In the world of bright digital and flashy footage, sometimes heading back to the black and white days can be a nice change of pace.

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Premiere Pro has a substantial library that effects and also tools to permit the user to create contemporary and modern-day looks. However what about heading back a few decades for a quiet, grainy, black and also white effect?

In this tutorial, we’ll it is in combining part layered footage with a single adjustable impact in an easy and quick method.

Getting the job Files

After thedownload has actually finished, be certain to unzip the file if that hasn’t been done because that you. Girlfriend should end up through a Premiere agree Black & White Effectfolder.

Project Overview

This project actually just has two parts; three if you count the key footage itself. We’ll be dropping our footage onto the Timeline, including a black and also white impact with Calculations, and also after us keyframe that, we’ll add in a last film grain effect on top to market the old fashioned look. We’re making use of the Calculations effect in details as opposed to other effects that might give the same appearance for its flexibility and capacity to it is in adjusted.

So let’s get to it!

Getting Started

1. In the lower-left corner, you need to see footage already loaded into the project Bin.


2. Your regime should likewise be in Editing mode, which girlfriend can check by looking in ~ the peak bar.


3. Drag and also drop the climbed footage right into the Source window.

4. In the Source window, move the Playheadto 00;00;04;00.

5. Struggle I to note the start suggest of the clip.

6. Move the Playhead come 00;00;07;00.

7. Currently hit O to mark the endpoint the the clip.

8. Drag and also drop the Rose footage clip right into the bottom right Timeline to create a sequence.

9. In the Project Bin come the left, you should see your brand-new Rose footage clip appear. Right-click top top it.

10. Fight Rename.

11. Surname the clip Rose Edited.

12. You need to see one audio layer in the Timeline. Delete it, as it’s not vital to the project and also makes clutter.



1. In the Project Bin, discover the Grain footage.

2. Drag and drop that onto the Timeline, above the climbed footage.

3. Drag the finish of the grain footage to complement the increased footage’s length.


4. Choose Grain Footage.

5. Go to result Controls in the height bar.


6. In Blend Mode, change it come Hard Light. Now the key footage has a cool, grainy result as if shot on an older camera.

Black and White Effect

1. Select

the increased footage.

2. Open up up the effects panel by going come the arrows ~ above the job Bin, in the reduced left.


3. Kind in Calculations.

4. Drag and drop the Calculations effect onto the rose footage.

5. In the impacts panel, adjust the intake Channel to Gray.

6. Relocate the Playhead to 00;00;01;10.

7. Struggle the stopwatch beside Second class Opacity.

8. Relocate the Playhead come 00;00;02;08.

9. Readjust the Second great Opacity come 100%.

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This will fade your climbed footage back into full color.


That was quick! For ideas for future projects, friend can transform which shade channel to usage in Calculations, add different grain footage, and alter keyframes. Try masking the Calculations effect and blurring the edge of the mask to make a black and also white “window." You deserve to even include other color effects underneath and keyframe them therefore the footage fades through different color schemes. Experiment, and happy editing!

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