From Longman dictionary of modern-day Englishbatterbat‧ter1 /ˈbætə $ -ər/ verb    HITto hit who or something numerous times, in a means that hurts or loss them  He to be battered to death.  As a child, she was battered by her father.batter at/on/against etc  People were battering at the door.batter somebody through something  He to be battered top top the head v a cricket bat.batter far  She battered far at his chest through her fists.batter something under  Armed police quit his door down. → check out Verb tableExamples native the Corpusbatter• Michael Pearson, 19, that Leeds, battered 19-year-old Dean Fisher to fatality after meeting him in a pub.• His project team was battered by a humiliating loss in Iowa.• each year, possibly 4 million women room battered by your husbands.• The man she was living v was damaging her, Lee-Cruz said, and she referred to as the police.• The jury heard exactly how Thompson had actually been maddened by what the saw and battered his wife to death.• Teachers suspect that the child is being battered routinely by his parents. battered to death• He"d been battered to death.• Park manager Paul Weston said the rabbits had apparently been battered come death.• two days later the bishop was battered to fatality in his home.• mr Davidson was battered to fatality while his daughter"s eye was pierced v a knit needle.• I"d checked out it too and it hadn"t said me anything except that Moira to be battered to fatality with a tenor sax. Associated topics: Food, dish, Baseballbatterbatter2 noun    1 DFF a mixture that flour, eggs, milk etc, offered in cooking and also for do bread, cakes and so on  Fry the fish in batter.  pancake batter2 DSB the human who is trying come hit the round in baseballExamples indigenous the Corpusbatter• Nick has become as constant as any batter in the Championship.• Hell, because that Eloise, can well revolve out come be complete of fish batter, sliced potatoes and also boiling fat.• store away native the fried batter and also won-ton pastry dishes and also ask for steamed or boiled rice.• The next batter was pinch-hitter Jeffrey Hammonds.• stir batter down and bake cakes ~ above a easy greased griddle, using about cup batter every pancake.• I can see his fingers working signals behind the mitt so intensely the batter had to have actually seen too.• add the flour, semolina and currants and stir right into the batter v a wooden spoon.Origin batter1 (1300-1400) Old French batre or English bat “to hit” batter2 1. (1400-1500) more than likely from → BATTER12. (1800-1900) → BAT2

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