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Weight: 2.10 LBS Shipping: Calculated at the Checkout Material: Satin Color: White and also Black Table Size: 6 feet Shape: Round

Due to your glimmering, silky-soft beauty, 132 customs round satin tablecloths have come to be the most popular tablecloth in the wedding and also event industry. They space designed to fully drape the most typical table offered in banquet halls and also wedding reception centers, the 72 inch round table v 30 inch height. In an easy terms, a 132-inch round tablecloth will drop every the means to the floor, providing the table an elegant appearance. As well as that reality that lock are totally drapable, wedding planners and fine-dining experts prefer to usage 132 inch rounds over other wedding linen tablecloths due to their durability and stain resistant properties.Our 132 customs round satin tablecloths in White and also Black space made indigenous high quality and also durable woven White and also Black satin material. These round tablecloths function serged edges and also can it is in washed countless times. When provided on a 6 ft round table v a 30 inch height, the 132 customs round table linen supplies a floor-length drop. If this is the ring tablecloth the meets your linen requirement, you will certainly be enjoyment to know that here at Your Chair Covers, us only carry the expert grade type--designed with longevity and your spending plan in mind. Very same is true for every thetablecloths that us offer.

Why rental tablecloths because that weddings once you have the right to buy castle cheaper? Why salary linen rental prices when you have the right to purchase table linens because that hotels, restaurants, and catering services at reduced costs?

MATERIAL. 100% resilient satinGSM. 95 (A measure of the weight and also thickness of the fabric)COLOR. White and BlackSIZE. 132 inchSHAPE. RoundCARE INSTRUCTION. An equipment washable v cold or room temperature water in tenderness cycle. Use regular detergent. Bleach is not recommended. Don"t to wash with various other materials. Wash choose colors together. Tumble dry with low temperature. Avoid overloading the an equipment and make sure that both the washer and also the dryer are in an excellent working order.

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Gradually dry in dryer to protect against temperature shock.For aid on exactly how to determine the ideal tablecloth size, please use our tablecloth sizing chart. For an ext information about our everyone tablecloths, please contact us in ~ 877-450-8383.