The music chronicles the life and also times that a scandal-ridden southerly gal - the owner the a vivid imagination and a bountiful derriere - ~ above the run from the law


Ashley D. Kelley (as Bella, center) with members the The Company, Bella: one American tall TaleJoan Marcus
One of the many buzzed-about mirrors kicking turn off the summer theater season in brand-new York is ‘Bella: one American tall Tale,’ written and also composed through Obie Award-winning actress-turned- playwright/lyricist/composer Kirsten Childs.

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Comically influenced by the actual life legend the historical number Hottentot Venus — believed, by some, to it is in the an initial Black mrs sex price — the Robert O’Hara-helmed musical romp chronicles the life and times of a scandal-ridden southerly gal, who the owner the a vivid imagination and also a bountiful derriere (with its very own mind), top top a journey to satisfy her Buffalo Soldier fiancé while privately on the operation from the law during the 1870s.

Yes you read that yes! The key character’s booty has actually a mental of its own; and also its\" an extremely own raucous music number as well — performed with lot sassy aplomb by NaTasha Yvette Williams to it is in exact.

Playwright, lyricist and also composer Kirsten Childs.Playwrights Horizons

Starting she career as among the first Black dancers through the Martha Graham dance Company, Childs perform on Broadway and is right now a professor at new York University’s Tisch institution of the Arts. A flexible scribe, she an esteemed member that a new generation of flourishing Black female playwrights — such together Dominique Morisseau, Lydia Diamond, Sharon Washington and also Katori room — offering distinct perspectives top top the black color female experience in America.

A previous protégée that ‘For fancy Girls’ creator Ntzoke Shange, she formerly scripted the 2000’s critically acclaimed semi-autobiographical musical, “The Bubbly black Girl Sheds she Chameleon Skin,\" i beg your pardon handily tackled racism, sexism and self-denial in showbiz, wrapped increase in a delightful musical comedy starring Tony compensation winner LaChanze.

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To speak the Los Angeles native’s approach to brazen topics through she theatrical works room not because that the meek is one understatement.

“Well, ns think the things that we are afraid we need to actually face,” Childs recently told NBCBLK. “So whenever something just seems a small too dangerous or a small too scary or a little too just, ‘Oh, friend can\"t speak that,’ then i feel the is my obligation to to speak it and put it in…You just have to push yourself. You need to not be afraid to phone call the story you desire to tell.”

NBCBLK recorded up with Childs come talk about the minute that influenced her to compose the hilarious story that a bootylicious black color woman through a wild creativity from Tupelo Mississippi.

You have a couple of Broadway credits as a performer. Exactly how did girlfriend transform yourself into ending up being a critically acclaimed playwright?

I actually remained in a present with terry Burrell, Lawrence Clayton, Victor Trent Cook, and also some other world in the all-Black version of a show called, ‘The boys from Syracuse,’ i beg your pardon is type of based upon Shakespeare\"s ‘Comedy the Errors’ yet it was composed by Rodgers and Hart.

And we were doing it external of new York and also so the director had an idea to make it Syracuse, brand-new York throughout the Harlem Renaissance. Therefore they tried to operation that through the Rodgers estate and said, ‘No, you’re walk to placed on those Greek togas and also you\"re going perform it choose the way that everybody else has actually done it,’ which was entirely their right.

But what the did for me to be made me go: the only means that African-American human being can perform in musical theatre is if they\"re either doing the every Black variation of a white display or they\"re the token black human in an every white show, or they\"re doing a display that doesn\"t have any kind of kind of publication or any kind of kind the story the it\"s simply a bunch of songs strung together.

And ns thought, ‘Well, I deserve to complain about it or I can just shot to write something, and I recognize it\"ll probably be terrible, but I\"ll save on writing till I acquire it, girlfriend know, i learn just how to perform it. ‘ and also so I began out and also I was like, ‘I\"m going to carry out that.’ and I just ongoing to do it, and got better at it as I went a long.

Ashley D. Kelley together Bella in the stage manufacturing of Bella: one American tall Tale.Joan Marcus

After ‘Bubbly black Girl’ obtained rave reviews, us didn’t hear much from you. And also now ‘Bella’ is here. What occurred in the meantime and also in-between time?

Well, it gained rave reviews but for part reason, people didn\"t seem to think that there was an audience because that it. The marketing world were speak they weren\"t walking to be able to get Black people to involved the theater and they didn\"t seem come think the white civilization would want to check out the show, i beg your pardon in mine head, i felt was kind of ridiculous.

But over there are details things that you can try to fight, and there are particular things that were really, really complicated to fight in ~ the time. So I just kept on writing. I\"ve written a whole bunch of various kinds that shows. I\"ve written reflects for Disney. I\"ve composed a present that to be at Dallas theater Center. I\"ve written shows that have gone come various regional theaters and also I additionally teach at the Graduate Musical theatre Writing regimen where i went to college at NYU.

So you just keep you yourself busy, you store yourself writing. You write works for hire and also then you also write reflects that are for your own personal love. ‘Bella’ was just the present that I want to create for myself.

Cast that Bella: one American Tall story at Mainstage TheaterJoan Marcus / Joan Marcus

Now please share the hilarious story around what influenced you to create ‘Bella.’

I was walking down the street one day close to my home and there was a couple, and it was a young man and also a young woman. And the young woman had the most gloriously, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, behind. And I experienced this phenomenon.

I to be walking in the same direction together them and I had to sluggish down due to the fact that I didn\"t desire to miss a minute the it. Every last male that happen by this woman stopped and turned and looked at her behind as if they dropped down. And I just kept evil it.

And it was every man, they to be white, Black, Asian, Latino, young, old, gay, straight, rich, poor. Every single man. Every solitary man go the exact same thing and also I simply went, ‘Wow. As soon as it involves a large behind, you\"ve been offered a bill of goods. World think you\"re gorgeous. ‘

And you know, that\"s no what you see. That\"s not the focus of what human being say is beautiful in this country. And also I just had actually to honor it. Therefore I made decision I to be going to write a musical around it. And since she was larger than life, I simply knew it had actually to it is in a high tale.

NaTasha Yvette Williams plays the soul of Bella's behind in production of Bella: an American high TaleJoan Marcus / Joan Marcus

Now do you, as a black color woman… exactly how do i ask you this…

Ask away. Feel no fear.

As a black woman, carry out you relate come the personality of Bella?

I do. Not so lot in the reality that i don\"t have quite as huge of a behind, but in regards to what human being find attractive with body image, and to be proud of big lips, large nose, kinky hair — all of these points that we are told room perhaps, not attractive that probably are an ext attractive than we\"re also realizing.

It\"s just part of what I want to do, come celebrate our distinct beauty. And also so, no, my behind is not as big as Bella\"s, but part of me looking in ~ it, sort of makes me think, ‘God, ns wish mine behind was just a tiny bigger.’

Ashley D. Kelley as Bella and also Kevin Massey together Snaggletooth Hoskins in the stage manufacturing of Bella: an American high Tale.Joan Marcus

And Suzan-Lori Parks\" beat ‘Venus’ was revived and played simply a block away from ‘Bella’ prior to you guys actually opened. What\"s v the timing of that? execute you think we simply live in a time wherein curvy women space being commemorated in some ways that lock weren\"t celebrated in the past?

You know, it\"s interesting, ns really don\"t know, in regards to theater programming why world put the things up that they do. So i don\"t recognize if this was simply a simultaneously of signs, but I do know that the id of the huge behind is something the is a current thing.

You have Nicki Minaj, you have Beyoncé, you have every one of these people that are an extremely well endowed civilization who are celebrating your African American figures and I in reality think it\"s wonderful.

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And I will certainly say the I experienced ‘Venus’ and it to be absolutely brilliant and also the gibbs in it to be extraordinary and Suzan Lori-Parks is simply so amazing and also beautiful. So ns was actually kind of happy to see the show as us were functioning on ‘Bella.’

So is it choose a big booty renaissance?

It is. Hip, i know well hooray. Both hips hooray! (chuckle)

‘Bella: an American tall Tale’ plays through July 2 at Playwrights Horizons in new York City.

New York City Center’s Encores will present a resurgence of ‘The Bubbly black Girl Sheds her Chameleon Skin’ July 26 with July 27

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