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Are you searching for a subtle black and also white background structure to make your designs stand the end from the crowd? In this collection, we’re featuring few of the most beautiful, simple, and contemporary black and white background structure you can use for your style projects.

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A black and white texture is the ideal selection for crafting a elevator to much better highlight the content of your design.

Whether it’s a website, a presentation slideshow, a poster, a publication cover or a social media post, a B&W lift will assist emphasize the text and the contents of your design above all else.

1 Million+ background Textures, fads & Vectors With limitless Downloads

Download hundreds of stunning lift textures for websites and also presentations, textures, vectors, and also design assets through an Envato elements membership. That starts at $16 every month, and gives friend unlimited access to a farming library of over 2,000,000 architecture templates, themes, photos, graphics, and also more.

Space Nebula BackgroundJPG
Wavy rock BackgroundsJPG
Polygon AbstractPNG
Vector background TexturesEPS
Abstract style PackJPG
Bokeh BackgroundsJPG

Atomic is a collection of ethereal abstract backgrounds that feature various styles of patterns. You can use this backgrounds in countless different design projects, including website backgrounds, apps, society media covers, and more.

Wall Grunge texture Backgrounds


A enormous bundle the background structure featuring grunge-style patterns. This pack has 43 black backgrounds and also 43 white backgrounds in JPG paper format. This backgrounds space most suitable for crafting posters, flyers, as well as website backgrounds and social media posts.

Grunge skies Black & White Backgrounds


This repertoire of backgrounds function a collection of distinctive black and white backgrounds special cloud textures based upon photos of real skies. The bundle contains 12 backgrounds in black and another collection of 12 backgrounds in white color.

black & White Soft fluid Backgrounds


Here we have comprehensive collection that black and white backgrounds the you have the right to use in various projects. Inside the pack, you’ll acquire 63 soft fluid circle backgrounds that can come in very handy in her upcoming projects.

Wall Texture black & White Backgrounds


A arsenal of 42 black and white backgrounds featuring wall textures and patterns. These backgrounds are easily accessible in 6016× 4016 resolution and also in JPG file format.

Dark Marble B&W Background

This stylish black and also white background attribute a dark marble texture the will help make your designs stand the end from the crowd. The texture is obtainable in both JPG and EPS file formats.

Slate texture B&W Background

A ethereal black and white background texture you deserve to use with miscellaneous website background and poster background designs. You can use this background for complimentary in an individual and commercial tasks with attribution come its author.

B&W 3D Wavy striped Backgrounds

Next increase we have a beautiful arsenal of summary 3D wavy stripe backgrounds that deserve to be a good addition to her upcoming projects. If friend are in search of a black and white background an option that’s subtle and soft, this arsenal is your sure-fire bet.

Melt – 76 abstract Black and also White Backgrounds

Melt is a big bundle that black and also white backgrounds the feature modern and smooth designs. The pack contains 6 distinctive background designs and they are obtainable in 19 different color variations. You’ll have the ability to use these backgrounds on plenty of different occasions.

Black and White texture Background

Check out this beautifully crafted abstract background through black and also white smooth lines perfectly fit for posters, flyers, wallpapers, websites, call cases, invite cards, applications, presentations, you simply name it.

Black and also White space Backgrounds

This arsenal of 6 high-quality black and also white subtle texture backgrounds is a good choice because that any room or cosmo project. The backgrounds are totally customizable in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Sketch, and also Affinity Designer.

10 Monochrome Striped waves Backgrounds

Feast her eyes on this set of ten stunning, black and white ethereal texture backgrounds featuring a strip waves design that you will certainly agree is alluring. The design is a perfect choice for booklets, flyers, posters, and also more.

10 black color & White Marble Backgrounds

The beautiful marble impact in this backgrounds load is truly amazing. It’s perfect for developing a background for a landing page, website, or a social media profile. The bundle consists of 10 distinctive backgrounds featuring various designs.

Black and White room Polygon Backgrounds

This is a load of black and white backgrounds featuring space-themed designs. It includes 12 various backgrounds in 5120 x 2880 resolution. You can use them to architecture backgrounds because that websites, apps, greeting cards, and also more.

Black & White Bokeh Backgrounds

Drop everything, and get her hands on this collection of Bokeh Noir black and also white backgrounds that will provide your designs a cinematic illustration in simply a pair of seconds. Every the structure come in high-resolution, ready-to-print, 300 DPI format.

Black & White Chalk texture Backgrounds

Whether you need a background texture to display screen your product, banner, logo, presentation, or app design, this huge collection that 62 chalk texture backgrounds has actually you covered. Through so many alternatives to select from, you’ll constantly have a background best suited to her needs.

Lines – abstract Stripes black & White Backgrounds

This bundle of backgrounds functions a stylish black and also white striped design which are right for crafting greeting cards, invitations, packaging, and more. The pack has 39 various backgrounds in 4500 x 3000 resolution.

10 Black and also White Polygon Backgrounds

Another load of stylish black and white backgrounds v polygonal designs. It includes 10 different background draft in 5000 x 3333 resolution. You deserve to use them to craft backgrounds because that product landing pages, websites, presentations, and posters.

Subtle black color Layered Backgrounds

A dark yet a ethereal backgrounds pack that’s most perfect for making websites and apps, specifically with a emphasis on highlighting the content. The bundle has 10 backgrounds with various textures.

Black Sand structure Background

This is a royalty-free lift that features a sand-like texture. This background will certainly fit in well v your website backgrounds and social media write-up designs.

Chaotic Brush Backgrounds

This arsenal of 30 handmade brush textures allows you to repaint the display screen black without acquiring your hand dirty with the ink. Nevertheless of the project, you are working on, these backgrounds will certainly be of good use.

Monochrome Agate Backgrounds

This distinct background repertoire is an ideal an option for an imaginative as fine as expert projects. It comes packed v 10 Agate backgrounds, in 4500×3000 pixel resolution, and also 300 DPI. Try it out for your next architecture project!

Diagonal – 24 Rounded Lines subtle Backgrounds

This bundle the backgrounds includes 24 various stylish draft that feature rounded lines. The backgrounds are obtainable in 12 different color variations, including black and white and in 4500 x 3000 resolution.

Abstract black color & White corpuscle Backgrounds

The subtle backgrounds in this bundle feature an innovative black and white fragment design. It comes with 11 different backgrounds in 6K resolutions. You have the right to use them to produce stylish website and also app backgrounds as well as for presentations and promotions.

Dark stone Wall structure Backgrounds

Dark stone is a collection of structure that function designs based upon real picture of rock walls. It features 27 unique rock wall structure backgrounds in 3000 x 3000-pixel resolution and includes 1 additional texture of dried leaves. The rock wall structure of these backgrounds will offer a bold look to her designs.

Waves ethereal Textures Backgrounds

Waves is a beautiful minimalist textured backgrounds collections that function subtle wavy present in a clean lift design. The pack consists of 10 different backgrounds in 3000 x 2000 resolution, which makes them perfect for her website backgrounds, app designs, logotype presentations, and much more.

Chalk structure Backgrounds

This is a fill of 12 unique black and white backgrounds that features chalk-like textures in different designs and also styles. You have the right to use them in your print designs, presentation slideshows, website header designs, and more.

Grit texture Backgrounds

Grit is a background textures arsenal that emphasizes the white shade of the design. The bundle features 10 various textures v unique, rough, and also attractive designs. These backgrounds space perfect because that crafting quote photos for social media posts as well as backgrounds because that website headers and apps.

Pen Texture black color & White Background

Another royalty-free background texture featuring a creative pattern design. You can use this texture to style backgrounds for all kinds of modern websites, apps, posters, and also much more.

Leather texture Backgrounds

A collection of highly minimalist backgrounds that contains textures based upon leather material. The subtle style of these backgrounds and also the level the minimalism is beyond any other B&W lift you’ll ever before see. This seems like the ideal background fill for designs concerned a high-end fashion brand or a high-end product website.

White Lava – elevator Textures

White Lava lift textures load comes with 15 different designs that function subtle textures and also a many white space. This backgrounds will be perfect for making a header picture for a minimalist website design.

Grunge wall surface Texture Backgrounds

Even though our arsenal is an alleged to be all black and white backgrounds, we couldn’t resist including this one ~ above the list. This pack consists of 10 amazing wall surface texture backgrounds in 3000 x 2000 resolution and featuring a exciting mix that color and depth unlike any type of other.

Geometric Textured Backgrounds

A bundle that textured backgrounds featuring subtle geometric patterns. This load comes with 10 distinct texture backgrounds and also you’ll have the ability to choose them native 6 different shade variations. These backgrounds room especially an ideal for web-based designs.

Black Dark Watercolor Texture

This fill of background textures attributes a collection of watercolor-based designs. It contains 24 distinctive backgrounds because that using with your website and print projects. It additionally comes with second Photoshop pattern record for easily developing your own unique backgrounds.

Inverted black Ink Backgrounds 5

A collection of dark backgrounds special a ethereal handmade octopus design. The pack comes with 15 unique backgrounds in 6000 x 4000 resolution. These are appropriate for creating a background for a website design, society media covers, publish design, and also many others.

Vintage publication Textures

This bundle contains unique textures with patterns that you typically see ~ above vintage books. It features 8 distinctive vintage-style textures, i m sorry you deserve to use to handmade your own black or white backgrounds for her website, app, and print designs.

15 Dust and also Hair corpuscle Backgrounds

Dust and particle impacts are a common texture you normally see in many contemporary graphic designs, especially an unified with colorful colors. However, it also looks an excellent in black and also white together well. This bundle proves that through its 15 excellent backgrounds which have actually been made through “optically captured dust particles”.

20 timber Textures

This bundle comes through 20 unique background structure that attribute wood-based curvy designs. If you’re working on a children book cover, a kids-themed website, or any kind of other quirky design, these textures will assist you craft a unique background for your project.

30 Dust particles Backgrounds

Another bundle that dust particles backgrounds featuring 30 various textures and backgrounds in countless different colors, consisting of dark and black backgrounds. This backgrounds will work-related well v both print and also web-based designs.

WEB Delightfully ethereal Texture Pack

A collection of 30 unique texture backgrounds architecture specifically because that web-based style projects. It functions subtle structure featuring a design based on easy distressed documents with various styles and hues. It additionally comes through layered PSD files for easy editing and also customizing the textures together you like.

Black Dark Texture

A bundle the 12 dark lift textures because that using v your luxury architecture projects and also many various other print designs, including service cards, publication covers, phone covers, and also more. This pack additionally includes a Photoshop pattern record as well.

Silver texture & Patterns

A pack of background structure featuring a subtle pattern. The backgrounds in this pack function a dark style with a touch of silver color, which adds a particular originality to every backgrounds in this bundle. It contains 12 backgrounds and 1 pattern file.

Painted Backgrounds

This is a repertoire of unique background textures the features creative patterns the painted styles. It has 12 background textures in 3000 x 2000 resolution. These backgrounds will definitely give her designs a stylishly imaginative look.

Network disturbance Backgrounds

This unique bundle that backgrounds attributes an unexplained pattern that’s been computer generated to fit many contemporary websites, apps, and other digital designs. It includes 10 various background textures in 5000 x 3333 resolution.

Black octopus Backgrounds Vol.4

A natural handmade ink-based background textures repertoire that you deserve to use come craft many different varieties of backgrounds, social media posts, posters, publication covers, greeting cards, and also much more. The bundle has 10 backgrounds in 6000 x 4000 resolution.

Hand crafted Textures and also Patterns

Another huge bundle of subtly textured backgrounds. This fill comes with 26 hand-painted foam textures that highlight the white color. It likewise includes 12 seamless patterns and also Adobe Illustrator documents for personalizing the backgrounds to her preference.

Glassy Atom array Backgrounds

If you’re functioning on a background because that an application landing page or a technology website, this bundle of backgrounds will come in handy. It consists of 10 distinct abstract backgrounds featuring a futuristic Atom-based architecture in 5000 x 3333 resolution.

Black and White Geometric Background

Next up we have a set of geometric elevator templates right for both web and print projects. It come in 11000x11000px at 300dpi and contains every little thing you’d expect in a experienced and an imaginative bundle the geometric white and black texture backgrounds.

Seamless Tomato black & White Backgrounds

This template consists of black and white backgrounds that appear just like tomatoes in a woodcut style. It’s one ideal an option for a selection of net projects and comes in a fully editable, high-resolution, 5000x5000px format.

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Background Textures

Choosing the appropriate background structure for her website or style project deserve to be tricky. Our collection teaches you just how to work with and also incorporate elevator textures, and where to discover stunning graphics to job-related with.

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