night) - period of fourteen nights, or two weekgerrymander (Elbridge Gerry + salamander) - redistricting a space to encompass favorable voters for a politician or party (called for Governor Elbridge Gerry that started the practice in 1812, and also the salamander-shaped district he created in Massachusetts)motel (motor + hotel) - lodging designed for motoristsshepherd (lamb + herder) - perboy that minds a flock of sheepsplast (splash + spatter) - wet messy markssquander (scatter + wander) - to spfinish one’s time or money frivolouslystash (store + cache) - covert collection of valuablestaxicab (taximeter + cabriolet) - auto that transporting activities paying customers to their destinationsVelcro (velvet + crochet) - brand also of cloth adhesives

If you go back much sufficient right into any kind of word’s etymology, you’ll find any number of portmanteaus that aided develop it. English is a fascinating language in that way!


Technology Portmanteau inter-base.net

The technological world is inwell known for its nicknames, acronyms, and also abbreviations. But most technological shorthand is actually made of portmanteaus! See how many of these technical words you already knew.

adware (advertising + software) - virtual advertisements that generate revenueanimatronics (animation + electronics) - mechanical puppetsbionic (biology + electronic) - mechanical body partsbit (binary + digit) - basic unit of digital informationblog (web + log) - virtual journal or diary (vlog is the term for “video log”)breathalyzer (breath + analyzer) - tool for analyzing someone’s alcohol consumption by scanning their breathcyborg (cybernetic + organism) - robotic human or animalemail (digital + mail) - digital technique of communicationemoticon (eactivity + icon) - typed signs that show up to display encounters (e.g., :) ) prior to the advent of emojiimagineer (imagine + engineer) - an engineer that functions on creative projectsintercom (inner + communication) - loudspeaker device that sends out audio messperiods to schosen peoplemalware (malicious + software) - software application designed to reason damages to a computer or networkmodem (modulator + demodulator) - gadget that transmits information from one computer system to anothernetiquette (netjob-related + etiquette) - appropriate online actions and also mannerspixel (picture + element) - an individual photographic aspect of a televised or computerized imagepodcast (iPod + broadcast) - an audio talk display that was first accessible on iPodswebinar (internet + seminar) - meeting or lesson accessible on the Internet

The late 20th-century trfinish of including the preresolve e- to anypoint electronic is one of the earlier supplies of technical portmanteaus. The exact same answer goes for the presolve web- and also the sufresolve -log, both of which have a strong visibility in our vocabulary this day.

Food Portmanteau inter-base.net

Some of your favorite new foods may actually be portmanteaus. Words favor froyo and frappuccino are installed in our contemporary culinary lexsymbol – and they’re delicious, too! Other widespread food portmanteaus include:

cronut (croissant + doughnut) - flaky iced pastryfrappuccino (frappé + cappuccino) - iced coffee drinkfroyo (frozen + yogurt) - frozen treat made of yogurtgastropub (gastronomy + pub/public house) - pub or bar that serves foodgrapple (grape + apple) - hybrid of a grape and an applemocktail (mock + cocktail) - cocktail without alcoholpopsicle (pop + icicle) - frozen treat made of juicepluot (plum + apricot) - hybrid stone fruit, likewise recognized as plumcot or apriumSilk (soy + milk) - line of soy milk productsSpam (spiced + ham) - canned meat producttofurky (tofu + turkey) - tofu food product flavored to taste prefer turkey

Several plants have actually been crossbred to produce new foodstuffs. Pluots are simply one instance of two fruits that come together for a new purpose. Who knows what the future holds for your other favorite foods?

Animal Portmanteau inter-base.net

Crossbreeding occurs in the pet civilization as well. It occurs in domesticated pets, captive pets, and also in the wild. Check out these portmanteaus derived from brand-new animal breeds.

Dog Breed Portmanteaus

Crossbred dogs, also recognized as designer breeds, are famous because of their preferable features. Many of these dog breeds end in -doodle or -poo, indicating that the dog has been crossbred via a poodle. Poodles are popular dogs for crossreproduction bereason of their hypoallergenic fur.

Instances of dog breed portmanteaus include:

Aussiedoodle - offspring of an Australian Shepherd and a PoodleChug - offspring of a Chihuahua and a PugCockapoo - offspring of a Cocker Spaniel and also a PoodleHorgi - offspring of a Huskies and also a CorgiLabradoodle - offspring of a Labrador and a PoodleMaltipoo - offspring of a Maltese and also a PoodlePitsky - offspring of a Pit Bull and also a HuskyPuggle - offspring off a Pug and also a Beagle

Other Animal Portmanteaus

Dogs aren’t the just animals through brand-new names! Here are even more inter-base.net of pets that have been crossbred in captivity or in the wild, and also their portmanteau names:

Beefalo - offspring of a buffalo and a cow, likewise well-known as CattaloCama - offspring of a camel and also a llamaCoywolf - offspring of a coyote and a wolfGeep - offspring of a goat and a sheepGrolar Bear - offspring of a grizzly bear and a polar bearLiger - offspring of a lion and also a tiger, likewise known as a TigionWallaroo - offspring of a wallaby and also a kangarooWholphin - offspring of a false killer whale and a dolphinZonkey - offspring of a zebra and a donkey

Many kind of of these pets are sterile, definition they cannot redevelop through an additional pet. They are additionally exceptionally rare and nearly always discovered in bondage.

Conversational Portmanteaus

Have you ever before heard a brand-new slang word that sounded choose 2 words blended together? Now you know that it more than likely was! Read these popular portmanteaus that might crop up in your day-to-day conversations:

athleicertain (athletic + leisure) - comfortable sports attire meant for leisurebrainiac (brain + maniac) - an extremely smart personbromance (bro/brother + romance) - cshed friendship in between 2 maleschillax (chill + relax) - admonition to tell someone to calm downfauxhawk (faux and mohawk) - hairstyle that is styled to look prefer a mohawkfrenemy (frifinish + enemy) - friends who don’t constantly gain along, or adversaries that don’t always fight through each otherginormous (gigantic/giant + enormous) - very largeglamping (glamorous + camping) - camping with luxurious settings and also suppliesguesstimate (guess + estimate) - an estimate made without enough indevelopment or datahangry (hungry + angry) - the feeling you obtain as soon as your hunger affects your emotionsjeggings (jeans + leggings) - leggings that look prefer denim jeansmansplain (man + explain) - term for when a guy oversimplifies an noticeable truth, generally to a womansheeple (sheep + people) - derogatory term for those who are regarded to follow orders and also prevent important thinkingsnark (snide + remark) - a sarcastic or dry commentstaycation (continue to be + vacation) - a vacation in one’s own townthreepeat (3 + repeat) - a three-time repeat of an event, usually a championshiptwerk (twist + jerk) - dance move that involves jerking your bottom half at something

Anvarious other widespread portmanteau you can discover is alcoholic + somepoint addictive (e.g., workaholic, shopaholic, chocoholic, rageaholic). It’s so commonly provided that many type of civilization think that -holic is a sufdeal with for “addiction.” However before, it’s just a conversational portmanteau that has actually handled the last part of alcohol in many kind of develops.

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Portmanteau Origin

Like many type of valuable and delightful words, portmanteau originates from literature. It initially appeared in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass in a quote from Humpty Dumpty:

“Well, ‘slithy’ implies ‘lithe and also slimy’ and ‘mimsy’ is ‘flimsy and also miserable’. You watch it’s prefer a portmanteau—tbelow are two meanings packed up into one word.”

A understand of word usage and artistic word choice, Carroll produced an totally brand-new genre of etymology in one quote. Portmanteau itself is also a portmanteau! It’s French for “suitcase,” and also combines the words porter, which means “to lug,” and also manteau, which indicates “cloak.”

Portmanteau vs. Compound Words

It’s tempting to say that portmanteaus are simply favor compound words, but they’re not. Compound words prefer firefighter and ladybug likewise usage 2 words to make a brand-new word. However, in a portmanteau, one or both of the words is shortened in a clever means.

Add Some Wordplay to Your Writing

Portmanteau words are an excellent means to add creativity to your creating via wordplay. Audiences love clever word alternative in composing, and also it doesn’t obtain more clever before than producing your very own words. For even more wordplay concepts, take a look at an write-up that offers inter-base.net of malapropisms.