The T139 contemporary black and white leather sectional sofa attributes a two-tone leather design with two log-shaped developed in headrests offering good support for her head and neck. The is accentuated with a white trim along the sofa"s base and on the upper part of the corner sofas. This white leather interval harmonizes the white U-shaped encountering backward armrests. Tufting is watched on the chaise and also backrests.

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Chaise: W72" x D43" x H35"2 Seater: W67" x D35" x H35" Corner: W39" x D39" x H30" 2 Seater (With Arm): W65" x D35" x H35"Seat Depth: 22"Seat Height: 16"
Choice of bonded leather or front animal leather and earlier leather matchTwo-tone leather designTufted chaise and backrestsTwo developed in headrestsWhite trim follow me sofa"s baseBased off well-known "U" shaped sofa designColor: black (can be ordered in different colors 10-16 weeks)

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