Tamara Santibañez is a professional tattoo artist that brings their endure in society justice work-related to their an innovative and body alteration practice. Believing that the finest tattooing happens as soon as it is trauma-informed and justice-centered, they visualize the tattoo exchange together a transformative practice, a space for healing, and also as a car for resistance to instrument of oppression.

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Using the principle of trauma-informed treatment as a foundation, Santibañez expands on the large political potential of tattooing, illuminating the unseen work tattoo artists perform without exception. Underpinning the infinite magic the tattooing is the emotional job-related that artist often come to fear and avoid. Santibañez says that tattooing has huge potential to both empower and also disempower its recipients, and also that we cannot completely realize its positive potential without an initial acknowledging the limit of what it accomplishes and supporting ourselves in ours abilities and also limitations.

Co-authored with K Lenore Siner , this file outlines the rights and also treatment a client should be able to expect during any type of tattoo experience. Meant for screen in shop, exclusive studio, and other tattooing environments, the graphics is obtainable as a printable poster-size PDF for cost-free download, or via purchase here.

Created in cooperation with the Women’s prison Association (WPA), this pamphlet was occurred in an answer to the needs of clients who room trauma-impacted or survivors that violence. The guide defines ways to combine informed consent into the tattooing process, practical ways come be mindful of boundaries and also communication, and tips for energetic listening.

It is easily accessible for cost-free download via PDF here.

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Sexiness: Rituals, Revisions, and Reconstructions features contributions from a diverse group of fifty artists, educators, sex workers, creatives, and activists experimenting the political potential that sexiness. The work-related presented in this anthology references and complicates long-standing cultural associations through sexiness, consisting of power, bodies, gender, and also desire. At the very same time, it introduces new and thought-provoking relationships to sexiness, such as listening, healing, water, and also being alone.