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Live appropriate in the middle of whatever - shopping, dining, entertainment, the arts, the river. Downtown supplies a distinctive lifestyle, vibrant society and a civilization of avenues right out your prior door.

The Downtown Norfolk board of directors serves together the leading support for Downtown Norfolk and also ensures Downtown’s position as the thriving and essential cultural, commercial and also residential hub that Hampton Roads.


10 points You most likely Don't recognize that Downtown Norfolk the supervisory board Does

We often hear "Oh wow, Downtown does that?" and also the answer is almost always "Yes."

But even for our biggest fans,we gambling you don't know whatever we do. Here are 10 of our programs and initiatives that might surprise you.

1. Arch Lights


The arched lighting end Granby Street from main Street to Virginia beach Boulevard was a job conceived and also funded totally by DNC and the residential or commercial property owners in Downtown through the did tax.

2. F.R.E.D.


The complimentary Ride Every Day, or F.R.E.D. Is a teal, short speed, electric auto that is an on-demand company for anyone downtown. Manned through DNC ambassadors, F.R.E.D. Rides around picking people up and also dropping them off, and also he is at your service; just speak to 757-478-7233.

3. We choose Up a lot of Trash

All the black trashcans you view on downtown corners are ours. Us empty them every day, as well as pick up any type of litter you check out on downtown sidewalks. Yep, even cigarette butts and also dog poop (although it goes there is no saying, we fairly you picked up after your pets).

4. Selden Market


That's right, Selden market is a Downtown Norfolk the supervisory board project. Us rent a portion of the Selden Arcade for this reason we have the right to lease that to little business owners that are simply breaking into retail or restaurants. We recruit the tenants, mentor them, hold events, and also of course, shop and eat over there a lot.

5. Art, So much Art


About 85% the the murals and other art pieces in the NEON ar were solicited and also paid for by DNC. V a public art committee made up of too many of regional artists and also arts organizations, we've organized open calls, painted stuff, partnered with business owners and raised money to carry an remarkable collection the street arts to Downtown Norfolk.

6. The NEON Festival


Coming up on the 5th Annual NEON Festival, yearly the DNC to produce the 2 day festival in the NEON district with numerous participants, volunteers, artists and also partners. It's our time come celebrate through the community the visual and also performing arts routinely on display in NEON.

7. First Fridays


That's us, too. Currently going in itsseventh season, an initial Fridays began as a method to bring lots of world to downtown restaurants and also it's simply kept growing. It never ever gets old, was standing in the middle of Granby Street under the lights, drinking a cold one v your finest downtown buddies.

8. Grand Illumination Parade


Definitely the biggest and also most festive thing DNC put on because that you, the grand Illumination Parade kicks turn off the vacation season every year on the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving. It's 2 miles the pure holiday joy for much more than 80,000 parade watchers, with Santa, dancers, bands, floats and also way, means more.

9. Dispersing the Word about Downtown

We're the male behind the curtain as soon as it comes to marketing, sharing, promoting, love and an increasing all things Downtown. DNC produces an annual guide and map (some might call it the scriptures to Downtown), has a giant website with any type of kind of details you can need, fills her feed v essential and fun Downtown tidbits, and generally shows exactly how amazing downtown is regularly.

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10. DNC is the Downtown Champion

For visitors, because that residents, for the little business owner, for the office workers, for the students - every little thing we do is to do Downtown cleaner, prettier, friendlier, much safer and far better for business. We job-related hard, listen and advocate for Downtown together Norfolk's crucial center over and over again.

But girlfriend can help us! If girlfriend love Downtown, join a committee, walk to the civic league, authorize up for every our email news, go to publicly meetings, review the news, take it surveys, shop local, ride your bike, takethe Tide, or simply come visit us!