Modder ‘merendas235’ exit a 4K HD Texture fill for black & White 2. As its surname suggests, this fill will overhaul all of the game’s textures in bespeak to boost its visuals.

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From what I have the right to see, merendas235 has actually used AI techniques in bespeak to enhance the top quality of the vanilla textures. Thus, the brand-new textures have actually the exact same art layout as the vanilla ones.

The modder has detailed a comparison video. This video clip will give you one idea that the improvements this fill brings to the table. Thus, ns strongly indicate watching it before downloading the pack (as it’s about 6GB in size).

You deserve to download the pack from here.

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Speaking of black color & White 2, I also suggest acquisition a look in ~ the Black & White 2: Redux Mod. This mod aims to recreate the game with raised difficulty, add to an enhanced AI, changes landscapes, and brings young features and some balance tweaks.

Have fun!

Black and White 2 v 4K TEXTURES

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