-Before 1845, steamboats to be used more for transportation on the ocean than on inner waterways.false2-By the 1850s, trains travel an median of forty miles one hour.false3+Eli Whitney created the cotton gin on a plantation in Georgia.true4+Church attendance and temperance were enforced among early workers at Lowell.true5+Theatergoers in the antebellum period often hurled insults and objects in ~ performers.true6-The greatest proportionate flow of immigrants in the background of the United says came in the 1820s.false7-Because castle too had actually suffered discrimination, ireland immigrants often tended to be sympathetic come blacks.false8-Irish immigrant to the United states tended to sign up with the Republican Party.false9+Chinese immigrants to the unified States frequently did the heavy work of construction.true10+Despite the rhetoric the the era, the Jacksonian period was actually significant by rising economic and also social inequality.true11*The advantage clipper ships had over traditional merchant vessels to be their:speed12*The textile plant established in Waltham, Massachusetts, in 1813:manufactured finished cloth13*The Rhode Island or fall River equipment differed from that of Lowell in that:whole families were often employed14*By the beforehand 1800s, the 5 largest American cities were all major:seaports15*The many popular type of indoor entertainment in the an initial half the the nineteenth century was:theater16*In antebellum theaters, audiences:responded vocally to the top quality of performances17*Lyman Beecher’s anti-Catholic sermons in 1834:provoked a crowd to assault the Ursuline Convent in Charlestown, Massachusetts18*The Know-Nothings proposed to:lengthen the time required to come to be a citizen19*The Know-Nothings campaigned primarily to:limit immigrant influence20*The newest and also fastest-growing job in the United claims by 1860 was:engineering21/ john Jacob Astorwas America’s wealthiest male in 1840s22/ Lyman Beecherpreached anti-Catholic sermons23/ Charles GoodyearPatented a process for vulcanizing rubber24/ Stephen Fosterwrote “Oh! Susanna”25/ Robert Fultonimproved the steamboat26/ Elias Howeinvented the sewing machine27/ Francis Cabot Lowellwith Boston Associates, developed the Boston manufacturing Company28/ Samuel F. B. Morseinvented the telegraph29/ Cyrus McCormickinvented the primitive grain reaper30/ Samuel Slaterused his storage to bring industrial an innovation from Britain come the unified States

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