The latest black Desert Online’s patch notes expose a 2nd Black Spirit’s Adventure has been added along through a brand-new Ancient Relic crystal Shard drop event. Discover out whatever that has adjusted in the update here.Black Desert Online
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The latest black color Desert online patch notes disclose a second Black Spirit"s Adventure has actually been added along through a new Ancient Relic decision Shard autumn event. Uncover out everything that has adjusted in the update here.

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Black Desert digital (BDO) simply dropped a brand new update and as the patch note reveal, 2 exciting new events and mini-games have actually gone live in enhancement to the standard huge fixes and class balances. Below we"ve posted a an introduction of everything the patch note reveal including details ~ above the BDO old Relic crystal Shard autumn Event and the black Spirit"s Adventure 2 mini-game.

"BDO" job Notes: Black heart Adventure, old Relic decision Shard Drop occasion And much more


A 2nd Black heart Adventure has actually gone live this particular day in black color Desert Online.Black Desert Online

Black Spirit"s Adventure 2 Added

Are you ready for Season 2 of her favorite mini-game? The black color Spirit"s Adventure video game is ago !

How lengthy Does black Spirit"s Adventure 2 Last? The mini-games goes live in march 7th after Maintenance and also will proceed through in march 21st prior to Maintenance.How come Play Black spirit Adventure 2 Mini-Game - press ESC to open up the menu and find the black Spirit"s Adventure 2 button.Use "Moves" points that fill increase every hour to explore and find treasures everywhere the web-board game.You will consume 1 "Move" allude each time the Black soul moves a space.You will recoup 1 move per hour, and also the maximum variety of "Moves" you deserve to retain at hand is 3. However, you deserve to recover up to 10 "Moves" in a day.You have the right to engage in Combat, Gather, Explore, Excavate, or remainder in this circular "Nodes" you find on the plank map. However, if that is a Node which you have recently performed activity on, there is a cooldown before you can re-visit.

Ancient Relic decision Shard Drop occasion Begins


BDO"s old Relic decision Shard Drop occasion has begun. Be sure to take advantage of the distinct fishing event!YouTubeDuring the event period, simply begin Fishing for a possibility to hook an old Relic decision Shard in place of a fish!

How long Will The occasion Last? - The event runs march 7th After maintain till march 21st prior to MaintenanceNewcomer evaluation Gift - players that are brand-new to the game, having joined BDO because that the an initial time indigenous Feb. 28th, 2018 to March 7th, 2018 will likewise receive an occasion Appreciation Gift!How To get Your newcomers Gift - check your in-game mailbox to insurance claim your occasion Appreciation Gift. The gift must be claimed before maintenance on march 21st, 2018.

Red Battlefield Changes

Adventurers in between the level 1 and also 49 will certainly now be able to receive Combat EXP and also Skill EXP as a reward for participating in the Red battlefield with restrictions to AP/DP & Level.Both winning and losing groups participants will obtain Combat & ability EXP when the battle has ended, however, the amount obtained is higher for the win team.Silver Coins have additionally been included to the accessible rewards for Red Battlefield.The coins will be rewarded based upon the merged total of the participant"s AP and also DP.The AP + DP Calculation will be based on the key Weapon that the character.To prepare because that a renewal, Final battle is now temporarily unavailable. Therefore, the switch for Final fight has been removed from the UI.

System changes

The Arsha PvP server"s AP efficiency, in general, has been buffed to enhance the AP effectiveness on common servers. Please Note: The PvP DP performance has no been adjusted and will continue to be as is.Changing servers is now unavailable while analysis a book. However, an altering your personality in the very same server will certainly not affect reading.You will no longer have the ability to use the skills registered in a quick Slot as soon as the skill is not rapid Slot available by default.

Game World, NPC, Effects and Mount changes

The dragon flying about North Kaia Mountain has suddenly disappeared without a trace.Fixed the gravity defying floating rock roughly Manes Hideout.Fixed the issue permitting some resources to it is in Gathered twice in some areas in Valencia.Fixed the concern where Adventurers can cut down certain trees double in the fight Arena.Fixed the concern where customers could not reduced down details trees in Balenos Forest that were found by Pets devoted in recognize resources.Fixed the issue where the sunrise over the horizon to be not effectively radiating off the red glow.Fixed the problem where black color Shadow hovering over the Trina Fort would sometimes fly as well close come the ground.Fixed the issue causing the ar of the island that Arena the Arsha come not display screen properly top top the loading screen while start Arena the Arsha.Fixed the problem where s ome locations in Valencia enabled Gathering come be put twice in a row.The object that appears to it is in floating in midair in Luivano Island has been lugged down to ground.Fixed the concern where characters could not board the Galley, Epheria Sailboat, Epheria Frigate, and Old Bartali Sailboat making use of the ladder of the delivery if the character to be carrying trade goods.The device message that shows up when girlfriend "Remote Collect" a mount on land has actually been adjusted to be much more clear and also direct.The default camera place will currently be closer to her Character when riding ~ above the ago seat of a two-seater horse.Fixed the problem where sex Filters would certainly not always work in certain situations ~ above the horse Market.Fixed the worry where Diné"s mane and also equipment would overlap.

Class Changes

All Classes - The ability Rage Absorption and Fury Transfer have the right to now be locked.Ranger - resolved a graphical glitch ~ above the armor collection "Marod Star" that was situated near the pelvis and was motivated by particular character customization presets.WitchThe visual effects of the skills Meteor Shower and Blizzard, when the video game settings are collection to low graphics, will currently display an ext smoothly.Fixed the concern where a character"s hair would certainly look like it was hovering in the air, when the hair configuration was in a "Tied-up" layout in the character customization screen.Wizard - The visual impacts of the an abilities Meteor Shower and Blizzard, when the video game settings are collection to short graphics, will now display much more smoothly.Striker - resolved the concern that caused more than 30 Martial Shards (the intended preferably amount) to it is in collected.MysticFixed the graphical worry where Mystic"s Le Vladian Underwear went with Kibelius Outfit when they were placed on together.The number of slots available for dyeing Kibelius Divinus Armor"s Gloves has been changed from 3 come 1 slots.

Item Changes

You might now exchange one kind of Asula"s dilute Magic accessory for another.Altinova Jeweler Belgar and Sand grain Bazaar Jeweler Binvane will now have the ability to exchange Asula"s weakened accessories.You have the right to exchange Asula"s Weakened accessories from the following NPCs:Tarif: Yisar PjetyoRock Post: LasminAltinova: BelgarSand serial Bazaar: BinvaneThe description on Asula"s dilute accessories has actually been modified.Text about exchanges, and will it is in shown.New NPC for exchange will certainly be displayed under .Asula"s weakened accessories have been changed so the multiple Asula"s dilute accessories deserve to be exchangeable in ~ once.D escriptions for the Black essence items easily accessible for Imperial delivery have been improved.Description that the mount gear that can be enhanced with concentrated Magical black Stones (Armor) have actually been improved.Message In a Bottle event Items- The adhering to items/quests from the occasion Message in a bottle (Valentine"s Event) are obtainable for the Adventurers through level 16 or more:Letter Mocking Red NoseKhuruto"s mystery DiaryTitium"s Love LetterChocoholic Queen Stoneback CrabHeartbroken Altar Imp TrainerThe Wonderful person at Lema IslandCome Back, ChildTo You who is in HeavenOh, my Lovely Jarette!Ah, My best Partner!A perfect Planned ConfessionTo You, Who stayed With Me for countless YearsThank you for constantly Taking care of MeMy Love knows No BoundariesTo the strong and remote One

Monster Changes

The Monsters that took great joy in blocking and also attacking personalities who were on auto-run indigenous Ancado inner Harbor come Shakatu have actually now to be instructed to relocate to one more area.They were not pleased and also are at this time petitioning the developers to allow them return to their previous shenanigans.The period of time to acquire items has actually been extended to at max 10 minutes after defeating world Raid Boss.The monsters in the Fadus Habitat will now drop Yuria weapons, Bares weapons, and also Swaying Wind Shards.The overall camera shake impact experienced once the Degraded Old Tree Treant and also the Degraded damages Tree Treant that Mirumok damages are moving has been reduced.The number of targets fight by the human being Boss, Karanda, has been reduced by 66% and the damage per hit has actually been boosted by 200%.Fixed the issue causing characters to end up being intermittently grounding in the Helm people Mine or the Argos Artifact Repository.The Shultz safety Monster region has been overhauled and the following changes applied:The recommended AP has been adjusted to 130-190.The HP of the monsters in the region have been reduced by about 50%, and also their DP by approximately 14%.The obtainable Combat EXP got from beating the monsters there has been lessened by around 20%.Less junk items will certainly be dropped by the monsters.The drop rate of the assorted items that can be obtained in the area has actually been decreased by roughly 20%.The typical attack selection of Tutuka monsters has been boosted by roughly 30%.The statistics the the monsters in the Hystria Ruins have actually been contempt increased:HP boosted by around 15%AP increased by about 3%DP boosted by around 7%The chase speed of the monsters uncovered in the Hystria Ruins has actually been increased.Additionally, these monsters (excluding Elten and also Tukar Balten) will certainly no longer use ranged attacks.

Quest and also Knowledge Changes

During quests that need you to study objects, on-screen guide for Q/E keys for zoom in and also out will no longer show up when zooming is unavailable.Quest acceptance requirements have actually been readjusted for the complying with so that these pursuits cannot be perfect at the very same time. Necklace that Sealed magical Power Necklace of concentrated Magical Power Necklace the Dim miracle PowerThe search "Chuck Laurie the Hunter" has been readjusted from a recurring quest to a typical quest.Fixed the worry causing the Mirumok ruins on the minimap to display screen a question mark when you do not have the understanding entry because that Treant Old Tree.

Interface Changes

"My Information" (P) has actually been redesigned.You have the right to now view profile snapshot of your character."House Fame" has actually been change the name "Family Fame."Professions (Life Skills) will be displayed on top center of the window.You have the right to see the thorough figure of Life an abilities EXP by putting your mouse over the appropriate Life Skills.Main Weapon attack Points (Attack (AP) and also Awakening Weapon strike Points (Awk. AP) have actually been differentiated and will now show up with separate stats under "Basic Information.""Skill Points" will now be displayed under "Basic Information."Either "Casting Speed" or "Attack Speed" will be displayed relying on the course of your Character. For example, just "Attack Speed" will be presented for Striker as the class is not influenced by "Casting Speed.""Enhancement" that My information (P) has actually been renamed as "Ability".Notifications and Pre-orders have actually been added for items that are at this time not registered top top the Marketplace.Using the notification button, notifications the items will be collection conveniently without having clicked the pertinent items" lists.A "Receive All" button has been included to the "My Listings" window in the Marketplace.If things lot is in Midway settlement (now called Partial Collect), money from the part of the article lot that has already been sold will be built up and the leftover part will continue to be in the Marketplace.You deserve to now choose to store the critical Marketplace an alert via the Marketplace notice window.If you examine the crate to leaving the last notice, the an alert will not disappear also after the moment for regular autoclosure has passed.Please note: If you have subscribed because that notices on multiple items, when an additional item"s Marketplace notice appears, the last notification will remain.The many recent item registered come Marketplace will be emphasize in yellow under Marketplace Notifications.A Pre-order indicator will certainly be applied and also shown when an item you have set for an alert is offered via Pre-order ~ above the Marketplace.The Marketplace notifications will certainly no longer be reset when you open up a home window that reloads the game display screen (ex: character Selection, Server Change).Fixed the issue that caused the mouse cursor come not appear when opening the adjacent NPC window via a fast Hotkey.Description of collection Guild prices (now called set Allowances) has been aligned appropriately to look more natural.Only the Guild master of a guild will certainly now be able to see the guild costs (Allowance) for other guild members.All other guild members will only be able to see their own guild price allowance which will be presented as "Allowance"."Guild Expenses" has been renamed to "Allowance".The complying with buttons need to now just be visible at the bottom the the beauty Album Window:Current, Previous, and also Next Page.Fixed the issue where the Equipment window remained open as soon as you open the Processing home window from the Inventory and also then close up door the inventory window.Adjusted the placement of the text that shows up when there is no Ranking information for the Red Battlefield in the Ranking window.

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Resolved Issues

Fixed the issue preventing the saving and loading of game settings effectively after transforming the photo Filter.Fixed the issue preventing you native closing the people Map by pressing M or ESC if you started a mini-game while the people Map was opened.Fixed the graphical concern where the details effects of the Savage Rift would disappear intermittently.Fixed the issue where monster counting was intermittently recognized as less than 6 once a player to be pulling aggro.