If you’re looking for a dark gothic vampy look, this black and also red eyeshadow tutorial indigenous Youtuber queen BiohazardousBeauty is so high drama. Soothing the subterranean sleepers and unleash the bats… it’s time to take end the night.

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Gothic black and red eyeshadow tutorial

This step-by-step overview was lugged to friend by the lover BiohazardousBeauty – Youtuber, raven and makeup maven.

Products used:

Too challenged shadow insurance money (for use as a base to get the eyeshadow to sit and stay)Kat von D the shade Light eye inter-base.netntour color board (for shift shade, under-brow highlight and black eyeshadow)Sedona Lace 863 brush (for tapered blending)Sugar Pill Burning love palette (for the Love plus deep red eyeshadow)Basic non-brand-specific brush (for using the red eyeshadow)Mac map out eyeshadow (for dark creases)Real techniques base zero brush (for applying the dark crease)Inglot gel line no. 77 (for gelatin eyeliner)Mac 209 brush (for applying gel eyeliner)Essence that Beauty fine crease brush (for using eyeshadow to reduced lash)Urban decay Perversion liner (for lining the lower lash)Eldora M102 false lashes

Getting the watch – makeup tips


Use the shadow insurance (or any kind of product friend prefer) as a base to organize the eyeshadow in place – work it approximately your eye in the lid area, and beneath the eye too.

Transitional shade:

Use a dark neutral shade from her smokey eye palette to lay under a transitional shade, working it right into your crease and also blending that out towards your brow bone. It will certainly make few of the darker inter-base.netlours simpler to blend out later.

Applying the red eyeshadow:

When using the red eyeshadow, really fill on the inter-base.netlour. It’ll assist if girlfriend don’t walk for a the majority of sweeping motions, much more patting activities to put the inter-base.netlour on together thickly as possible.

If friend have an additional red eyeshadow v a slightly different tone (BiohazardousBeauty used another limited edition Love to add red through glitter sparkles) you can use it in the direction of the outer edge – yet one the shade of red is fine if that’s what you’ve got to hand.

Lowlights and highlights:

Apply a darker inter-base.netlour (purple-plum works) to the outer crease.

Before you include the black, add a light highlight inter-base.netlour under the brow to help the reds mix out an ext smoothly. It’ll also give your darkest inter-base.netlour miscellaneous to blend into.

Applying the black color eyeshadow:

When using the black color eyeshadow come the outer edge, the key is to develop up slowly. Start with a little bit – much less is more. You’ll then have an ext inter-base.netntrol over the last look together you begin to develop it up bit by bit. Work the external edges, then inter-base.netme in for a soft line over the lashes, ending approximately the center of her eye.

Having trouble blending? Go back in v the red and place that on optimal of the black.

Eyeliner next!

BiohazardousBeauty went because that a big wing and an within flick, using her gel eyeliner to the waterline together well.

Lower lash love:

Apply a small bit the red eyeshadow ~ above the lower section of the lower lash, making use of a well crease brush if you have one. Then use a dark eyeliner indigenous the outer section inwards, setting it v black eyeshadow. Friend can also take the black eyeshadow up on the outer part of the wing so it deserve to be used for blending. Climate you have the right to take the red eyeshadow and a more flexible brush to blend on the outside of that.

Final tip: Blend, blend, blend.

Then add false lashes, and also you’re all set to it is in The Night… 24/7.

AND THERE’S MORE: clock BiohazardousBeauty’s video clip for added steps to apply the lip and get the full look.

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Biohazardous beauty, beauty is “just your not-so-average biology of the night”. This infernally amazing layout queen loves trying out with makeup, the darker and vampier the better. Please follow she on Youtube, Instagram and also Twitter therefore you never ever miss any of she inspirational tutorials and also makeup reviews.