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Not your usual Percy-gets-betrayed-and-joins-the-hunt story. Percy was betrayed, left, broken and also dumped; and whilst Artemis had actually tried to placed him earlier together, only one thing could heal his broken heart. Revenge ~ above the one responsible for all this, as war rages on the surface in between campers and the pressures of evil, will Percy conserve his friend or it is he who needs salvaging?
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Chapter 26: The new Prophecy

Previously ~ above Betrayed child of the Sea:

"Why would Butch and also Michael do this?" that asked, despair flooding his veins as he feel this was just the beginning. That sighed and stared the end at the wasteland where the fight took place, fire burned every couple of meters, clogged through yellow sand, hooves, fur and also other spoils that war. The dead and dying campers lay several hundred meters away in a white tent, whilst the rest walked roughly half-blood hill through a dejected quietness.

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"I don"t know" she responded, "But you have the right to ask them yourselves if girlfriend wish. Reyna discovered the 2 of lock unconscious ~ the fight was over". Malcolm nodded, and also the son and daughter the wisdom turned far from the an initial battle site of what would become a war.

POV Change

They chuckled in ~ that, how can they think they even had a chance? the was barely one escort, much less than one army. And without their precious heroes, the god would soon fall, and also with them, the Olympian rule.

They had waited too lengthy in the shadows, and then they to be sent earlier again simply on the cusp of power, however this time lock would do it right. This time, the gods would not just bend the knee, they would bend their rules come suit, because when they were in charge, injustice would be gone, and also they would certainly be all.

Now on with the story

Butch and also Michael had actually recovered after the battle and also subsequently been based on harsh questioning and also slight torture. When it had actually made few of the youngsters of Ares smile, the had completed nothing, together neither demigod to be able, or willing, to reveal anything castle knew, in fact, both campers appeared to have actually no memory of the occasions that had actually taken place at camp.

This irritable Chiron to no end, and also lead come him approaching Rachel, asking if she had actually heard anything, also a glimpse of a prophecy, the answer had actually been negative. As for Annabeth? She to be shunned again, camp no longer had actually a need for her without battle, and also so as, as quickly as redemption had actually reared that head, the sword of she past had actually finished it, before it also got footing.

Annabeth sighed, and sat under at she table. Her siblings all shuffled far from her, and also she couldn"t reprimand them, she didn"t deserve even this table, the name of she mother.

The battle was far from over, yet the fight victory had reminded the campers of simply who and what they had lost as soon as they turned their backs top top Percy. As whatever else, the blame dropped on Annabeth. While quiet belittled and rejected, several campers had started to speak to her again. Malcolm, Nico and Harley were all her demigod girlfriend left. Obviously, Juniper and also Grover were still talk to her, but it felt good to gain back the trust of several of the, much more human, campers.

It quiet meant beside nothing though, for throughout camp time and also meals she only had actually Malcolm.

A chiming echo floated with the dining hall, interrupting the campers from your meal and making them all look up to the head table, whereby Chiron stood, v a glass and also spoon tapping against each other.

"Campers, we won a great victory last week, and also we lost good friends" Chiron started, a somber atmosphere settling over the when loud crowd of Greeks and Romans.

"But execute not let this be a time for divide. We must come with each other now, more than ever; come rally through each other, to placed old distinctions aside for simple survival and much more importantly, come swallow your pride, admit your weaknesses and seek each various other out to connect. For in the face of monsters, strength and also courage way little when used individually."

The campers stared in surprise and also awe in ~ Chiron for a few seconds, before Annabeth stood and also clapped in ~ the back, prompting those approximately her to do the same. The totality dining room was complete of cheering demigods. Climate the noise passed away out again. Chiron was standing, staring intently and with clearly shows interest and also fear at the eco-friendly mist approximately Rachel. She take it a step towards the former table and then opened up her eyes, showing the bright green spirit that Pythos being channeled. Climate she opened her mouth and the mist changed: glowing green with the usual light of a prophetic reading yet dark. The dark eco-friendly aura around her appeared to it is in trying to draw in everything about her, words neighboring us in their place.

The devoured"s revenge is soon

It candlestick come in the eclipse the June

A hero punished because that the lies the a coward

Shall return, indigenous the pit that the soured

Thus the remaining seven candlestick save

The betrayed from the mind"s glaive

As v all ends, a start must be born again

But among repeat, native a time that was ended through disdain

The stunned quiet that had actually silenced the crowd was damaged with shouting, dozens of voices, all demanding.

"Who room the heroes?"

"What mental glaive?

"Who"s devoured?"

Chiron scraped the steel butt of a spear into the ground, make a according to shrieking noise and shutting the questions successfully up. He climate went on come request that they remain silent until the prophecy was made clearer.

But Annabeth wasn"t listening, for that prophecy, it made she think that Percy. His kind smile, and messy dark hair, all gone. She knew that as a member of the seven, she would many likely have actually a duty in the upcoming quest, yet at the ago of the hall, past the outcasts, she knew mine time was past. She had damaged it all. However had she really? in spite of what she had actually "chosen" come do, there to be no choice in her mind in ~ the time. The wasn"t Zane, but it felt like she was a passenger in she body. A servant to the mind.

Leo, Hazel, Piper, Jason, Frank, Grover, Reyna, Nico and also Thalia. These were the names of the true heroes. And also Percy. No out in the ar slaying the occasional monster together she was required to execute on duty, yet saving the world, utilizing their compassion and also skills. Her thoughts were interrupted again through the noise of Chiron and the spear,

"Can all members that the good prophecy meet me in the huge house after dinner?" that requested. The unspoken indigenous hung hefty in the dying light of the braziers, "all making it through members".

In the silent house, Chiron waited, worried for the future and scared the this prophecy. This was no the first time he had feared for the devastation of his love camp, and while it might not be the last, the sinking emotion in his heart was more than ever before, an ext than the during the fight for Manhattan, much more than the defence the half-blood hill… this fear reduced deep through more than just his soul, that shut under his mind and sent the primal shards of fear ripping through his thoughts.

"So, what"s the setup Chiron?" Jason asked, leaning against one of the ancient cabinets and also flipping his gold coin, a instead of gift from his father numerous years ago.

"We could wait for the gods to come because that us and also help, but with the current withdrawal state of Olympus, i doubt that will aid anytime soon, and with the boosting monster activity, ns doubt there will certainly be a better time come act than now" Chiron replied.

"Well, us don"t have actually really have any idea what the prophecy to be referring to" candid interjected "do we?".

"Well, let"s think about it. The eclipse that June is just over a week and a half away" Annabeth stated "And, the hero, is obviously… Percy"

A hushed silence dropped upon the demigods.

"The pit that the soured… what can that be talk about?" Reyna asked

Hazy answers of unknowing echoed roughly the huge House in ~ that, and also as the sun set upon half-blood hill, the strawberry fields glowed v a blood red, ominous hue.

The screaming woke Annabeth up.

Dozens of sore throats, screeching in ~ the highest note lock could. All human.

The noise to be too much for she to leave her cabin, and also by the time the deafening cacophony had died down, fifty percent of the campers to be gone. No sign of a struggle, no blood, no scattered armour, hardly even a misplaced speck of dirt by the patio of every cabin. Left behind were the Ares cabin, the daughters that Apollo, the young of Aphrodite, the Hermes cabin and varying sons and also daughters of minor gods. The the Romans, the 1st, 2nd and 5th cohort had all yet disappeared, leaving no much more than the rustling of wind on north bed sheets and also dead quiet tents.

The continuing to be campers all met top top the hill, wandering about lost and also confused, greiving their friends, their siblings, your heroic companions. Annabeth just sat under the tree, where Peleus elevated his head gradually to rigid at her, his eyes showing tears, together if he interpreted what had actually happened.

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"You didn"t perform anything dorn Peleus" Annabeth crooed softly, stroking his chin while wondering, "what happened, and also what"s happening next?".