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The one that started it all, gals! This shower bombshell’s dream swimsuit from unique Vintage is a life-sized reproduction of Barbie’s original 1959 black & White stripe Bathing Suit. Boasting a fabulous sweetheart neckline and also cheeky black and also white chevron stripes, this highlight one item swimsuit attributes two removable and adjustable straps for a convertible neckline so you deserve to sun in layout at her whim. Revolve this strapless one-piece bathing suit right into your favorite retro number with full mesh lining and also tummy-tucking torso to accentuate your hourglass figure. Outfitted v a shelf bust and silicone peak seam because that snafu-free sunning and also swimming all day long.Available in sizes XS-3X while gives last.
ImportedNylon & SpandexHand washAdjustable & Removable StrapsShelf BustSilicone Gel top SeamMesh linedModel Pictured Wearing dimension SModel Info: Height: 5’8” | Waist: 24 | Hips: 36 | Bust: 34B

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