“When Jesus got to the spot, he looked up and said to him, ‘Zacchaeus, come under immediately. I need to stay at your home today.’” Luke 19:5 (NIV)

Breaker of society norms. Savior. Messiah. The Christ. Perhaps you have the right to think of some various other titles and also characteristics the Jesus, but what perform you think about that very first one?I review a daunting book recently that make me ponder Jesus together someone who flew in the challenge of socially agree relationships. As I thought, ns realized that although Jesus’ associations might not raise eyebrows in today’s culture of “tolerance,” He had some friendships the were really controversial in His time.Jesus ate through sinners. He take it time come teach women. The told favorable stories about Samaritans, a team hated through the in-crowd for their race. Transforming things upside down, He decided to befriend the civilization that many of His society rejected.“Birds the a feather i cry together” didn’t seem to be true for Jesus, but I know it’s to be true because that me. I have actually tended to befriend those prefer myself. I normally gravitate toward women who look prefer me, think like me and also worship prefer me.But Jesus often calls us beyond our herbal inclinations right into the realm of the supernatural. In His counter-cultural world, Jesus calls united state to love our enemies. He commands us come bless the poor. The invites us to love the watch unlovable.I’ve been assessing my own thoughts and also habits, and I’ve recognized that frequently I think and also act in a way fully opposite that Jesus. I have actually endorsed the religious and dismissed the lost. Ns have adopted my peers and ignored wise elders. I have elevated the educated and disparaged the simple. I have adored those through their feet top top a pedestal and also written off those with no communication at all.Ringing roughly in my small girl memory, together with old friendship advice, is a Sunday school story about a male named Zacchaeus. The didn’t have actually the appropriate job, and also he wasn’t high in stature or long on respect. Zacchaeus wasn’t positioned fine in society. He positioned self to check out Jesus, though, and for Jesus that was enough. They became friends for eternity the day.It renders me wonder that I have overlooked the God may want to place as my friend? The gray-haired widow walking gradually down the hall at church? The woman sitting ~ above the park bench the may have actually slept over there the night before? The lady that speaks through an interval or might not speak my language at all? The poor, the lonely, the different-than-me? Let’s do a pact come look up from our comfortable circle and also look the end at a world that’s dice to have actually a friend choose Jesus…or prefer you and also me.Dear Lord, I have not chosen my friends as You did.

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Would certainly You help me to see value in each human being the means You do? assist me come look past my present circle the friends and also begin to encompass those the You include. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.***