Getting the finest RAM kit for your PC comes dvery own to the software you want to use and the platdevelop you select. Most desktops offered in recent years use DDR4 RAM and also can work via DDR4-2133 speeds going up. You will certainly therefore note that our focus is on the latest offerings in the industry, and particularly white DDR4 RAM.

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You could wonder why many type of people are opting for this RAM. Well, it is fairly straightforward. More and also even more gamers are inclining towards basic, clean, and minimalist setups. And white is the ideal hue to offer such a look as it exudes modernity. Furthermore, it blends in through white walls and also barely shows accumulated dust. We have noted the best white RAM alternatives for gamers in this item.

Best White DDR4 Gaming RAM

All the provided white DDR4 RAMs have undertaken comprehensive testing to ensure that they have actually what it takes to administer you via a perfect gaming endure. Without much aperform, below goes:

1: Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO


In this circumstances, we tested the 16GB capacity which comes in 2 8GB modules, which are completely customizable, thanks to the mod energy. You have the right to for this reason exercise manage over all the LEDs and also print your own light bar which you deserve to include to the existing item. How great is that!

As for the performance, it is famous that 3000MHz is an excellent balance in between price and performance. You don’t spfinish as well a lot on the initial prices and also perform not damage on quality, therefore producing a win-win situation.

As for aesthetics, this white RAM looks excellent through its wonderful RGB lighting and also the military-prefer warmth spreaders add to the as a whole aesthetic appeal. Using this lighting have to be easy and you also have the choice to be more extravagant through the impacts.

What Works

The lighting and also the sticks look great and have to work-related with most builds. You have the right to additionally print your components for included customization as well as take benefit of the overclocking abilities. Moreover, the MOD utility performs as intended.

What Needs Work

The timings are not as tight as those of the competition and also they loss behind at a slight percent.

6: Corsair Vengeance LPX


DDR4 prices have dropped so much that the difference between these and also those of DDR3s are quite small. It thus holds that more civilization would certainly desire a DDR4 module such as this. But why would certainly anyone opt for the 3200 rather of going for the cheaper options such as the 2666? Well, cooling fans are one thing. If you compare this 3200 MHz through various other offerings such as the 2666, you will discover that it comes through 2 cooling fans in the kit. Also, it has actually a rating of 1.35V, therefore the need for the fans. It also works much better for models that absence fans over the CPU.

This module comes via a low-profile elevation of only 34 mm such that it can occupational with little develop factor builds. Regarding performance, it functions via the latest motherboards and also provides solid signal quality. You have the right to count on it to overclock without overheating many thanks to the aluminum warm spreaders.

What Works

This white DDR4 RAM functions height performance with cooling fans that mitigate motherboard and DRAM temperatures. Furthermore, the overclocking capcapability is decent.

What Needs Work

With 1.35V, overclocking might not reach the highest speeds that some customers might desire. Also, it helps to note that the total price consists of the fans, which may not be necessary for some builds.

7: V-Color Prism II RGB

Our last white RAM is the brainchild of DRAM module testing professionals who base their operations in Taiwan. You deserve to thus mean that they would certainly provide remarkable specs at an affordable price. They mostly focus on DRAM and flash products, through a focus on memory kits and also SSDs. Their PRISM II RGB series boasting of 3000MHz is our emphasis for today. It is a lot cheaper than other alternatives in the market and comes through customizcapacity to the varieties of 3600 MHz.

Overclocking is a breeze with this module. All you must perform is raise the memory strap to a greater clock speed, allowing you to get approximately 4200MHz with 1.35V. For included performance, you can occupational through 1.40V to hit approximately 4266MHz. Some customers have taped additions of as much as 5,020MHz, and you deserve to attempt to hit this amount.

What Works

This white DDR4 RAM comes at a great pricing and also features a low profile create aspect that functions via a lot of builds. It offers an range of colors-7, and runs at high speeds without running into problems. It also helps to note that its capacity is sufficient to accomplish many gaming requirements.

What Needs Work

There is an problem through the equivalent of green/ oselection diffuser colors. That’s pretty much it.


Will RAM influence your FPS?

Increasing your RAM’s capacity and also rate will increase your gaming performance about your FPS, more so in games that depend heavily on CPU performance.

Can you create on RAM

No, RAM works in launching programs and storing data for the brief term. You cannot permanently compose on it or use it to store data in the lengthy term.

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What RAM need to you use for COMPUTER gaming?

The finest option is DDR4 RAM. For Intel, go with at leastern 3000MHz, and also for AMD, job-related through at leastern 3600MHz. Our item attributes some of the finest white DDR4 RAM alternatives.

With all these best white RAM modules, the RAMs tested good and delivered results that are at par with some of the ideal options in the market. As lengthy as you inspect the compatibility of the modules, you are certain to obtain what works in your situation. Happy Gaming!